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Spring 2018

5 Ways to Wear a Denim Jacket

By Mackenzie Fauque

Hello friends! Today I want to share with you my five favorite ways to jean jacket! I really believe that a jean jacket is a staple in any wardrobe even if you are rocking a capsule closet. Whether for warmth or purely style, a great jean jacket is a piece that I constantly reach for in my closet. My denim of choice is my thrifted Eddie Bauer jean jacket from Goodwill that I scored for $7 but I also picked up one by Mind Code last winter that I wear on occasion.

1. Dress

This might be my personal favorite way to wear my jean jacket and comes in handy all the time during the spring and summer months. It is so effortless and looks like you put a lot of effort into a nice outfit. Lately I have really loved this sunflower dress (obviously from Goodwill because where else do I get clothes) and dressing it up or down either with a pair of Chacos or chunky heels and a floppy hat.

Mackenzie in a sunflower dress, denim jacket and floppy hat, with her Madewell bag

Mackenzie standing in front of a "Keep Portland Werid: Dante's Live Music on Burnside" sign painted on the side of a building

2. Trouser

Considerably the most trendy way to style a denim jacket, trouser have been a very popular piece recently. I got this pair from an online store called Romwe for less than twenty dollars. A denim jacket dresses down the more professional look of these linen pants, but it makes something a little fashion forward a little more wearable for those who are fashionably shy.

Mackenzie in her jacket, black trousers, white top, black booties and bag

Mackenzie in an alley downtown

3. Casual 

I rock this one a little too often. Perfect for traveling or a day where you don’t want to put too much effort: leggings, tennies, and a T-shirt accompanied by a jean jacket is the best way to get a minimalistic stylish look. Throw on a cool band tee or a hat to kick it up a notch.

Woman in leggins, tennis shoes, pink top, denim jacket, Adidas hat

Woman in white Converse, dark skinny jeans, grey top, denim jacket and silver necklace

4. Distressed Denim

My black distressed jeans were a fall and winter staple for me this year and what better way to take this opportunity to throw a little color and add some denim. This outfit is tried and true because there are a million different combinations of sweaters and shoes you can wear this with. My personal favorite is this yellow turtleneck that I got at a thrift store with either converse high tops or some sort of bootie. This outfit never fails

Mackenzie in denim jacket, black skinnies, white converse, denim jacket, madewell bag

Close up of Mackenzie in outfit described above

5. Canadian Tuxedo 

Denim on denim on denim! Some people have this look down to a T, but I on the other hand struggle with this look occasionally. Pairing a good pair of jeans with a rad jean jacket can really make a statement. This look has really made a comeback and is perfect when you are wanting to showcase your favorite pieces.

Woman in denim jacket, skinny jeans, white and blacked striped long sleeve

Woman in high waisted jeans, denim shirt, denim jacket and red bandana tied around neck


These are some of my favorite ways to wear my jean jacket. I am such a fan of this piece in my closet so much so that I wear one of these looks AT LEAST once a week. Not only does a good denim jacket have an insanely practical use of none other than warmth, but holy cow it is totally cute. Bring out your old friend and show them some love because hey its almost warm enough where a jean jacket is all you need.

Photos taken from Pinterest, Jazzer-rae Engel, Kinsey Smith and Mackenzie

Fall 2016

A Trendsetters Tour of Missoula: Part 3

Here at Trendsetters at the U, we love Missoula, Montana. It’s a town with character, culture and community and is definitely not a bad place to go to school. Since a huge part of what the Trendsetters wear and who we are as people, is our college town, we thought putting together a post centered around Missoula was essential. Since there are so many hot spots around town, and it was near impossible to narrow our list down even more than we already did, this post will be a series split up into three parts, showing you where we like to go, what we like to do and what we like to wear while doing it. So we present to you Part 3 (Part 1 and Part 2 here) of a tour of Missoula – Trendsetters at the U edition.

The Wilma/Roxy Theater








Date night time! What better place in Missoula to head out to than a local theater, whether it be for a concert or an independent film. I connect these places with casual date destinations, so that’s how I chose my look. I knew I was going to wear my black jeans from H&M with single slits in the knee. On top of these, I pulled out my vintage blue & black paisley/floral button up I thrifted from Goodwill last year. I absolutely LOVE this shirt and, to bring it up a level, I buttoned the top button and added my little stone necklace I got fromMaurice’s. Then, to finish it off and to add that edge that I love so much, I threw my leather jacket from H&M on and of course, wore my trusty black Chelsea boots (which you can never wear too often, no matter how worn.) Now go out and have a great date night!






Night out on the town? Cool band at the Wilma? Movie night? I’ll take any excuse to dress up a bit. I spend the majority of my time in a work uniform, so anytime I get to break out the heels is exciting.

For this outfit, I paired a cute little black dress with a thrifted blue jean jacket with a super cute geometric design. Finishing this outfit with a pair awesome black platforms from H&M and I’m ready for a night out, ’cause everyone deserves a break every once in awhile!





The Roxy and the Wilma are the not-so-secret gems of Missoula. Exuding history and personality, both venues attract small town crowds with big name attractions.  As a pit-stop between Seattle and Chicago, names that draw big crowds pass through the Garden City on inconspicuous weeknights.

The Wilma is a major contributor to Missoula’s reputation on the national music map, responsible for hosting nationally known bands such as Glass Animals, Kirko Bangz, and Toro y Moi this semester alone. On the film side of entertainment, The Roxy shows cult films, out of theater movies and screenings of critically acclaimed Sundance films.

What they show hinges on the eclectic taste of Missoula people. If you see me attending events at either of these locations, of course I have to go in true Missoulian fashion. Accents of fall make themselves known through the velvety maroon of my knit dress from Urban and the dusty tan of my vintage bomber. To add a statement piece, I chose a black brimmed hat to hide my bedhead, complimented by my simple makeup. I like this look because of its simplicity, yet it is chic enough to be tokened as “dressed up.”



Processed with VSCO with a6 preset


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I’m gonna be honest here. In all of my eight years living in Missoula I have walked along the river a solid 3 times. However, although I tend to frequent my bedroom accompanied by my good pal Netflix instead of wandering the Clark Fork bank, when I do I can’t help thinking “not too shabby, Missoula. You done good with the leaves and rivers and mountains and stuff.”

So, for my outfit I wanted to try to keep it stylish but relaxed. I don’t frequent the naturaleza too often, so maybe I missed the mark, but let’s just go with it and say I’m flawless and great at river-walk style advice. So the main piece of my outfit is my gray t-shirt dress from Target, which screams cool and casual. Next, I tied a red flannel around my waist from Francesca’s to highlight my waistline so my figure would look more like an hourglass and less like a bulbous yam.

Processed with VSCO with a6 preset

My Birkenstocks were essential because Missoulians go crazy for those things and from what I here they are great shoes for outdoor things (lol I use them for my chocolate chip runs to the grocery store.) I finished the look off with my Mickey Mouse necklace because even at the river a girl might need some whimsy.


Processed with VSCO with a6 preset

Processed with VSCO with a6 preset

Because a river literally runs right through Missoula, the Kim Williams Trail is the best way to check out the city. You can walk to campus, downtown or take a bike ride along the river. It connects you to every part of the city, so it’s definitely a place worth checking out.

I wanted to be comfortable for this walk along the river, so Converse were the way to go. These white ones can be hard to keep clean sometimes, but they’re a staple in my wardrobe. I’ve been loving the trend of adding subtle distress to a pair of black skinnies, so I tried my hand at it with this pair. It adds a little something to any outfit you decide to pair them with, and since I went so neutral with my base here, I thought they were perfect.

Processed with VSCO with a6 preset

My coat is from Gap and I love how easily it transitions season-to-season. It’s light enough to work on its own during the slightly warmer seasons, but has enough room to layer under during the colder months. The dark navy color works seamlessly into my entire wardrobe.

Finally, I topped the look off with my favorite plaid blanket scarf from Target. This one is so cozy and comfy and, while it hasn’t been fall for that long, I love adding it to outfits during this time of year for a pop of seasonal pattern.


Processed with VSCO with a6 preset

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The first thing I noticed when I moved to Missoula is how much everyone loves to be outside. Whether you like hiking, biking, fishing or a leisurely walk, you will no doubt find a gorgeous spot for it somewhere. The iconic Kim Williams Trail allows for all those activities and more, while being utterly beautiful at the same time. As we come into the fall months, the leaves are beginning their transition from summery, vivid greens to lusciously inviting golds and burgundies. The crisper temperatures aren’t driving Missoulians indoors, but drawing them out like a magnet.

Don’t worry if you aren’t big into athletics, you don’t have to be a highly skilled hiker to enjoy this trail, which is why I decided on this flowy dress from Old Navy. This t-shirt dress is made out of a swingy jersey fabric that comes in a variety of colors (even horizontal stripes if you like a bit of pattern in your life,) which makes it a comfortable and versatile go-to. I’m a bit neutral-obsessed, so I stuck to my guns with the black one, which also filled the “little black dress” void that had been in my closet.

I cannot get enough of flannels. Seriously, it doesn’t matter what season, I’m a strong believer that a good flannel never hurt anyone, so I’m in luck! With trends from the ‘90s back in full swing, I’m seeing more and more people embracing the flannel, especially tying it around their waist. I was hesitant to try this out on myself at first, but always stared enviously at those braver than I, so I took the leap and am absolutely loving it. It accents the waist and reminds me of my favorite cartoon, Hey Arnold! To keep the ‘90s throwback alive, I added my denim jacket. This one is from Old Navy and is super soft and lightweight. I sized up a little bit to give me a grungier vibe and so that I can layer underneath it when it gets colder. Finally, to tie this look all together, I threw on my gold Converse and this mixed metals necklace from Target. With these simple touches, I’m ready to enjoy the scenery just steps away from campus. Now, if only I had a dog to walk…

Processed with VSCO with a6 preset









Plonk is one of those places where you can either dress up or dress down and still fit into the atmosphere of the location. With its soft lighting, blue tiled floor and hip art lining the walls, it’s definitely somewhere that serves to a variety of styles. You don’t have to be over 21 in order to eat the fantastic food or (virgin) cocktails, either. Grab your friends, wear something fun and hit up Plonk for a mellow, aesthetically pleasing evening.

I’m all about comfort when it comes to going out, so I chose a more relaxed look for our afternoon at Plonk. The focal point of my look is this mauve O’Neill jacket that I got from Nordstrom. Lately I’ve been obsessed with everything mauve and everything slightly over-sized. This jacket is ultra soft and wraps around me like a light blanket; I love it so much. The color, though bold, is also muted enough to dress up the rest of my outfit a little bit.

In order to make my jacket stand out, I simplified the rest of the pieces in my look. My white tank is from Target. The shape of this tank is very flattering and has adorable ruffling at the collar. Not going to lie, I stain this shirt almost every time I wear it; I’m cursed when it comes to white clothing. I paired my dark blue Kut from the Kloth jeans with the top. For shoes, I opted for something without a staggering heel. These taupe boots are by Hinge and are currently my go-to booties in my closet.

To tie my look all together, I kept my jewelry simple and my hair and makeup natural. And what’s the drink in my hand? A virgin coconut lime rickey (recommended to me by Michelle.) I would definitely recommend it.





I love me a good (virgin) martini, and sometimes it feels nice to go out with your girlfriends and treat yourself! For this photo shoot, I decided to go with a cute romper from Q, because you can dress it up or down! I love how it has long sleeves, so it’s also very appropriate for fall, and the pattern on it is gorgeous! I paired my romper with lace-up heels from Target. These have to be my favorite part of the outfit because they’re so dainty and girly! The light blush pink adds a playful pop of color, plus they’re super comfy so what’s not to love??

I decided to keep my hair and makeup simple. For my hair, I just curled it with a wand. For my makeup, I played with blush pink/purple tones to match my shoes, and just popped on a sheer gloss so my lipstick wouldn’t get on my glass!





Let me tell you first hand that going out in Missoula is a complete 180 from going out in a place like Seattle or Los Angeles. In Missoula, our favorite bars are our “dive” bars. Now, I’m not saying “dive” in a bad way because I definitely go to all of those bars I’m talking about, but we do have a few bars that tend to be a little classier, like Plonk. When I go to Plonk and have drinks I like to dress up.

I wore my romper that I got this summer from Nordstrom to Plonk under my maroon jacket. The shoes I wore with my outfit are Selbi by Halogen from Nordstrom. These are now my favorite high-heeled booties because they are surprisingly comfortable and when you go out you always need to wear comfortable shoes. Don’t make the mistake I did on my 21st birthday and wear high heels that absolutely kill your feet. But, whatever you wear make sure you own it!





Plonk is one of the classiest places in Missoula — the atmosphere is incredible, the music puts you at ease, and the food and drink selection is top-notch. I usually end up at Plonk with my closest ladies for a night of drinks and fun, so I like to dress up. Plonk offers both indoor and outdoor seating, so depending on your mood, you can choose either! I happen to like a bit of both.

For hanging out indoors, I layered my outfit with this light, denim button-up; it’s warm enough to keep me comfortable outside in the evening, but it’s not so bulky that I feel uncomfortable wearing it indoors. Plus, it roughens up the feminine dress I’m wearing in a way that makes the outfit feel more like, “Corri.”

This floral dress is, surprisingly, from Rue 21; and it combines a high-low cut with delicate lace detailing that makes it pretty and perfect for a night out in warmer weather. I paired this dress with my favorite black, heeled booties. This pair from American Eagle is a staple in my life and though it has shown up in several posts, I had to bring them out again. The boots are a good bridge between the feminine elegance of the dress and the casual comfort of the denim jacket. All-in-all it is a perfect fit for an evening at Plonk.



Photography by McKenna Munden | @kennaphotography | and Michelle Dufflocq Williams @michelledufflocq