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Fall 2017

Happy Halloween from the Trendsetters!

Halloween is finally (almost) here! It’s time for pumpkins, scary movies, costumes, caramel apples, and candy. We love this holiday so dearly and we are so excited to share our costumes with you! Happy Halloween from the Trendsetters! We wish you a safe, fun and spooky holiday!

Antonio & Nancy

Workout Ken & Barbie

Nancy: When Antonio and I heard that Michelle and Aline were wearing matching Halloween costumes, we knew we had to come up with a pair of our own. I went straight to Pinterest and sent him all of my favorite couples costume ideas. There was Daphne and Fred, Bonnie and Clyde, Spongebob and Patrick. We liked them all well enough and said “…maybe”. Then, I found the idea for a Barbie and Ken outfit and we were both instantly sold. We decided to go with retro athletic Barbie and Ken outfits so that we could be a little bit warmer and more comfortable.

My costume began with a hunt for a cheap black leotard that I could add letters too. This was shockingly hard to find! I looked all around the mall, Target, T. J. Maxx and some thrift stores and came up empty handed. Finally, I found the only black leotard in Missoula on the clearance rack at America Eagle, for less than $10! I added iron on letters, but didn’t even iron them on because they stuck really well without heat and I wanted to be able to take them off if I wanted to later. I found these bright pink leggings and sparkly silver tennis shoes in the children’s clothing section of Walmart! I added a white headband and fun pink eyeshadow to finish the look! This costume cost me less than $25 total and I was really happy with the way that Antonio and I’s looks turned out!

Antonio: My costume for this Halloween is a couple’s costume with one of my best friends, Nancy. We decided that it would be fun to go as Workout Ken and Barbie. We had trouble trying to pick out costumes originally, going back and forth between several ideas. This one, however, seemed like something that we’d both have fun doing.

I got my entire outfit, except for my shoes, at Walmart. I wanted the costume to have that kitschy, kind of cheap vibe, so going to Walmart, getting the tracksuit, and cutting the sleeves off the pink shirt seemed to be the best idea. Overall, the outfit looked good, and we matched well. I think the most important part of a couple’s costume is being recognizable on your own, and I think Nancy and I really pulled that off well.



My red plaid shirt from Rue21, and so was my cream half shirt. My white washed spotted Jeans were from Rue21. My brown Mid Calf boots were from Amazon! My makeup was just Black liquid eyeliner, and the Anastasia Beverley Hills Modern Rennisance Pallette. My hairstyle was just a half shaved, punk curled top look!


Rosie the Riveter

To be completely honest, I forgot to think of a costume for Halloween until the very last minute. This Rosie the Riveter costume is super easy to throw together if you need a last minute Halloween costume! I threw on a good pair of high-waisted jeans from Vanity and an old blue button up (also from Vanity). I decided to tie up my button up because I just love the button fly on these jeans and wanted to show it off. I borrowed the red bandanna from a friend of mine, and because it covers my hair, I didn’t have to worry too much about my hair. All I had to do was throw it up in a messy bun and twist my bangs back! I added some winged eyeliner and red lipstick to finish off the look and that’s it! A quick, cute costume that didn’t cost me a dime!


Cat Burglar

Halloween time is such a fun time of year, you get to dress up as anything you want and eat free candy; how much better could it get? Each year I try to do something original but in recent years I’ve found myself with not that much money to work with so this year I decided to work with what I had.

This year for Halloween I decided to go as a cat burglar. A few years ago I went as a cat, as a lot of girls do these days, mainly because it was cheap and didn’t take a whole ton of effort. This year I was about to reuse my cat costume but had the idea to instead spice it up a bit and make myself a cat burglar. What I love about this costume is how little of effort was needed but it still looks super cute.

The really cool thing about this costume is that I spent only $15 this year for it because I had all the essential pieces. The main piece of my costume, my leotard, is from American Eagle, my skirt is from Forever 21 and my shoes are from Target. For my accessories: my tights are from Dillard’s and all my jewelry is from Icing on the clearance rack! My super cool mom also helped me make my cute “loot” bag that’s all purchased from Joann Fabrics; it was relatively easy and fast to make. My tail is a piece of fabric from Joann’s and my ears are from Icing as well.


Spooky Glam

My makeup is from the BH Cosmetics Galaxy palette (pink, purple, and black), my demonic black and white pants are from and my long sleeved shirt is Carbon longer length. My jacket is from Forever 21 and both my shoes and my fan are from Amazon!


School Girl

I hadn’t really thought about what I was going to wear for Halloween yet so I looked in my closet and tried to put something together and this is what I got! This costume brings me back to the many years when I had to wear uniform. When I was in preschool living in Chicago my uniform wearing days started. The older girls got to wear cute plaid skirts and plaid dress while the preschoolers had to wear a sweatsuit. To say the least I was very upset, but you better believe I made my mom get me the skirt to wear because I refused to wear just the sweatsuit. Moral of the story, I’m pretty much living out my preschool self’s dreams with this costume! I’m pretty excited I finally got to pull out this pinafore dress I bought from Target last year because I haven’t had a chance to wear it. You can go so many ways for the school girl uniform look but I decided to stick with the dress! I paired it with a white button down from H&M, over the knee socks from Forever 21, flats from Lucky Brand, and to finish it off a pair of glasses from H&M and a red ribbon. All of these pieces were already in my closet and I really think those are the best kind of costumes! Before you go out and buy a costume, check your closet first. It’s fun to see what you may come up with!
Wearing something comfy and what makes you feel confident! Oh and have a happy Halloween!


Kim Possible

I love Halloween! It’s a chance to pretend I am something I am not for a night. This year I chose to be Kim Possible. That’s right-the incredible crime fighting cheerleader we all loved during our childhood.

I was lucky enough to have already owned most of this costume already. The turtle neck crop top is part of my old high school cheer uniform. (fun fact: I tend to wear it every Halloween.) The gloves are just the gloves I keep in my car during winter to keep my hands from freezing on my steering wheel. My shoes are my normal running shoes and my belt is part of my work uniform. The only thing I bought was the cargo pants. I went all over town to find the perfect pair and finally found them at Restyle Clothing Exchange.

As for my makeup I followed this amazing tutorial. then just straightened my hair. And that’s it. This was a super easy costume and I feel like it came together really well. I can’t wait to see all of you lovely people out on Halloween weekend!

Michelle & Aline

Betty & Veronica

Michelle: I know I say this about every single time of year here on Trendsetters at the U, but THIS IS THE BEST TIME OF YEAR. There’s nothing better than the months of October-December. Don’t fight me on this. With fall, Halloween, gorging yourself on food during Thanksgiving, and then CHRISTMAS, I definitely look forward to this little chunk of the calendar year after year.

For this Halloween shoot, Aline and I knew we wanted to do something together. After our glorious Shrek and Donkey duo costume last year, there was definitely a lot of pressure to deliver this time around. We decided on Betty and Veronica from the Archie Comics and the new spinoff tv show, Riverdale. As amazing as the fashion in Riverdale is, we tried to stick with as much of the vintage vibe from the comics as we could.
Because of our hairstyles and general demeanors, it was very easy to decide who would dress up as who. Plus, I owned pretty much everything I needed to dress up as Betty to begin with, which is the perfect situation for a college gal on a budget. I had to go with a white button up collared shirt for this costume. Through my research (Pinterest,) I found that Betty is wearing a collared shirt more often than not, and I feel like it’s just essential in order to capture her essence. The one I’m wearing, I owned previously, and it’s from H&M. On top of it, I threw on a blush sweater (also from H&M,) since blush tones are regularly found in Betty Cooper’s wardrobe.
Betty rocks a ton of A-Line skirts and light wash denim. In a perfect world, I would have had the time to go out and thrift a perfect 1950’s style skirt, but already owning a denim mini, I went with that option instead. The one I’m wearing is from Brandy Melville, and I love how the sweater looks tucked into it. For footwear, I had to go with my white Converse. They’re just a classic. I ended up only buying one thing for my Betty Cooper costume, and that was my velvet pink scrunchy from Urban Outfitters. Finishing the look off with Betty’s signature ponytail.
Aline: EVERYONE HAIL TO THE PUMPKIN SONG. It’s that time of year, folks! The time where we all get to tap into that creative little kid in all of us that is pumped at the prospect of stuffing our faces with fun-sized milky ways while dressed head to toe in somebody else’s outerwear. This year me and my sister Michelle decided to go as Betty and Veronica from Archie Comics. This is Michelle’s final year in Missoula and the last Halloween we’ll probably get to spend together for a while so we definitely wanted to do something together, just like last year. Betty and Veronica were the perfect fit. Two contrasting styles, cartoonish qualities that would be fun to play into and the costumes would be relatively recognizable because of the CW’s Riverdale! Tackling Veronica’s style was so much fun. For the costume I wanted to play up the signature candy-apple-red color that’s usually featured in her outfits and lipstick as well as keep some vintage classy flair to the look since Veronica’s an NYC gal. My bright red jean jacket is from H&M and the striped 90’s long-sleeve is from Target. My pearls were something I pulled out of one of our 800 costume boxes we have in garage (that theatre major lyfe tho) and my jeans are from Top Shop. To finish off the look I threw on my Lucky Brand black heeled booties and created a more extreme makeup look to heighten the cartoonish quality.



I have known that I was going to be an angel for Halloween since the beginning of August. I get excited very early! What I like about the angel outfit is that its pretty simple and easy to make from home. You only need to buy the angel wings and halo-which I bought at Goodwill for $3.99. I wore a white skirt which I got for $20 at H&M and a Golden top that I also got from H&M. One could wear some white tights and maybe a white jacket-because it is gonna be cold!
Hope that all of you have super fun Halloween!


Minnie Mouse

Breezy weather and autumn starts and my favorite holiday is on the way; it’s Halloween, where we get our spooky costumes on!
For Halloween this year I chose to be Minnie Mouse because: 1) I love her character and I’m obsessed with Disney, and 2) it was a quick simple outfit that I could put together. My red shirt is from Rue21. My black pants are from J. C. Penny’s. My shoes are from Payless.To put the whole outfit together I wore Minnie Mouse ears that I got at Disneyland. For my make up I got inspiration from the Internet and went with winged eyeliner, red lipstick and a drawn-on nose. That was my whole outfit and it was all from my closet also it was simple too.


Victoria’s Secret Angel

Halloween is my favorite holiday! I love dressing up in a costume. For this costume, I was inspired by Victoria’s Secret Angels. I put this costume together with: halo and wings from Walmart, pants from H&M, a shirt from Forever 21, and thigh boots from Rue21. This costume was great because all I had to buy was the wings and halo (it came together in one bag), and the rest of the clothes and shoes were from my closet. I felt pretty sexy and confident even though people thought I was an angel and not a Victoria’s Secret Angel.


Welcome to the Black Parade

Halloween is definitely a time of year that I wish lasted longer than a day. I mean what’s not to love about pretending to be someone else? There’s a reason so many people enjoy acting, just saying! Halloween lets me become something that I’ve always wanted to be, for example, from ages 6-13 I REALLY wanted to be a ninja. It was an abnormally long phase to want to be a ninja but I regret nothing. This year I decided to change it up and leave my comfort zone. I decided to embrace my musical side and attempt to dress up as a character from the Black Parade. For those of you who don’t know, “Welcome to the Black Parade” is a concept album that was written by the band My Chemical Romance. It is regarded as their best album by far and it tells the story of a dying man in fantastic musical fashion. I wanted to try to recreate this masterpiece visually by donning black clothes with a red tie to match my guitar. I also tried to make my face look pale and dead. It was my first time using face paint so I will definitely have to take more than half an hour next time. Either way, I think the costume turned out pretty good. It felt almost natural to wear dark clothing and pretend to shred on my musical axe. Perhaps I have a future in air guitar contests or hair bands? Only time will tell. It was great fun though and of course I listened to the album that inspired my costume the whole rest of the day. It’s always exciting to see what people dress as because it reveals a little about their personality that you don’t always get to witness. Happy Halloween to all! May you get all the candy and not freeze to death!

Photography by Aline Dufflocq Williams | @alinedufflocqw

Fall 2015

Halloween Costume Inspiration

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Halloween is quickly approaching and it’s time to really start thinking about your costume. Whether you want to be scary, funny or creative, Halloween is a chance to have fun being someone else. If you still don’t have a costume idea, never fear! The Trendsetters are here to provide some Halloween costume inspiration.


 evil captain

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I’m the captain now. Part Captain Philips, part I-don’t-know-what-to-be, I’ve opted for an “evil captain” costume for this Halloween. Super easy and super DIY, I just wanted a costume that came effortlessly…and without the need to buy a ton of things.

 I had this captain’s hat from when I was a captain of my drill team in high school, so I figured this would be the perfect opportunity to put it into use again. My hat is the statement piece of my costume; I love it. To keep the rest of my look dark, I opted for black and white stripes versus the usual red, white and blue. Chunky heel booties are comfortable, but add an extra sinister effect to my look.

To finish off my Halloween look, I went with bright red, Stila liquid lipstick. This stuff is the real deal and will last all night. I also added a simple black cat eye, too. Overall, I have a costume that was easy to put together and will be easy to move around in.


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morgan & Hannah-Laura

 Hercules & megara

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I’m obsessed with all things Halloween. I love pumpkin patches, jack-o-lanterns and pumpkin pies. I can’t get over the crisp air, the colorful leaves and cuddly sweaters. But most of all, I love having an excuse to dress up in costume. My boyfriend, Morgan, and I decided to be Hercules and Megara from the Disney movie Hercules. We had so much fun as Kronk and Yzma from the Emperor’s New Groove last year, and we wanted to continue the Disney character trend going.

Processed with VSCOcam with a6 presetMorgan’s Hercules costume had a lot of DIY components. He began with a simple shirt and skirt from Goodwill. He cut out pieces of orange felt, from Joanne Fabrics, into ‘L’ shapes and hot-glued them onto the shirt to create the breastplate Hercules wears. He then created a belt from brown ribbon and orange felt that he drew a lightning bolt detail onto. He cut a cape from blue fabric, attached two gold buttons, and fastened it to his shirt. Morgan finished his Hercules look off with a red headband, ribbon anklets and sandals. He went from zero to hero just like that!

My Megara look was so much fun to create. I centered my look around a purple maxi infinity dress from Dress Long Bridal, which I found on Etsy. This dress is incredibly versatile and can be styled in many different ways. I chose to knot the straps near my collarbones, wrap the straps around my waist, and then tie them in the back to mimic Meg’s dress style. This dress is really long, so I created a makeshift hem with several safety pins. I then draped a light purple fabric around my arms for color contrast. I finished my look off with a dark purple eyeshadow, dark lashes and brows, and Meg’s signature curls, big ponytail and loose bangs. At least out loud, I won’t say I’m in love in love with this look, but I totally am.

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There is no better holiday than Halloween!! This is my favorite holiday because the goal is to scare as many people as you can. Instead of being Minnie Mouse this year, I decided to be something haunted and menacing.

There is no better holiday than Halloween!! This is my favorite holiday because the goal is to scare as many people as you can. Instead of being Minnie Mouse this year, I decided to be something haunted and menacing.

Marionettes in movies are there to educate children or are the possessed dolls of a dark sinister power. I chose the latter and decided to wear a simple costume with my little black dress, from Forever 21, and my white knee-high socks. To accessorize, I chose basic black Airwalks and a black athletic headband.

For my makeup, I only used red, white and black to transform my face to a marionette. I had so much fun using straight lines and black to create a gaping mouth with red lips. I used white to lengthen my eyes and gave myself larger freckles with black eyeliner as well as exaggerated eyelashes. This Halloween, scare your friends with just how creative you are with your makeup and fashion!

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Jazz & Dalton

 Vampire couple

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Halloween is one of my favorite holidays. It’s the day to dress up and be whoever or whatever you want, no matter how old you are. As a college student, buying a full on costume from a costume shop may get a little spendy. So for my and Dalton’s costume, all we needed was some clothing already in our closet and a little extra makeup.

This year we decided to be a couple of vampires inspired by one of my favorite shows, The Vampire Diaries. For my outfit, I am wearing a striped top I got from H&M with high-waisted black pants with pleather patches that add a little edge to my vampire look. To finish off my look, I am wearing my black Merona booties to add a little length to my short legs. For Dalton’s outfit, he is wearing a white button up dress shirt, from H&M, with gray dress pants and some brown shoes and bow tie to dress it up Salvatore-style.

And of course, to transition our normal outfits to modern day vamps, I applied black eye pencil below our eyes along with black and red eyeshadow to recreate that veiny look the vampires from The Vampire Diaries get when they are thirsty for blood. That’s our simple Halloween look for this year and we hope you have a safe and fabulous Halloween!


Carrie bradshaw

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I absolutely love Halloween. Candy? Spookiness? Dressing up? I’m down. I like looking to movies and TV shows for costume inspiration because I feel like you can get really creative while at the same time expressing your appreciation for a specific character.

To say I am a fan of Sex and the City, Carrie Bradshaw, or SJP for that matter, would be an understatement. As a city girl who loves fashion and the written word, with a 7 1/2 shoe size, a big nose and even bigger dreams, you could say I can relate to this character just a tad.

For this costume I am mimicking her iconic look from the opening sequence of the show. If you are unfamiliar with this ensemble, I will link it here.

Processed with VSCOcam with a6 presetThe white tutu skirt was essential for this costume so I purchased one from Jo-Ann Fabrics and trimmed it (with generous assistance from my sister) until it was a similar length to Carrie’s.

Next I needed a pink tank top. I had unfortunately donated my only pink tank to Goodwill a while ago, so this blush top from Bohme had to do. I feel like this top gave the look a classier and more on trend spin. It was cool to put together my own interpretation of the look, updating an outfit I was already so familiar with.

Super curly locks are another key element in looking like Carrie. I curled, I teased and I hairsprayed, but  alas, my volume did not last too long. This hair is still bigger than what I usually do though so I was pretty happy with it. In the intro sequence Carrie is sporting a full face of makeup, including red lipstick. So I went all out with makeup for this costume, making sure to use lots of blush and, of course, to rock a red lip.

Lastly, everyone who knows SATC knows that Carrie is all about the shoes. She is rarely not in heels, and prefers it that way. I went with my Nine West pointed nude high heels because I loved how they went with the color palette of this costume. As long as you’ve got some hight in your step, you’ll be just fabulous!

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Danh & Raneem

superwoman & batgirl

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BOO!!! Halloween is coming up, so get ready to scare people or dress up as your favorite characters. Halloween is my family’s favorite, and we are ready to scare some people. For this Halloween photoshoot, I decided to dress up as Batgirl, and my sister decided to go as Superwoman, because we wanted to be superheroes.

IMG_9499For my outfit, I decided to dress up as Batgirl, so all you have to find is a black shirt and black pants and shoes. My long black sleeved shirt is from Wet Seal, my black pants are from Forever 21 and my leather platform shoes are from Forever 21.

I got my accessories from Spirit Halloween. I wore a yellow Batgirl belt, a long black cape that is almost shaped like a bat, and to finish look, I decided to wear the black Batgirl gauntlets.

Danh decided to dress up as Superwoman. All you need to find is a blue and red shirt to get this look. The long blue sleeved shirt is from Forever 21, the tights are from Forever 21 and the tutu she decided to wear for her Superwoman outfit is from Claire’s. The short red and blue cape was also from Claire’s. To finish her look, she wore brown boots that are from Dillard’s. Happy Halloween!!



galaxy gypsy

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Halloweentown and Hocus Pocus are the top contenders that can describe this holiday season. Both are nostalgic movies fighting the October 31st evils that control their lives.  Luckily for us, it’s a little less dramatic as we battle a candy coma and the what-to-wear mind block. My inspiration for my costume was a mishap of ideas converging into one.

I am someone who has a big wonder for the universe and a grand love of the stars to the point where I am taking an astronomy class to learn more. So, it is not out of the ordinary for me to own a few item pieces that resemble the galaxy.  I chose a nebula baby doll dress and was going to dress like the moon or the stars.

To convey that concept, I was planning to do elaborate star-themed silver metallic tattoos on my face (the ones that were all the craze in the summer). Unfortunately they had not all arrived in the mail, so I improvised with small moon phases in the middle of my forehead. For a little more pizazz, I added a bejeweled head crown with a gold septum piercing. My hair and makeup was done to match.

At this point I am just a walking mishap of sparkly objects that I claim as my Halloween costume, which is what usually happens in my world of being last minute. Surprisingly, it all came together and my outfit can be coined as a Galaxy Gypsy through the help of a fellow Trendsetter. To further add to this ensemble, I would in the future add more effort in the makeup and for warmth use tights, boots and a leather jacket.  All in all Halloween is a time to let your inner kid be happy, so be creative and be a little quirky.

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tate from ahs

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It’s finally that time of the year again. Not only is it fall, which calls for layering, nice colors, and warm drinks, but it’s also getting close to one of my favorite holidays: Halloween. The perfect time for you to put on whatever you want, no matter how odd, and still be taken completely seriously. Although it is time to dress up, I wanted to go as something that allows me to add my own twist easily. So what better than to pick a character from one of my favorite shows? That character is skeleton Tate from American Horror Story: Murder House.

Now my “costume” isn’t complete because I decided to hold off on the full skeleton makeup until Halloween. For my outfit, I decided to pull out a new pair of dark gray distressed/ripped skinny jeans from H&M. I originally just started off with a dark gray flannel I got from Goodwill but since it is fall, I took the opportunity to finally layer my clothes and threw a light gray heavy-knit sweater from the new Brooklyn Calling collection at Aeropostale that has a low neck to show the flannel underneath and nice accent of zippers on the bottom of hems of either sides.

To finish this outfit off, I chose a pair of basic black combat boots that I also got from Goodwill and topped it all off with a black wide-brimmed fedora from H&M. I’ve been looking for the perfect accessory to add to any fall outfit and this fedora is definitely it. I took the inspiration of the all black outfit from the show itself and decided to make it my own. My style is very black-based already so it was easy to adjust to pull this look together.

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Happy Halloween from the Trendsetters!

Photography by McKenna Munden | @kennaphotography