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Spring 2018

A Night on the Town


Group shot of everyone laughing and interacting

Whether it’s a play, drinks with friends, a concert or something else, a night out is a fun excuse to dress up. For this shoot, we decided to head over to the Wilma Theater and show you our best “going out” looks. We hope you enjoy!

DinaDina walking in a pencil skirt, pink blazer, pink top and silver clutch

It’s me, Dina, in another post with Trendsetters.

First of all, I just want to say thank you so much for spending your time to reading about this post.

This time, our post is kind of a fancy one with our outfits that we chose for this “Night Out” shoot. Each of us who came to the photo shoot wore some cute and fancy outfits just like we were going to go out to dinner.

Talking about going out to dinner, I always take it seriously. So, every time when my friend ask me to go out for dinner, I will dress up nicely. For example, in January, I had my very first fancy dinner of 2018 with my some of my friends in Portland. It was fun dinner and I wore a black dress. Just for an hour in a restaurant, I spent two hours for getting ready–and that is totally fine for me. Before going out, I usually spend two hours getting ready, including taking a shower and doing makeup. As long as I get a nice look, I don’t care if I spend that long of a time. Plus, just going out for a dinner is special for me.  I really love to wear a dress and a cute skirt for a dinner with friends.

For our shoot this time, I wore a black skirt with my cute pink top–I got both of them from H&M. I cover my outfit with a pink blazer to make my style look more formal and I got it from GAP. Last but not least, I finished my outfit with my sparkles high heels. I wore those heels in our denim shoot also and they are from Forever 21.

I think that’s all for this post.

Have a blessed day.

Close up of Dina's sparky heels

Dina's sparkly clutch purse

Dina leaning against the railing


Claire leaning against the railing

Ah, a night out! Also known as my perfect excuse to dress how I actually feel without feeling over the top. Okay I might still look a bit over the top, but I love the freedoms that “a night out” gives to everyone’s wardrobe. Because of this I chose to wear a maroon satin dress with a floral pattern embroidered all over it that I got over spring break at Urban Outfitters. On my feet I wore some white and black boys tap dance shoes I picked up a while back at Goodwill. I also wore some long gold chain earrings I got at Forever 21 that make me feel like a 1920’s flapper. And last, but certainly not least, I wore my favorite coat that I own; a pastel blue, and extremely fluffy, faux fur coat. It’s the perfect article of clothing that not only keeps you warm, but makes a statement every time I put it on. This is what I chose to wear on my night out, I can’t wait to see all of you at the premier of American Idiot and the other upcoming productions put on by our university’s theatre department!

 Close up of Claire's long dangly earrings

Claire lounging on stairs

Claire against the railing


Stephanie leaning against the railing

A “night out” was probably one of my favorite themes for a photo shoot! I love getting dressed up and going out with my friends. For this shoot I decided to wear a light cream crop top with my light wash jean jacket both from H&M. Then I chose my black pencil skirt from Charlotte Russe and my black boot heels from H&M! I chose this outfit because it’s very simple and comfortable, but it fits my style perfectly.

Stephanie lounging on the steps

Close up of Stephanie's black booties

Stephanie throwing her jacket over her shoulder

Stephanie letting her jacket come off her shoulders


Michelle in maroon plunge neck jumpsuit, maroon floppy hat and sandals

This photoshoot was so fun! I love any excuse I can get to dress up with my girls and go out for a night. And what better of a location than the Wilma? This jumpsuit was Christmas gift from one of my best friends in high school, and I always save it for special occasions. The jumpsuit came from Forever 21. The color is one of my favorites, and I absolutely love being dressed head to toe in it. Plus, it gives me the perfect excuse to wear the hat! I swapped my usual headband for this plum hat to dress up the jumpsuit. It would’ve been nice if the wind had let me wear it for longer than two minutes at a time.

Michelle smiling at the camera

Michelle smiling

Michelle leaning against the railing


Jazz in front

I think one of my favorite things about going out is getting ready to go out. I love deciding what kind of look I will be rocking for the night, and since this girl is a uniform-wearing full time worker, I’ll take advantage of any reason to get a little dressed up. Though I love getting dressed up,  I am also a big fan of comfort. I decided to go with an outfit that is comfortable but still stylish for a night out. Here I am wearing these pants that I love because they can be worn as loungewear but can be dressed up for a night on the town. I paired them with a striped button up blouse and the cutest pointed toe flats that tie up, both from H&M, that really dress this look up. And lastly to make this look pop, I threw on this true red jacket that I found at Goodwill for a dollar. A dollar. What a steal!

Jazz in front of the box office

Jazz smiling


Tessa leaning against the railing, wind blowing

Anyone who knows me knows that I will take any excuse to be overdressed. I have on two occasions worn an actual prom dress to the opening night of a play that my friends were in. So, an entire shoot dedicated to dressing up to go out? Wow. And I get to help promote American Idiot (a show that so many friends of mine are in)?! I can’t imagine anything better. For this shoot, I went with a simple navy floral jumpsuit that I got at Francesca’s and some tan sandals I’ve had for forever.

Tessa with the Wilma behind her

Tessa looking over her shoulder, the wind blowing her hair

Tessa on the bridge with the Wilma behind her

Spring 2018

Downtown Denim

Jazz and Nancy

Group shot laughing in the alley

If you’re a usual Trendsetters at the U reader, you know how obsessed with denim we are. So, we figured that we were way past due for a whole denim-inspired shoot. So, without further ado, here is the long-awaited Downtown Denim shoot.


Mackenzie in the alley

DOWNTOWNNNNNNNN!!!! There are few things that I like more than a denim jacket and downtown Missoula, so I was really fond of this shoot. I really liked my outfit so much so that i have committed the biggest crime of outfit repeating (Lizzie McGuire reference) and wore it a few days before for my birthday outfit. My shoes I got on sale from Old Navy from when I was a senior in High School. They have walked so many miles and not only are they very comfortable they are very fashoniable with the pointed toe. They might be my least expensive pair of shoes ($6) and my most worn within the past winter and fall. My pants are from Romwe, that online store that is similar to SheIn and Cupshe. I got them for around $15. I think they are really comfortable and can really make an outfit feel more professional and not as casual. My shirt is a little sleeveless white crop top from Target but I actually borrowed it from my roommate (thanks Constance!) The star of the show I believe to be is my thrifted jean jacket. I am so in love with this piece in my closet and I think it might be my favorite. I picked it up at Goodwill about a month ago for $7!!!! It is the best thing in the world and I would consider this such a steal since it is not only the PERFECT wash, but it also is the brand Eddie Bauer. I love it so much. I finished my look with my Fossil brand watch in rose gold.

Mackenzie lounging on stairs

Mackenzie with the alley and buildings behind her

Mackenzie posing on the steps of a fire escape

Mackenzie walking in the alley


Erin in her outfit

I’ve only lived in Missoula for seven short months, but I’ve quickly fallen head-over-heels in love with the downtown area. Any given weekend, you can find me grabbing a coffee at Liquid Planet, restocking my tea supply at Butterfly Herbs, or finishing up some homework at Break Espresso. There is so much to do here and the shops are so friendly and inviting. And the walk across the river? It’s so beautiful I could melt.

I had a ton of fun with this photoshoot. I love denim and end up incorporating it into almost every outfit I wear, so it was hard to pick just one piece! I eventually made my mind up and went with these gorgeous wide leg pants. I got them at a shop in Madrid this last summer, so they are very special to me. They are perfect because they are loose enough to keep me cool in the summer, but cover up enough to keep me warm in the fall and spring. I decided to pair these babies with a turtleneck I got from a Goodwill here in Missoula. It’s one of my favorite pieces, and it makes any outfit a little more cozy. I couldn’t be happier with the combination, it’s so cute and so comfy all at the same time. Hope to see you all downtown!

Erin leaning against a brick wall

Erin in the alley

Erin leaning against a brick wall

Erin in the alley

Full body shot of Erin against the brick wall


Nancy sitting on the ground leaning against the brick wall

When I think of denim, I think of my favorite jean jacket and how gosh darn hard it is to find the perfect pair of jeans! So when we decided to do a post about denim, I knew I wouldn’t be rocking any jeans, but instead my favorite denim overall dress! As you can probably tell by now if you read our 90s post or peeked my Instagram, I am a huge fan of this overall comeback. This overall dress is one of my favorite versions of this fashion trend. Purchased about a year ago at Forever 21, this  is one of my favorite pieces for any time of the year.  I love how this dress brings some whimsy to whatever I’m wearing, whether it’s chilly out with my grey striped turtleneck from Gap or in the summer with a tank top and flip flops. To complete this downtown denim look, I wore my Blowfish sneakers from Olive+Iron and sunglasses from Target. I’ve had a great time pretending it’s spring these past few weeks in outfits like this!

Nancy leaning against a brick wall

Nancy sitting on the ground in the alley

Nancy up against the brick wall looking at the camera


Madison leaning against a bike rack.

I wish we could’ve done this photoshoot at least 10 more times because I just love wearing anything denim! Denim is such an important piece in my closet and you can style it in a lot of ways, so it was hard just to choose one piece. For this look, I decided to make my jeans the center piece by wearing a simple black shirt from H&M and my black vans. The best part of these high waisted mom jeans is that they were only 6$ from a thrift store and they feel super authentic. Mom jeans are very trendy at the moment and I’m all for it! You can wear them with just about anything for an effortlessly fashionable look, and they look amazing on everyone.

Madison posing in front of a brick wall

Madison leaning against a brick wall

Madison sitting on a bike rack


Dina leaning on a windowsill

“Denim is huge for fall, but it always huge and it always will be. It’s universally accepted by kids, teenagers and adults.“

-Mossimo Giannulli

When we’re walking downtown, we might see that most of people there are wearing denim, maybe not all of them, at least one or two.

This Denim Downtown shoot with Trendsetters was fun and I’m glad that I could spend my Sunday with a little sun downtown and wear my denim with these people.

Before we had the shoot, we walked for little bit in downtown as a group to find a good spot for our photoshoot, which was fun.

One fact about me, I don’t usually wear denim and in the past I didn’t wear denim. I was not big fan of denim until after 2017. As I mentioned before in my Meet the Trendsetters post, my favorite closet item is a skirt. However, after I joined Trendsetters I tried to find some denim that I liked and that looked good on me and now I am in love with denim. I also just realized that most denims are blue and blue is my happy color.

For this photo shoot I grabbed my long ripped jeans that I have had for almost 8 years and still look new because I don’t usually wear them. I got them from Indonesian Traditional Market and it probably cost about $5 and I put it together with my cute and favorite blue top and denim jacket that I got from H&M.

Finally, I decided to wear my beautiful sparkling heels that I got  from Forever 21.

Dina laughing and walking downtown

Dina with her jacket off showing the ruffles of her shirt

Dina posing in an alley

Dina posing to show the ruffles on her off the shoulder top


Aline posing in the alley

There are few things I love more than denim. Denim jackets, jeans, denim button-ups, overalls, I’m there. Denim is a true classic, constantly evolving from decade to decade and I don’t know about you, but during this particular decade, I can’t get enough. For this shoot I was psyched to incorporate one of my favorite pieces, my black ASOS overalls. I wear them at least twice a week and this is one of my go-to looks. My bright red sweater from H&M creates a fun contrast within the black denim and is a fun statement piece. I finished off the outfit with my white converse and I was ready to head downtown with some of my favorite ladies!

Aline in the alley with her hands in her pockets

Aline sitting criss cross looking up and smiling

Aline standing and posing

Aline sitting on the ground and posing


Jazzer-Rae posing with one hand in her pocket

I feel like denim has really been in lately, it’s timeless and so versatile. It took me awhile to get on the overall train but I am so glad I did. I have been OBSESSED with this overall dress from H&M that I am wearing for this outfit. I love it because I can wear a sweater under it and some tights during the colder months but I can also just throw on a tee underneath when the sun is out. For this outfit I decided to keep it simple for a more down to earth feel, I am wearing a long sleeved pink shirt from H&M of course and my go to classic black Converse. Oh, and don’t forget accessories! I decided to throw on my favorite gold hexagon earrings, which I have been absolutely been loving lately. So casual and so cute!

Jazzer-Rae smiling up

Jazzer-Rae posing in the alley

Jazzer-Rae staring off

Jazzer-Rae looking down

Photography by: Jazzer-Rae Englert | @skeletonxsmiles and Chy Gonzalaz | @_simply.classic_