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Spring 2018

5 Ways to Build your Wardrobe

Before this year, I had spent 8 years of school wearing uniforms. Transitioning from not being able to pick out my outfits for the majority of the year to having to find clothes to wear every day was a huge task. I am going to share my tips on how to build a wardrobe

Sydney on a park bench in light jeans, sandals, a white lacey blouse and tan sun hat

1. Don’t be afraid to spend time to find your own personal sense of style.

Inspiration to find your personal style can come from many different places. My inspiration came from much time spent on Pinterest, fashion magazines such as InStyle or Vogue, the people around me, and window shopping. I enjoy going shopping even if I know I am not going to buy anything. This gives me the opportunity to find new ideas of how to put together outfits without the stress of having to spend the money right away.

2. Find what colors look good on you.

Over time, I have changed what colors I like on me. One factor of this is the season. During the fall and winter, I tend to lean towards maroons and grays, and during the spring and summer, I lean towards choosing brighter colors. What colors look good on me also depend on how my hair is colored currently. Because my hair is blonder than usual, I try to find colors that will complement it. I have noticed that recently I have been buying clothes that are a navy blue, army green, and light pink. Finding colors look good on you also help to build a cohesive wardrobe that you can easily mix and match to create different outfits.

3. Be prepared to spend a lot of time in dressing rooms. Go out of your comfort zone.

It can be so difficult to find clothes that fit perfectly or that look good off of the hanger. Being willing to try on multiple sizes, styles, and colors will make it easier to find clothes that you will want to try. I have a bad habit of being afraid to try different styles of clothes. I have found it helpful to bring my friends or my mom with me shopping because I know they will suggest clothes to try on that I would not have even considered.

4. Figure out what staple pieces of clothing you are willing to invest in and what you can spend less on.

It is important to find key pieces of clothing that will be versatile. I know that I am willing to spend more money on clothes that I know can be staple items to create different outfits. For example, I have a couple of shirts from The Limited and jeans from American Eagle that will last and can be put in many different combinations. For many of my accessories and more seasonal pieces of clothing, I might not need for them to last because I do not wear them as regularly.

5. Know your climate.

This is probably the most important tip I have. When buying clothes, keep in mind what the weather is like where you live. As much as I love my flowy summer dresses, I know that because I live in Missoula, for a good portion of the year it will be chilly, and I will need warmer clothes. One way I built my wardrobe around my climate was to try to find clothes that could be easily layered.

Spring 2018

Spring Shoe Trends

Madison wearing platform sandals

Close up of her platform sandals, they're orange

Madison against a graffiti wall

Madison showing off her sandals

The snow has finally melted in Missoula meaning SPRINGTIME; only the best season to exist! Change in weather means change in wardrobe and I am all for that. My personal favorite piece to change from winter to spring are shoes! Shoes can really change the whole vibe of an outfit bringing a simple outfit to a trendy one and a little too dressed up outfit to a more casual look, and of course a winter look to a spring look.  I put together some of my favorite shoes for this season that all work for an everyday look and there’s at least one affordable pair linked to each!


I love me some platform sandals, they are so versatile! I have seen so many different style, colors, and patterns which makes styling them super easy. The ones that I am wearing above are from Target and only $32, such a steal! These specific shoes add the right amount of color to a somewhat plain outfit, and if you’re like anything like me and only have neutral colors in your closet these are a necessity for spring! I’ve linked my exact pair below, and some other styles I love!

                                                                                               Yellow strapped platform sandals Orange platform sandal with straps tied around anklesMetallic platform sandals


Even though it is getting warmer doesn’t mean it’s not wet outside, April showers bring may flowers 😉 Don’t get me wrong, black Hunters are also my go to when its wet outside, but sometimes you need to have a little fun with your shoes on such a dreary day.

Grey shiny ankle rain boots

Short yellow rain boots with side zipperBlack ankle rain boots with red lining


OK yes, I wear vans all year round but white and pastel ones are my go to for spring. The light wash colors make your outfit feel more springy compared to black vans, and since there’s no more snow on the ground they wont get dirty! Literally can wear vans with just about anything, a patterned pair can amp up a simple tee and jeans outfit, and a plain canvas can be worn with a dress to make it a bit more casual. If you ever see me on campus 9/10 times I’ll be wearing a pair of these.

Baby blue sneakers with checker printBaby pink sneakers with velcro strapswhite sneakers



I wish I hopped on this trend forever ago, mules are honestly just the perfect mix between casual and classy. I don’t have much to say about these except that everyone needs a pair in their life.Suede light pink slide on flats

Yellow suede slide on sandals with bow and cutouts

That’s it, those are my top picks for spring shoes! I hope the sun comes out a little more so you guys can try out my favorite shoe trends!


Thanks for reading! (All photos of me taken by Killer Kate Photography.)