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Summer 2017

Stars and Stripes

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The Fourth of July is right around the corner and we couldn’t be more excited to rock our red, white and blue! Here are three casual outfits perfect for spending this Independence Day in style.


The Fourth of July is honestly one of my favorite holidays, mostly because of the magic that I feel is inherent in fireworks and sparklers. Some of my favorite memories are of going to Flathead Lake for their fireworks display, cuddling up in a blanket and watching the glittering explosions rain down on me from my boat. That, to me, is quintessentially summer and I love nothing more than the feeling of excitement and glee that accompanies those moments.

I brought some of that whimsy into this look with my star choker, which I bought recently from American Eagle. Honestly, I didn’t even buy it with this shoot in mind so the fact that this opportunity came up basically was fate. Fourth of July magic at work, people.

For my outfit, I tried to emulate the good ol’ American flag with my red and white striped long-sleeve which I got from the sale section of Forever 21. Let me tell you, that gigantic and messy sale section actually can have some amazing finds. Speaking of amazing finds, I paired my flag-top with these vintage shorts from Betty’s Divine! They are honestly my favorite find ever and I wear them everyday. Plus, they aren’t just made-to-look vintage, they are actually-came-from-the-past vintage! Amazing! And of course, I had to finish the look of with a favorite of mine and of America’s: my original Chucks from Nordstrom Rack.

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July 4th really snuck up on me this year. I swear just a second ago it was May, I had just gotten done with finals and those flowers that April showers famously bring around were popping up everywhere. Then I blinked; and the wildflowers on the mountains had shriveled up due to the hot Montana sun and I suddenly had to go to my closet and find my best and brightest red, white and blue.

The 4th of July is definitely iconic. It’s a time where everything feels like it could be out of a summertime Coca Cola commercial and people escape the bustling city and find sanctuary at their lake houses and cabins. I don’t have a lake house. I don’t have a cabin. But I do have some clothes fit for a Coca Cola commercial so basically, I’m killing it.

For my outfit for this independence day I tried to create a classic and quirky look. My red and blue button-down from Urban Outfitters is perfect for the July heat since made from crazy light weight fabric and my light wash American Eagle shorts are comfortable and a light enough shade of blue to almost qualify as the “white” in the American color scheme.

I chose to thrown some Converse on my feet since they are classic and a shoe I never regret wearing. And lastly I accessorized with a star studded blue choker from Zara and a navy scrunchy from H&M to jazz up the look and give some extra American flag flair. And there you have it, an outfit perfectly patriotic and fit for any 4th of July affair! Happy Birthday, America. I like living in you.

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Whether you’re spending this Fourth of July barbecuing with your family, hanging out at home or enjoying some time on the water, it’s always fun to dress for the occasion. The Fourth of July has quickly become one of my favorite holidays. Family time, delicious food and sweet summer sunshine all accompanied by pops of red, white and blue, make my heart happy to put it quite simply.

For my outfit this year I’m wearing this adorable blue and white striped button up from the Who What Wear collection at Target. I’ve been looking for a piece like this for ages, and couldn’t believe it when I placed this gem in my red plastic shopping cart a few weeks back. I paired it with some light wash distressed denim shorts from Forever 21 and my white Converse sneakers, for that cool and casual Americana vibe.

As for the red in my red, white and blue, I tied a red bandana from Madewell in my hair, and applied both red lipstick and nail polish for extra pops of color. Happy Fourth, everyone! Have fun, be safe, and wear something you feel amazing in.

Photography by McKenna Munden | @kennaphotography


Summer Days Drifting Away

Although back to school supplies are popping up everywhere and fall clothing is trickling into stores, we’ve still got a solid month of summer left here in Montana. So let’s make the most of it! The Trendsetters are here to give you their summer styling tips and share their personal preferences when it comes to dressing for higher temperatures!




SAMSUNG CSCIt’s the perfect time to switch up your style, be bold and try a new trend. Don’t be afraid to wear dresses for days, rock a skater skirt, a crop top or gladiator sandals. Your summer style will inspire others to have fun, look fresh and turn heads while keeping cool under the hot sun.

Wearing geometric prints is a great way to stand out this summer. My PINK dress, from Victoria’s Secret, is simple yet stylish. It has a fit and flare style that creates a flattering hourglass silhouette that screams summer. The cotton material is incredibly comfortable, and the cut-out on the back adds some cute detail.


Summer dresses can be worn for casual or formal occasions, and adding accessories is the perfect way to glam up a summer outfit. I like to accessorize for the more formal occasions. My silver necklace, from Target, makes my dress classier and wearable for formal occasions. The silver metal pops against the black and white dress, and the long chain lengthens it. No matter the occasion, summer is a great time to try out new styles.



June 21st officially marked the first day of summer. Meaning long days full of cold drinks, laughter, beautiful sunsets and trips to the river.

As we battle summer’s heat waves, hemlines get shorter and the options on what to wear seems to slim. Yet, it gives you a chance to be clever whether it be dresses, rompers, or a simple pair of shorts.

What I choose to wear for this post is an ode to summer music festivals. The music scene seems to have a hidden agenda as the bohemian red carpet, with accessories taking the spotlight.

 I choose to center my outfit on my black brimmed hat. I felt like the hat had a personality of its own so I decided to accompany it with my unruly bedhead and choice of matching black buckled boots.

To complement the black I decided on a simple lace tank top from Station TwentySix and high-waisted festival shorts from American Eagle. To feel less exposed under my tank top I choose to wear a blue lace bandeau and when the night turns cold a comfortable plaid.


For a more of an attention grabber to this outfit, I would suggest a more shocking color for the bandeau, like a royal blue, or crimson red.  To go even go wilder add accessories such as a pile of bangles, pair of rad vintage sunglasses, or temporary tattoos.

All in all with summer fashion, let your inner rebel out and rock something you normally wouldn’t.













Summer is definitely one of my favorite times of year, however, I find that it can be kind of hard to look fashionable because high temperatures are not very conducive for lots of fun layers. But this summer I’ve found some sneaky ways to add layers without adding sweat stains – cute, I know.

I love wearing dresses throughout the summer, you can just throw one on and you’re ready to go. But on days when I really want to look put together, I like to spice up my dresses by adding layers like my favorite lace kimono from Forever 21. The lace adds texture to the look without being too heavy and gives the outfit an airy bohemian vibe.

Another great way to add layers in the summer is with accessories. I went with a brown felt hat from Bohme, some silver statement earrings from Target, my silver Pandora charm bracelet and my black cross body from Forever 21. These touches are enough to add interest without overpowering the outfit, and they will still keep me cool throughout the day. It’s all about balance when it comes to accessories, or any successful outfit for that matter.  Lastly, I finished the look off with a pair of taupe heeled booties from Forever 21, which are super comfortable and bring the whole look together by tying in perfectly with the hat.

Summer is a time to have fun and explore, so don’t be scared to be bold and play with different styles and pieces that you may not have been brave enough to try before. This way you can get a better idea of what you like to wear and what looks good, strengthening your own personal style in the long run.


SAMSUNG CSCIf I could wear a dress every day of the year living in Montana, I would. I actually stretch the season for dresses out as far as I can and even try to push them into winter by adding leggings or tights. Dresses are my favorite piece of clothing to wear- the reason being that you can simply slip on a dress and instantly look like your life is together.

You can dress a dress up or down by adding accessories or by wearing Vans; that’s what I love about dresses, they are so versatile. Half of my wardrobe consists of dresses and I have this same dress in about 5 different designs and the best part is, is that they were 10 dollars… 10!

My dress is from H&M and they have so many different designs in the store. But with this dress the light pastel floral pattern gives the perfect summer vibe.The back of the dress has a V shaped back giving the dress a bit of an edge but still allowing it to be playful. The length of the dress is also great because when you’re short like me, it can be hard to find a dress that is considered “short” to some but then ends up hitting at my knees or below.

I paired the dress with simple Kenneth Cole sandal wedges to push the summer vibe the dress gives. I also kept my necklace short and simple being how high the neckline is and there is so much going on with the dress, but you can never go wrong with adding a linear necklace or instead even adding a belt.



Photography by Christine Chelini – @christineunfiltered |