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Spring 2019

Sweater Weather

It’s finally starting to warm up a teeny bit here in Missoula, but in homage to the last 6 months or so we spend braving the cold, we decided to do a post on Sweater Weather! We wanted to explore all things warm and cozy! And where is the coziest place to do a sweater themed shoot? Why, a coffee shop of course! We were lucky enough to be hosted by Drum Coffee for this shoot! Check out the adorable pictures by the lovely and talented Aleksandra Wąs (@fotografed_) below


Tatum writing in a notebook and looking ahead with a mug in hand

Happy Almost Spring!
This time of the year is one of my favorites! I love the warm tea, fluffy snow, and big sweater to help keep me warm.
For my FIRST photo shoot with Trendsetters, I wanted to encapsulate as much of myself as I possibly could into one outfit. When I think of sweaters, I think of soft and cozy (and in Montana, warm is a must). Since I’m on campus, going in and out of buildings so much, the temperature changes a lot. I can go from shivering to sweating, so I like to layer, layer, and layer some more. Being able to take a layer off allows me to regulate my body temperature myself. This idea helped inspire my Sweater Weather look! I picked my black and white striped shirt, since stripes are my favorite pattern (and make up half of my closet). Since my cardigan is pretty over-sized, I tucked my shirt into my favorite Super High-Rise jeans from American Eagle so my curves didn’t disappear under all the fabric. To top it all off, I added my new black booties with metal embellishment. My makeup helped add more personality to my outfit. I went with a brown glittery eye shadow, a winged eyeliner and some lipstick.
Comfort and style is necessity for me. College comes with some hectic days, and I find being comfortable, while still feeling confident in my outfit, helps me to keep a positive attitude and keep smiling, even when we are fighting blizzards!
I hope everyone had a wonderful Spring Break! Stay Lovely <3

Tatum on a barstool near the window smiling with a mug

Tatum smiling with a mug


Sky reading a magazine and holding a mug looking off and smiling

Hello lovelies! So for this shoot, being my first shoot, I wanted to show a little side of who I am. I like to think of being a cheerful person with a bright smile to bring some sunshine into peoples day and I thought I’d show that through the color yellow. I absolutely love the color; it is my favorite, so I decided to pair a yellow sweater from target ($4.50 no joke!) with a plain black circle skirt, green/grey stockings, peach socks, and of course my favorite Dr. m=Martens. I tied it all together with a golden glam look, I absolutely love makeup and I thought that this would be a nice touch to my look. Hope you all have stayed nice and cozy during this chilly winter 💕

Sky smiling with a coffee mug


Dana leaning on a barstool with a Coke bottle

My favorite part of the year, sweater weather! As we all know, Missoula’s weather is very unpredictable. Sometimes it gets very hot and sometimes it gets very cold. So that’s why you grab a sweater for this kind of time. Anyways–so for this shoot I decided to get dressed up very chic. So I decided to wear my favorite outfit and boost up my confidence. So let’s get into it, for this shoot I decided to wear a casual white sweater with my favorite stripped pants (both from from T.J. Maxx). To add more into the look I added the sunglasses from H&M. But I still felt the need to add some accessories. So I decided to add a diamond choker I got from Dillard’s, to spice it up. And last but not least the cute black boots were from Forever 21.

Dana sitting at the counter looking over her shoulder

Dana posing at the counter with her Coke

Dana and Raneem posing at a table


Brooklyn smiling over her shoulder

For the sweater weather photo shoot, I decided to take a lively, spring approach to my outfit. Sweaters can be a fashion statement in the fall, winter, and spring. I decided to go with a light sweater with pops of confetti polka-dots for spring. The fresh white and pops of color was a transition from the grey, black, and dark creme colors of winter. To add to the outfit, I added a denim headband with a bow and gold earrings with pops of color to accent the colors of the pom-poms in the sweater. Since these accessories were quite colorful and bright, I wore black plain jeans and black booties to create a fun look without being overbearing in color. The black clothing was more subtle and created a balance within the look. I found this inspiration from blogger: Amber Fillerup Clark. Amber sells her own hair accessories and inspired me to add a new kind of accessory to my hairstyle. She also wears very modest, fun, and light clothing. I was excited to copy her look, especially since she blogs in aesthetically pleasing places like coffee shops. This shoot–to me–has a very “blogger” and “modern” identity. I wanted my look to seem casual, yet stand out. I think this is fitting as some of the pictures were me doing common things such as putting on my lip gloss through the coffee shop window, reading the newspaper, and ordering coffee of course. For final touches to my look, I wore light lashes, rose-gold highlighter, and cotton-candy pink lip gloss to present the chic blogger look I was hoping for.

From outside the coffee shop, Brooklyn is seen inside through the window looking down at her mug

Brooklyn smiling down


Savannah sitting at the counter

Short, cold winter days make me want to hide under layers of cozy plush material, out with uncomfortable, but cute t-shirts, and in with the sweaters, leggings, and sweats.

I usually wake up when it’s still dark out and because of that I have no desire to put on a cold pair of jeans or a blouse. Today, like most, was one of those days. I found myself reaching for my fuzzier sweaters that make me feel like I’m not leaving bed even though I am.

I dressed up my very cozy and relaxed outfit with a few subtle steps.

  • I opted for a pair of shoes that were sleek and somewhat “dressier,” which offer a balance.
  • Along the same color scale as my boots, I chose a long sleeve fitted t-shirt which offered a pop of color beneath my cardigan. It catches the eye when the shirt peek-a-boos from behind my sweater.
  • My big scarf works as a distraction from my simple white sweater and sweats.

I added detail to what could be considered a simple outfit by pairing it with items that outshine my base, taking my outfit from plain to poppin’. Take my advice and try playing up some of the clothing items that you would typically consider to be “in-house-clothing-items.”

Savannah hiding in her sweater, smiling

Savannah smiling holding a mug

Savannah laughing holding her mug


Dina drinking her coffee and holding a magazine out

Hey everyone, how are you all doing? It’s been a while since I’ve done a photo shoot with the other beautiful Trendsetters. I guess it was last semester? OMG … and today I’m back again with these beautiful ladies and had an amazing photoshoot with our talented photographer (@fotografed). I don’t know what to say but the shoot was so much fun and I loved this theme. Which yeah, you probably already know from the title above (Sweater Weather). This is such a good idea. The shoot took place in the coffeesShop in Missoula, Montana called “Drum Coffee”. Speaking of coffee, I’m in love with coffee and I always start my day with coffee. In one day I can have 3 cups or even 4 cups of coffee. I started to fall in love with coffee in 2013, 6 years ago. If you have a favorite coffee that you want to recommend to me, please reach out to me in my Instagram ( @dmerani95) and let me know your favorite one and I will try it. For this shoot I picked an outfit that I usually wear in this cold weather. My favorite brown sweater, which I got from a thrift store in my first year here in Missoula. This sweater is so warm and I really love it. If you are reading this and you are a UM student, you probably will see me very often wearing this sweater around campus during this cold weather. Hahahaha. I paired it with my long black pants that I got from H&M as well as my favorite black boots. Last but not least is the black belt I got from Rue21, and the brown hat is from H&M. This hat is really beautiful and this hat makes my style more vintage and makes me feel like I’m in Paris. Yes, Paris… my dream City. I wish I could be there one day and this hat always makes me want to go there. Oh yeah, I got this hat just for $3, isn’t it cheap? OMG yes! I looked it up before on Amazon and it was about $10 but when I went to H&M it was only $3. I just couldn’t believe, so I got 2 of them. Hahaha. You guys, if you have time just go to H&M, I really recommend it, because you might find something cheap and cool. Yes, “cheap”, we’re all college students, so cheap is the best for us and H&M is the best for you. Well, I hope you all like this style and thank you so much for spending your time to reading this. I love you all a LATTE  🙂

Dina smiling

Dina looking out over her shoulder

Dina reading the newspaper


 Molly sitting at the counter

I really wanted to express my alternative fashion with this shoot. I pull a lot of my inspiration from the punk scene, like the 70’s and early 2000’s. My friends like to call my fashion “punk emo”.  For the sweater weather shoot I chose a cute punk type look. I made the crop top sweater with the logo for the band Black Flag with bleach and a 3$ sweater from goodwill! I paired it with a black skater skirt, some intricate fishnets (got them off Wish for like 1$!), and Doc Martens. I added a spiked choker to top off my “edgy” look. I did a dark red eye shadow look to add some color (other than my bright blue hair) to the outfit.

Molly holding a cup of coffee at a table

Molly smiling with her mug


Raneem toasting the camera with her Coke and winking

Sweaters! Ahhh who doesn’t like sweaters! I love to just wear a comfy sweater and lie down in bed all day or hangout with friends.

For this sweater look I went with a gray turtle neck sweater from H&M–comfy and fashionable also not too hot. I paired it with my light washed jeans also from H&M. Since the sweater is dark, gotta have a bright color. To end the look I finished with a simple but not basic black thigh high boots from Steve Madden. For a pop of color I did my makeup bronzed face with a red lipstick look that will match my cat eye red sunglasses that are from Forever 21.

With my hair I simply did a half up and half down but left a little hair on my face, split down in the middle and curled it to give it that kind of edgy 90s look.


Photography by Aleksandra Was | @fotografed_

Fall 2018

Winter Tips for Curly Girls

Hey Curlies! My name’s Sara and I was fortunate enough to be born with curly red hair! And if you were born lucky like me, you know that curly hair is both a blessing and a curse, but mostly the latter in the winter months.

Well don’t you worry! I’m here to help you have more good hair days and curl goals during those dreaded cold and dry winter days.

So here’s 10 Curly Girl Tips to help you out!

1.) Find out your curl pattern!

Finding your curl pattern will help you learn what products you can and can’t put in your hair. Your curl pattern can definitely change overtime and your curls can become more defined overtime with consistent good care to it, but finding out your curl pattern is a great place to start! If you need help finding yours, check out the chart below! For an example, I have mostly 3a curls with some 2c waves thrown in and sometimes on a really good hair day I can get some 3b curls!

visual chart of curl types. From left to right: 1, 2a, 2b, 2c, 3a, 3b, 3c, 4a, 4b, 4c. Curls become curlier and tighter as the numbers progress

2.) Cut out the Sulfates and Silicones!

One of the first ingredients in most shampoos are sulfates. For deep cleansing, sulfates are great! But if used all the time, they can make your hair really damaged. Sulfates strip your hair of all of it’s natural oils and make curls less defined and into a frizzy mess.

Most conditioners contain silicones. They are used to create a fake sheen in your hair that the sulfates in shampoo stripped away. They also leave a residue on your hair that only something as strong as sulfates can get out.

Sounds gross, right?!

So next time you go shopping for new hair products, look at the ingredients on the back! If you see something ending in “sulfate” or “-cone,” put it back and get something with more natural ingredients for your hair!

If you’re totally lost in trying to find natural products, try Shea Moisture! I use their coconut and hibiscus line. You can find them in really any place that sells hair products or online 

Shea Moisture curl and shine coconut and hibiscus shampoo and conditioner set

3.) NO Heat!

Everyone knows that using heat tools is bad for your hair, but this is especially true for curly girls. So even though it’s cold during the winter months, try not to put super hot water, any heat styling tool, or a hot blow dryer on your hair. If your hair is still wet and you need to go outside without it freezing, try diffusing your hair with warm or cool air.

Here’s me back in 2014 when I used to heat style my hair almost everyday to re-curl my curls because of how self-conscious I was. My curls somehow survived, but I ended up having to cut off over 8 inches last year because of how damaged my hair was from all that heat.

Sara in 2014 with heat styled curled hair

4.) Co-wash as much as possible  

What’s co-washing? In basic terms, it means to just wash your hair with water and a silicone free conditioner. By not shampooing it, it helps keep the natural oils in your hair, therefore making your curls more defined. It may feel gross the first few times you don’t use shampoo, but trust me, your hair will get used to it pretty quick and love you for it!


5.) Squish to condish

“Squish to condish” is a way of rinsing your conditioner out and at the same time enhancing your curls

Here’s the basics of it:

  1. Add enough conditioner in your hair to make it slippery and a “seaweed” texture
  2. Comb through your hair with your fingers to get all of the knots out
  3. Place your hair in a bun or under a shower cap while you finish up your shower to give the conditioner time to soak in
  4. When your ready, put your hair under the water for just a few seconds, allowing it to get soaking wet
  5. Flip your head over and out of the stream of water, and squish your hair few times, getting the conditioner out
  6. Repeat the rinse and squish a few times until you get the desired amount of conditioner out
  7. You want to leave a bit of the conditioner in your hair

If you’re confused and want a visual tutorial on how to “squish to condish,” just look up “squish to condish curly hair” on YouTube and you’ll find lots of great demos

Here’s one I recommend watching!

6.) Don’t dry your hair with a plain ol’ towel

Regular bath towels create loads of frizz, and of course curly girls don’t want that!

Instead, try a t-shirt or a microfiber towel to scrunch your hair dry

7.) Find out what your hair likes!

Curly hair in the winter is a constant struggle to get a perfect balance of protein and moisture in order to obtain those perfect curls. My hair loves protein, but definitely craves moisture in the winter months. I use hair masques, deep conditioning, and oil treatments to help trap the moisture in.

Some curls also hate glycerin like mine, so experiment with different ingredients until you find something that’ll make your hair the bomb!

This masque is especially good for those with damaged or dry hair like me!

Shea Moisture raw shea butter deep treatment masque

8.) Finger-Coil the heck out of your curls!

Finger-coiling is a way of styling your hair after applying product and detangling your hair in order to get the most defined curls.

I recently learned the magic ways of finger-coiling, and look at those curls go!

Sara showing the back of her head to show how good her curls look after finger coiling


9.) Find a routine and stick with it!

Your curls are your baby and just like kids, they can sometimes be resistant to change. So if find something that works and makes your curls look popping, stick with it!

I co-wash every 2-3 days, shampoo every 2-4 washes, and deep condition or do an oil treatment about every two weeks.

Here’s my routine on deep conditioning days:

  1. Wet hair
  2. Apply hair masque (enough so it feels like seaweed!) to soaking wet hair and comb through all knots with fingers or wide tooth comb
  3. Plop in shower cap or microfiber hair turban for 1-2 hours (Usually about two episodes of a TV show)
  4. Rinse out masque and shampoo with sulfate free shampoo
  5. Squish to condish
  6. Keep head upside down and apply hair mousse with praying hands to soaking wet hair
  7. Apply a pea-size amount of hair gel with praying hands to soaking wet hair
  8. Flip right-side-up and divide hair into three sections (crown, and divide remaining hair in a middle part)
  9. Apply a pea-sized amount of gel to each section
  10. Distribute product with Denman brush
  11. Finger-coil
  12. Scrunch partly dry with t-shirt
  13. Plop in microfiber hair turban for about 20 minutes
  14. Scrunch dry again with t-shirt of micro-fiber towel
  15. Air dry and fluff hair when completely dry
  16. Partly blow dry with warm air if needed

Here’s my products:

From left to right: Aussie Instant Freeze gel, DevaCurl One Condition Original, Shea Moisture Coconut and Hibiscus shampoo and conditioner, Shea Moisture Coconut and Hibiscus hair mousse, 7 row Denman Brush with three rows taken out, wide toothed shower comb, Shea Moisture Raw Shea Butter Deep Treatment Masque

Saras hair products back row left to right, described above

10.) Love your curls for what they are!!

Sometimes even with all the hard work curly girls put in, curls don’t want to cooperate. And that’s okay! That’s part of the fun of having curly hair! So even on the rough days, be your own curly inspo  😘

Here’s some that I’ll leave you with:

For more inspo, join the “Curly Girl (Method) Support Group International” on Facebook! There’s over 100,000 members!

side view of brown hair curly inspored hair curly insposelfie of Saras curls. Snapchat caption "Loving todays curls, heart emoji, smiley" with "Flawless" filterblack hair curly inspo



Catch ya later, curlies!!


— Sara ❤💖

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