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Trendsetters Holiday Party


Once again, it’s the most wonderful time of the year. Christmas is right around the corner and the Trendsetters just had to celebrate in style. So we gathered up some hot chocolate, cookies and apple cider, put Micheal Buble on repeat, created our own “photo booth,” and threw our first ever Trendsetters Holiday Party! Of course, we couldn’t forget to have a photo shoot while we were at it to give you some holiday fashion inspiration.








Christmas parties are my favorite. I look forward to getting all glitzed and glammed up each year, being surrounded by people you love and care about, as well as eating a couple slices of fruit cake, there’s nothing greater than celebrating the Holiday season. Here’s some outfit inspo to help you shine brighter than the company Christmas tree!

For my outfit, I chose this pine green high-low dress from Junky Trunk Boutique. It’s super flattering and flows to accentuate my body type perfectly! I paired my dress with lace up chunky heels from She Insider. They’re my fave cause they’re super easy to walk in and they add an element to the outfit that’s different and fun! Lastly, my glitzy statement necklace is from Wet Seal! I had to add a little sparkly pop and this accessory is perfect!

Hope everyone had a rockin’ semester and has an even better holiday! Here’s to 2017!








The holiday season is my favorite. I know I say that about basically every time of year, but trust me, I’m for real this time. There is nothing like sitting by the fire while it’s snowing outside, snacking on cookies and wrapping gifts for your loved ones, while a Christmas movie (or let’s be honest, Vlogmas videos) play in the background.

For this look I wanted to keep it simple but classy, with a little holiday sparkle. I’m wearing a black shift dress from H&M, who’s polka dots remind me of snowfall. This dress is also incredibly comfortable as the shift style allows for maximum cookie consumption. I paired it with a pair of sheer black tights, also from H&M, and my Nine West nude heels to add some sophistication to the look, while still keeping it simple. For that holiday sparkle I accessorized with a.v max earrings and a gold Gorjana necklace. These are both from my RocksBox subscription and I absolutely love the holiday flair they add to the ensemble.






Ho ho ho…hey, you better watch out, you better not cry…Santa Claus is coming to town! Yup, Christmas is here.

At Christmas time people like to spend time with their family and friends, do some fun things and bake a cake or cookies. I love Christmas and that is what I usually do with my family and friends when I am in my hometown. Christmas is the most special day for me and my family because we can get together every year. We bake cakes together, decorate our house with X-Mas ornaments and X-mas trees. I usually get a new X-mas dress and also some money from my aunt or uncle.

However, it’s been two years since I’ve spent this special day with them because I have been out of the house to finish school. I don’t feel the same as I have felt in the past on this day. I missed them as soon as I heard X-mas songs again.


Nevertheless, this year I get a special and beautiful X-mas. This X-mas for me is just like my dream come true. I can see, feel and touch what snow is like. I was so excited the first time I saw the snow and feel like this is a real X-Mas because, when I was a child, I knew X-mas was full of snow and my family and I would always decorate our Christmas trees with fake snow. I really love the snow here.

Snow makes everything white. Some people might not like it, but I love it. Because I do love snow, this time I decided to choose a white outfit for the Christmas photoshoot. I chose a simple outfit with my cute Santa slippers, which is a gift from one of my friends in Missoula and it was my first X-mas gift that I have gotten here. My make-up for this time was by my Indonesian, it looked so gorgeous with my outfit and I loved it.

Anyways, I hope you guys all have a wonderful winter break and Christmas holiday with your family and friends. I wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year 2017.






IT’S FINALLY THE BEST TIME OF THE YEAR! Yes, I realize I say this for, like, every season, but hey, I just really like weather changes I guess.

For real though, IT’S CHRISTMAS! Of course, it’s been Christmas for me since July, as that’s when I first started playing Mariah Carey’s Christmas album (no shame). But now, it’s acceptable! What better way to kick off the holiday than a cute little party with your closest friends! Can’t forget about all the cute treats, too!


To start, as always, I started with some nice black pants, these just a straight fit for a classier look. Then, I knew I had to do layers because it was freezing out, so I started off with a tucked in denim button up, which I then threw a sweater over. Obviously, I had to pull the colors from the season into my outfit, so I grabbed my red and black speckled sweater I got from H&M last year; you can never go wrong with it! Then, to put a little gold into the mix, I grabbed one of my basic necklaces to go around the collar of my button up. This trend in particular I’ve been getting super into, so I’ve stocked up on simple necklaces. This particular triangle gold one is from my work, Maurice’s.

For shoes, I wanted to go simple and basic, so I grabbed my black chukka boots that I’ve sadly only worn a handful of times. It’s surprisingly hard to style these boots, no matter how basic they are! Finally, to stay warm, and classy, I threw on my FAVORITE pea coat ever. I always struggle finding one with the length I enjoy, but this one was perfect.

Now go out and love your family and have a great holiday!





Christmas time is my absolute favorite time of year, so usually when attending a get together I try to go out of my comfort zone and dress up a little more. Skirts and tights are not typically my forte, but I went for it anyways. Here I’m wearing a fun black and white patterned, form fitting skirt from Gianni Bini in a sweater material, which makes it a little cozier. I paired it with a black turtleneck from Lane Bryant with a slit in the middle of the neck and chest area, which makes it more exciting than a regular turtleneck piece. For accessories I kept it pretty low key, just added a sparkly necklace and black tights from Target. I think this outfit is simple since the colors are mainly black, but the sweater skirt adds some spice so it’s not so plain. The necklace isn’t much but a touch of sparkle, but I think it adds the perfect balance of pizazz to compliment the simplicity.




It’s the time of year where Michael Buble, Mariah Carey, and Pentatonix play non-stop in every department store. Where Christmas cookies and holiday fudge can be eaten without worry (calories don’t count during the holidays!). Where snow blankets the ground and provides the perfect backdrop for a Christmas tree. It really is the most wonderful time of the year!

I hail from SoCal so my skin during this time of year cries about the cold; therefore, my main priority around the holidays is to stay warm while still looking decent. It’s not as easy as it sounds.

These black skinny jeans from Sora & Company not only keep me warm, but they flatten out the pooch I get from easting so many cookies and drinking nothing but hot chocolate. God bless high-waisted pants!

This green and cream top is from Target and the color scheme is perfect for any holiday event. The coloring works nicely with my pale skin, contrasts well with the jeans, and the lace detailing adds that little extra something to class up the look.

These brown booties from American Eagle have been a staple since I got them on Black Friday. They are horrible at keeping my feet snow-free, but they get an A for Amazing when it comes to making any outfit look cute. They match almost anything and they’re so easy to slip on!

Happy Holidays–eat lots of treats and wear whatever makes you feel like your best self. See you in 2017!








From Christmas morning to Christmas dinner with your family, I’ve got you covered! Nothing is better than waking up Christmas morning to snow on the ground, a warm fire and a great family. Keep warm with some cozy seasonal pajamas from Target. They have some of the best pajama sets right now! Get matching (and somewhat addicting) fuzzy socks while you’re there, too!
I own more blankets than any normal household and I am totally okay with that. I decided to grab this gray blanket off of my couch and wrap up in it. You can choose any type of blanket, handmade or bought from the store.

If you are anything like me, you try to stay in your pajamas as long as you possibly can. I mean basically until dinner is being served and your mom tells you that you finally have to change into something more appropriate. You don’t necessarily have to get dressed up fancy by any means but you can depending on what the rest of your family is doing. I chose to go fancy for our holiday photoshoot because it will be way too cold for me to think about wearing a dress where I am going for Christmas. The sparkly red dress that I chose is from Apricot Lane. It has a nude slip so you don’t have to worry about finding something for underneath it or freak out about anything showing through. You could match your shoes with your dress like I did or you can complement your outfit with black or another color. I got these specific high heels from Designer Shoes Warehouse in Seattle a couple of years ago.

Whatever you choose to wear for holiday celebrations, be comfy and stay warm, especially if you’re anywhere with weather like Montana right now! Enjoy winter break and Happy Holidays!






I’m having trouble finding the words to describe how much I love this time of the year. My adoration for Christmas and all that it encompasses started so young and just never weakened over the years. Some people are like “Christmas just isn’t the same when you’re older” and I’m like “no, you’re just not celebrating hard enough.” When it’s December, I bake cookies every other day, I watch all the cheesy ABC family and Lifetime movies, I decorate my room so it literally looks like Santa sleeps there and, most importantly, I force my family to do all these activities with me.

So, my outfit today is inspired by all these things. My white turtleneck from Apricot Lane reminds me of my mom, who taught me the joy and comfort of tucking your neck in its own personal sweater sleeve and simultaneously makes me think of Jamie Lee Curtis in “Christmas with the Kranks,” who happens to also remind me a lot of my mom. I wore this red sweater to really punch the Christmas factor in this outfit and it’s from my #1 Holiday Shop Stop, Target. My black jeans are from Gap and are my mom’s because Christmas is all about family, right? My boots are from H&M and are just my go-to shoe for trudging through Montana snow and they go with everything in my closet. Finally, I added a little sparkle with this arrow necklace from American Eagle that makes my outfit look less bland in general. And that’s the finished look! I think this is the perfect casual outfit for any laid back Christmas get together or day of holiday fun. God bless everyone and God bless the most wonderful time of the year.


Happy Holidays and a happy New Year to you, from all of us at Trendsetters at the U.

Photography by McKenna Munden | @kennaphotography

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