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Tailoring Trends: Winter 2016

img_2742By Morgan Teixeira 

New York Fashion Week’s autumn/winter shows may have been back in February, but it’s only just now feeling like winter is upon us here in Missoula. I love autumn/winter fashion and makeup with all of my heart, don’t get me wrong, but honestly, I wear warm, rust-toned smoky eyes year round, so as soon as fall approaches, I’m ready for a change. There is just something so enticing about waking up to overcast, grungy skies sending delicate snowflakes to flutter down and collect on the streets. The crackling of wood meeting flame can be heard only subtly underneath the volume of my favorite Christmas movies that I watch, lazily cuddled under a thick blanket. Sipping hot chocolate, I gaze upon the white desert outside, shrouded in a welcoming filter of darkness. All of this is nice, but really, I’m mostly excited about dreaming up winter makeup looks.

Autumn is usually the season many people think of first when imagining the year’s most stunning makeup. After all, shimmering coppers and golds hang from branches and crunch under foot. Gaining inspiration takes a simple peek out the window. You’ll instantaneously be trendy simply by translating the colors of the natural world onto your eyes and lips. I say, though, it’s about time we give winter it’s due. The lack of color outside demands us to open our minds to be a little more creative.

It’s all too easy to fall into makeup ruts which we amiably refer to as our “everyday makeup routines,” and while there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that, the fun of applying makeup quickly evaporates. Makeup junkies and rookies alike can feel this process turn into more of a chore than anything and it shouldn’t have to feel this way! This winter, I challenge you to break the mold. If the gloomy ice and snow blocks your creativity, the makeup artists from this years’ Fashion Week put forth a variety of trends you can utilize for your upcoming Christmas or New Year’s parties or just day-to-day if, like me, you love having a bit of fun with the makeup you wear.

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You don’t have to go as bold as the looks the makeup artists create, since they’re notorious for being especially unique. They must constantly push the envelope, inventing never before seen looks whilst maintaining balance, so as to not outshine the clothes on display. Rather than run through yet another laundry list of the looks that were seen during Fashion Week however, I’m here to offer a few suggestions on how you can tailor the most popular eye and lip makeup trends to fit your style this winter


When it comes to the eyes, you have a multitude of options. Countless designers went bare bones with just a few coats of mascara, but my favorite is definitely the grunge look.












Grunge fashion and makeup became popular in the 1990’s, characterized by oversized flannels, cut up tops and smudgy eye makeup. Sound familiar? You’ve probably seen dozens of people rocking the grunge aesthetic this autumn and by the looks of it, this will continue into the winter months. This style is actually perfect for those of you who aren’t very confident in your makeup application skills or those who don’t want to be blending your eyeshadow until your wrist falls off because the messier the better!

Marc Jacobs had his models decked out in over-the-top, blown out, black smoky eyes to accentuate his goth-grunge looks. I think for the majority of us college students, our under eyes are dark enough without needing the assistance of black eyeshadow, so here is my grunge inspired eye look. Instead of the intense black shadows which can be incredibly hard to work with and not to mention intimidating, I softened the more intense, black eyeliner with warm browns. Not only is it user-friendly, but it also brings the grunge aesthetic into the modern day and can be paired with any lip color you fancy.


To create this simple look, I used the Maybelline gel eyeliner in the shade Blackest Black, an eyeshadow from my Too-Faced Chocolate Bar palette and my bronzer. First, I took the MAC 224, a large, fluffy crease brush, and swept my Wet and Wild bronzer from their contour duo all over my entire eyelid and through my crease. I took this color up quite high, nearly touching my brow bone since we’re going for that smudgy, imperfectness.




Next, I started my winged eyeliner. For those of you who struggle with this, apply a strip of Scotch tape along the outer corners of your eyes. Make sure to angle it so the eyeliner will be an extension of your lower lash line going towards the tail of your eyebrow. This will ensure perfectly even, crisp eyeliner every time. Now, you’re probably like “But Morgan, you just said this is an imperfect look, why are you doing such perfect eyeliner?” That’s because the next step is to blend it out!



Taking, the shade Haute Chocolate from my Too Faced Chocolate Bar Palette and a small, pointed crease brush, I gently smoked out the eyeliner. I recommend using a small, dense brush for this step, so you’ll have more control over where the blending goes. It’s easier to add more than to take away, so unless your goal is to look like you could have walked the runway for Marc Jacobs, be sure to blend gradually, tapping the excess eyeshadow off the brush after dipping back into the palette each time. When you’ve achieved your desired level of smokiness, go back in with the MAC 224, using whatever bronzer is left on the brush from the first step, blend out any harsh edges.


I wanted this to be more of a wearable, daytime look, so if that is even a little too dramatic for your tastes, add mascara, a bit of lipstick and you’ll still have stepped out of your makeup comfort zone, while looking exceptionally chic. However, if you’re lower lash line feels neglected, let’s continue with two final steps! Grab that fluffy crease brush and your bronzer and blend left to right, being as careless and messy and you want. Holding your mirror a little bit above eye level and looking up into it will help this bigger brush get in between those lower lashes.

Then, wipe off the smaller pointed crease brush, so that all that leftover eyeliner doesn’t unintentionally darken things too much and smoke out the lash line with the brown eyeshadow. The general rule of thumb is not to blend the eyeshadow down farther than your eyelashes extend, but grunge is all about breaking rules, so blend down as far as you’re comfortable with. For this look, I smoked it out a little lower than usual and ended up being in love with the outcome!













I’m sure you aren’t surprised at all to see some dark, berry toned lips for winter. I will never complain about seeing everyone rocking this classic, cold-weather shade, in fact, I’m urging every single one of you to bust out an ultra-dark lip this winter! Yes, it can be scary if you’ve never worn a lipstick this bold, but you might just be surprised how amazing it makes you feel. James Kaliardos, makeup artist for the Rodarte show, was quoted as saying “They [the models] have this magical toughness to them,” when sporting deep burgundy tones. I don’t know about you, but I know I would love to feel magically tough as I went about my day, especially with finals week quickly creeping up.



The looks featured in these photos is a great way to getting used to darker lip colors. Since it’s such a bold statement, let it be the star of the show and wear little makeup on the rest of your face. If you do decide to try this out, definitely dust some bronzer around the outer edges of your face. Dark lips can easily wash you out, so give yourself a little sun-kissed glow to counteract this.


Although, if the no makeup eye look isn’t your thing, I complimented the eyes I demonstrated above with a rich, eggplant purple lipstick. I’m not naïve to the fact that this would definitely push some people too far out of their comfort zone, so here’s a more subtle way of wearing this lip.

First, put on a generous layer of lip balm. This will help sheer out the lipstick that you put on top and moisturize at the same time. That biting winter wind can be brutal on our poor lips, so we need to take extra care of them this season. Next, press the lipstick onto the lips lightly. Just dot some on and blend it out with your finger or by rubbing your lips together.


For this, I used one of Milani’s matte lipsticks in the shade Matte Flirty. When applied normally, it’s a beautiful opaque burgundy; the perfect statement lip, but not for the faint of heart. Luckily, sheered out like this, it’s just as beautiful and will still allow you to feel that “magical toughness” Kaliardos was talking about. It’s life changing and you’ll never want to go back to wearing plain old nude lipsticks, just roll with it.



These were just a couple of my favorite trends from NYFW and how you can adapt even some of the most unique looks to fit your everyday life. Whether you try these tips or create something all your own, I hope you are all inspired to have more fun with your makeup this winter. Now all that’s left is to douse yourself in highlighter, fill in your brows and throw on your favorite winter outfit! You’re now ready to slay your upcoming parties or ace your exams and look chic doing it!

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