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Spring 2018

5 Ways to Wear a Denim Jacket

By Mackenzie Fauque

Hello friends! Today I want to share with you my five favorite ways to jean jacket! I really believe that a jean jacket is a staple in any wardrobe even if you are rocking a capsule closet. Whether for warmth or purely style, a great jean jacket is a piece that I constantly reach for in my closet. My denim of choice is my thrifted Eddie Bauer jean jacket from Goodwill that I scored for $7 but I also picked up one by Mind Code last winter that I wear on occasion.

1. Dress

This might be my personal favorite way to wear my jean jacket and comes in handy all the time during the spring and summer months. It is so effortless and looks like you put a lot of effort into a nice outfit. Lately I have really loved this sunflower dress (obviously from Goodwill because where else do I get clothes) and dressing it up or down either with a pair of Chacos or chunky heels and a floppy hat.

Mackenzie in a sunflower dress, denim jacket and floppy hat, with her Madewell bag

Mackenzie standing in front of a "Keep Portland Werid: Dante's Live Music on Burnside" sign painted on the side of a building

2. Trouser

Considerably the most trendy way to style a denim jacket, trouser have been a very popular piece recently. I got this pair from an online store called Romwe for less than twenty dollars. A denim jacket dresses down the more professional look of these linen pants, but it makes something a little fashion forward a little more wearable for those who are fashionably shy.

Mackenzie in her jacket, black trousers, white top, black booties and bag

Mackenzie in an alley downtown

3. Casual 

I rock this one a little too often. Perfect for traveling or a day where you don’t want to put too much effort: leggings, tennies, and a T-shirt accompanied by a jean jacket is the best way to get a minimalistic stylish look. Throw on a cool band tee or a hat to kick it up a notch.

Woman in leggins, tennis shoes, pink top, denim jacket, Adidas hat

Woman in white Converse, dark skinny jeans, grey top, denim jacket and silver necklace

4. Distressed Denim

My black distressed jeans were a fall and winter staple for me this year and what better way to take this opportunity to throw a little color and add some denim. This outfit is tried and true because there are a million different combinations of sweaters and shoes you can wear this with. My personal favorite is this yellow turtleneck that I got at a thrift store with either converse high tops or some sort of bootie. This outfit never fails

Mackenzie in denim jacket, black skinnies, white converse, denim jacket, madewell bag

Close up of Mackenzie in outfit described above

5. Canadian Tuxedo 

Denim on denim on denim! Some people have this look down to a T, but I on the other hand struggle with this look occasionally. Pairing a good pair of jeans with a rad jean jacket can really make a statement. This look has really made a comeback and is perfect when you are wanting to showcase your favorite pieces.

Woman in denim jacket, skinny jeans, white and blacked striped long sleeve

Woman in high waisted jeans, denim shirt, denim jacket and red bandana tied around neck


These are some of my favorite ways to wear my jean jacket. I am such a fan of this piece in my closet so much so that I wear one of these looks AT LEAST once a week. Not only does a good denim jacket have an insanely practical use of none other than warmth, but holy cow it is totally cute. Bring out your old friend and show them some love because hey its almost warm enough where a jean jacket is all you need.

Photos taken from Pinterest, Jazzer-rae Engel, Kinsey Smith and Mackenzie

Spring 2018

Quick and Easy Eyebrow Tutorial

By Stephanie McGillen

I’ve been asked several times about how I do my eyebrows everyday. So today, I decided to make a quick and easy eyebrow tutorial! Everyone’s eyebrows are different shapes and sizes and some like them bold while others prefer a more natural look. Either way is perfect it just depends on your personal preference. My personal style is more bold so you can add/take out steps if you want it more natural.

To start the tutorial these are some things you will need. You do not need these specific items but, anything simolar would work perfectly!

Ka-Brow Benefit dip brow, brow wand, ColourPop Brow boss liner, flat concealer brush, and tarte shape tape concealer, anastasia clear brow gel, olay complete all day moisturizer

Before image

  1.  I’ll be using my Olay Moisturizer all over my face. Make sure you cover your eyebrows. This makes sure your eyebrows will not be dry and gives them a very smooth and sleek look. Then I use my ColourPop liner and line the top and bottom of my eyebrow shape.

lining her brows

2. Then I take my Benefit Dip Brow and fill in my brows to give them more color and make them darker. Afterwards use a brow wand brush to brush through your brows to get the excess makeup off and spread the color evenly.

Brows after filling them in

3. Next take your concealer, mine is Tarte shape tape concealer, and concealer brush and outline your brows to clean up the shape. This gives it a more defined shape and look. Then take your setting powder to set the concealer. This prevents the concealer from creasing and makes it look more matte.

Applying the concealer

4. Finally take a clear brow gel to set your brows. This keeps your brows in place all day!

Finished brow look

And that concludes my eyebrow tutorial! Thank you for reading and I hope this helped!