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Spring 2019

School’s Out

School’s out! Finals week just ended here at the University of Montana, so we decided to celebrate it by showcasing some of our early summer fashion. Jazz ( captures our school’s out spirit during this overcast spring photoshoot.

Three trendsetters standing in front of a tan brick wall with the words "keep off" painted on it.


Claire in a white dress leaning on green foliage.

Hey guys! School is almost out so I decided to choose an outfit that correlated to my current emotions toward the semester. Last week while scrolling on my phone I came across an Instagram post titled “What to wear based on your mood” and the tab that caught my eye was “If you’re feeling chaotic, wear white. ♡” Being a double major is usually a walk in the park… until the last 3 weeks of the semester where it becomes a complete and utter dumpster fire full of final papers, portfolios, and citations; So yes, to say the least I have been feeling a tiny bit chaotic. My all white outfit is supposed to “calm or relax” me, and honestly I will take all the help I can get. My white dress is from Reformation, a sustainable and handmade clothing store (I could drone on about sustainable clothing for ages, but you should seriously check them out if you’re at all interested). It’s still a bit too cold to go outside without something on my legs so I wore my wool knee socks that I’ve had since middle school. On my feet I’m wearing a pair of Goodwill boys golf shoes I bought for a Ferris Bueller costume. Eventually I took the cleats off of and now they’re one of my favorite pairs of shoes. I brought along a royal blue bomber jacket, I snagged this at Betty’s Divine Trash. Now that school’s out I hope everyone has a chance to enjoy the amazing whether. Good luck on finals!

Claire with a blue jacket on standing in front of the foliage and a yellow wall.

A full view of Claire's outfit.


Tatum leaning agains the yellow wall with green vines hanging down beside her.

Hello Lovelies!

I am so excited to be sharing this shoot with you! Our theme this time was “Schools Out.” Now, when I think of school being out, I think of ice cream, windows down, and my favorite shorts or rompers. When I started thinking about this shoot I knew that the weather was not quite ready for shorts or rompers, so I took a “I want to stay warm still” approach, while still keeping some spring vibes. So here is my “Almost Spring” inspired outfit! 😀

I started with my white tube top. I love this top for being simple, yet cute and the color really helps tie in the spring feeling. I put my super fuzzy grey cardigan over it to help keep me warm. The key thing about this cardigan is that lighter grey tone it was. When I think of spring I think bright, so I think that a light grey is a great transition shade from Winter to Spring. Next is a pair of American Eagle Jeans (since I worked there for so long most of my jeans come from there). These jeans have some super cool detailing that helps add a bit of edge to my outfit. The distressed hem and knee are super trendy right now, but the exposed buttons really add a sense of style for me. For a pop of color I added my mint open toed shoes. It was warm enough to have open toed shoes, and they helped add to my “Almost Spring” look.

I styled my hair in a straight blow-out and made sure to add my classic red lip. I love a red lip for any season! Featured is also my locally made spoon ring, and my silver and blue stone ring I got on a trip to New Orleans.

Tatum standing away from the wall.

A close up of Tatum leaning on the wall.


Sarah standing in front of the wall.

Hey lovelies! Summer is one of my favorite fashion seasons and this summer will be no different! Wearing lingerie as everyday wear is a trend I’ve really loved lately, and I’m so excited I found this lacey slip at Betty’s Divine, Divine Trash for only fifteen bucks. This summer I’ll be a camp counselor again and wearing t-shirts and comfy shorts almost everyday, so this outfit would definitely be something I would wear out on the weekend. I paired this statement slip tucked into some green cargo capris and some nude heels that matched the slip.

For makeup I wore some as my favorites including: Huda Beauty Mauve Obsessions and Too Faced Matte Peach Palette for eyeshadow, along with my favorite eyebrow product and mascara, ABH Dipbrow and Milk Makeup Kush Mascara. This mascara has just the tiniest amount of CBD oil in it to hydrate your lashes and help them grow longer and fuller. I recommend getting the mini, as the wand seems much better and it’s half the price.

I’m so glad summer is so close, as I’m super ready to hang out in my hammock all day and listen to the sounds of the waves lightly crashing against the beach on Flathead Lake. I’ll see you in the fall cuties!



A close up of Sarah.

A view of Sarah's outfit from the side.

Photography by Jazzer-Rae |

Fall 2018

3 Cute, Easy Hairstyles To Spice Up Your Look

Hairstyle 1: The Messy Half Bun

Savannah demonstrating how to do the messy half bun Step 1: Gather slightly less than half of your hair.

Savannah demonstrating the messy half bun Step 2: Begin making a bun with the hair gathered. Make sure it is sitting high. The bun should be a bit messy. Tip: pull hair through pony tail twice then on the third time fold the hair, as I am doing in this picture.

Savannah showing the last step of the messy half bun Step 3: The final step, accommodate the bun to your liking pull some hair out or tighten it higher to the crown of your head.

The final look

Savannah in a navy blue down jacket and a grey blanket scarf with the final messy half bun look  A side view of the final messy half bun look

Hairstyle 2: Messy bun sealed with a ribbon

Savannah demonstrating the messy bun Step 1: Gather all the hair in a high pony. Make sure to smooth all the bumps out. 

Step 2: Using another elastic, wrap the hair into a bun.

The final look

Savannah in a black leather bomber jacket, cropped, and light blue jeans, showing the messy bun look Step 3: Add in a hair accessory to spice it up. This is a simple black ribbon.

Savannah in a black leather bomber jacket, cropped, and light blue jeans, showing the messy bun look

Hairstyles 3: Braided

Savannah demonstrating the two braids
Step 1: Take two sections of hair and braid them down to the end.

Savannah demonstrating the two braids being banded together Step 2: Bring both braids together at the back of the head, and secure it with a hair tie. Flip the braid inwards towards the scalp and pull it through.

Savannah curling the rest of her hair Step 3 (optional): Add some dimension to the look by curling your hair. I used a straightener to curl my hair.

The final look

Savannah in a white long sleeve and a yellow rain jacket with a fur hood, demonstrating the final look

Savannah in a white long sleeve and a yellow rain jacket with a fur hood, demonstrating the final look