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Fall 2017

Using Pinterest for Inspiration

collage of pinterest photos. A shirt on a rack, bulldogs cuddling, a tub, a ring, an earring in an ear, a deer skull with flowers, a quote "I've learned that you can keep going long after you think you can't", a living room with twinkle lights and a skylightBy McKenna Munden

Ok, ok. I know what you’re thinking here. “Duh. Thats what Pinterest is for right?!” And yes, you’re correct, but I’m here to show you some of the ways I use Pinterest to get even more out of it! How to use it to inspire your next project, how you can use it with businesses, etc… So here are a few of my tips!

1. Use Lots of Boards

My number one tip for Pinterest users is to create TONS of different boards for EVERYTHING! I love how I can organize everything that brings me so much inspiration into their own folders and search through them whenever I need. It is so so handy and keeps me from getting overwhelmed!

2. Separate, Separate, Separate!

For example, instead of having a “My Style” board, break it up into “Fall Style”, “Spring Style”, etc… This keeps your pins even more organized and will keep your searching later to a minimum!

McKenna's fall style boardMcKenna's Spring Style board

McKenna's Summer Style boardMcKenna's winter style board

3. Use Boards to Collaborate Ideas

Some of you may know this, but I am a photographer and have actually been working on growing my own business for awhile now! And believe it or not, Pinterest has become one of my favorite tools in this industry. The obvious way I use it, is to simply pin other photographers’ work and ideas into a board that will inspire my own creativity, but I also use it in collaboration with my clients! When they book a session with me, I offer to create an inspiration board for their shoot and invite them to be a “collaborator”! They can pin whatever they want and I can see everything. This way I can get inside their minds and see the kinds of things they want to get from me. I can see specific styles they like, poses or scenarios they would like me to capture and I feel like I can communicate with them so much better! An inspiration board that reads "Alexandra's Wedding"


McKenna's "Alexandra's Wedding" board

4. Use Pinterest to Inspire Your Own Projects!

Using Pinterest to inspire you on your next creative project is as simple as just going on a pinning spree, pinning everything you love relating to the topic onto one board, going back through that board, saving your absolute favorites to your phone and using an app like Pic Collage to create a physical collage of these photos. This helps you filter through your favorites to find the ones you love the most and see them all together. I am currently planning a styled wedding shoot and used this technique to create a board to share with other vendors so that they could see my vision (and be a bit less cluttered than a board full of tons of pins).

McKenna's "HP Styled Wedding Shoot" board The HP Wedding shoot collage. A close up of a hand on lace dress, candles that have just been blown out, a bride, a bride and groom kissing under a dark wedding arch with twinkle lights, a table set with candles reminiscent of the Great Hall in Harry Potter, a mobile with flying keys, a HP themed cake, a ring on dark paper, letters, a veil, a lace dress, the platform 9 and three-quarters sign

There are SO many things to get inspired by on Pinterest and I have no trouble admitting that I am totally addicted! Hopefully you found these tips to be helpful and can continue to use Pinterest in new ways!

Interested in seeing more of my pins and boards? Follow my Pinterest HERE!

McKenna's Books and Mags board McKenna's Daww board McKenna's Family Future board McKenna's Future House Inspiration board McKenna's Little Style board McKenna's Mood Board McKenna's Pets board McKenna's Shed House Possibilities board

Until next time!


McKenna Munden



All photos found on Pinterest.

Spring 2017

Your Complete Going Out Style Guide To Missoula, Montana

After a long week full of lecture halls, exams, and essays, my favorite way to relax is going out with some friends for dinner and a few drinks. I’ve styled three outfits for two different types of scenes. I kept the jeans the same for all three because all outfits are for Spring time and I love breaking out the light washed pants when for these months coming up.

The first two outfits are for a more high-end place. In Missoula, for example, Plonk, Ironhorse, or maybe another restaurant where you know you’ll just be sitting, catching up with your friends.

The first look is more for when the weather warms up. The top is a sheer bohemian print oversized blouse, which I’ve paired with a white bralette underneath. You could totally do a tank top as well, but I just love the look of the bralette peaking through around my neck. Usually restaurants like the ones I listed have pretty dim lighting, and the shirt isn’t see-through by any means, Idon’t think it’s terribly revealing.

The second high-end location outfit is actually lingerie (shh, don’ tell.) The tank is from Target’s intimate’s section but I put a black bralette underneath, and it’s not revealing anyways. Adding this army green bomber jacket over compliments the colors of the flowers and I love absolutely how classy this outfit is. I can’t wait to wear it out.

For both of these outfits I kept it simple with open toed, black suede block heels. I wouldn’t always recommend wearing heels out but when you’re going to be pretty low-key and relaxed, it’s safe in my opinion.

The third and final outfit is my go-to for the regular bar scene here in the Zoo: Red’s, Missoula Club, Golden Rose, The Rhino. I always bring a small bag with just the essentials: phone, wallet, lip balm or lipstick, keys (if you’re the DD.) I prefer a purse with a zipper closure when going out because you never know if something could fall out or someone could reach in.

As far as the outfit, ALWAYS closed toed shoes. I love these little brown booties with jeggings. I literally wear them all the time. I say close toed shoes for a couple reasons: intoxicated people spilling drinks and your precious toes being in danger. I don’t know about you but I don’t want sticky feet from someone spilling a mixed drink and I sure do not want a broken toe from them being stepped on. It’s just a safer bet to go out with your feet safe and sound.

As for the top of the outfit, I have on a plain black shirt with an army green over shirt, I sometimes substitute for a flannel this time of year. I say this is the perfect outfit because it’s still chilly outside, so you can wear the over shirt, but when you get inside a bar just tie it around your waist because it’s more than likely going to be a stuffy/warm atmosphere.

Depending on the night and the specific outfit my makeup changes every time. However, I typically always keep my hair straight unless it’s a special occasion because curls will more than likely fall throughout the night of running around and dancing the night away. Recently hoops and chokers have made a come back in the fashion world and I have to say, I’m super into it. I’ve been wearing these hoops for everything, as well as some variation of a choker or short length necklace.

The semester is almost over and I’m sure we will all need at least one night to let loose here pretty soon with finals coming up. Hopefully you enjoyed my tips and tricks to having a good and toe-injury free night!


Written by Brittani Norman | @brittanipaige

Photography by Lakyn Connors