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Fall 2017

Christmas Tree Farm Chic: 18 Holiday Outfit Ideas

Christmas is right around the corner and what better way to celebrate than with a brand new Holiday post by Trendsetters at the U? Here are 18 different outfits to keep you merry and bright.

Photography by Aleksandra Was | @fotografed_  

Thank you to Pink Grizzly Greenhouse for allowing us to shoot at their location.


This holiday season I hope you are sticking to the four main food groups: candy, candy cane, candy corn, and syrup. There is no room for such silly things such as salad and fruits and veggies. Pure nonsense. I don’t know about you, but I am SO excited to go home once this semester finally finishes. Life will be so good when I get to cuddle up with my kitties and have a great cup of coffee by the fire. Just talking about it gets me so excited! I was so excited that I was able to hang out with fellow Trendsetters and get together for this Christmas Shoot! How awesome is our photographer Aleks?!?!?! Everyone looked so good, right!

For my outfit today my favorite piece is my thrifted coat from Goodwill that I picked up for $1. Yes, ONE DOLLAR! It’s the best thing to really make my look a little dressier. I chose to wear this great blouse that was Trendsetter Nancy’s (picked it up at the Pop Up Shop and yes this is a plug). She has informed me that it was once from Olive and Iron. I am a big fan of green and I think the tan and green pair well together. These black distressed jeans are my go to maybe a little too often. I use to have to wear plain black pants for my uniform (Catholic School Problems) so I decided to rebel and cut holes and wear them all the time. My shoes are from Old Navy and I got them for around $5 on clearance. For acccessories I decided to wear this statement necklace from Target, watch from Fossil, and this great wrap bracelet from Buckle. I wish you a very Merry Christmas and I can’t wait to be back next semester!


Winter is my least favorite time of the year. The cold wind, frost bite, slippery roads, and getting sick. But the one that gets me through winter is Christmas, Christmas is the one thing I look forward to and the New Years. During winter i always want to wear my biggest coziest clothes. And It’s also the season for warmer layers and touches of faux fur for a cozy touch! In this post I am wearing a black coat with a fur on the collar from H&M, and  a flannel shirt from forever21 with my favorite black comfy UGG boots.


Christmas has always been my favourite holiday. There’s just something about the twinkling lights and the tinsel and the pine tree scent that feels truly magical. This year is my first winter Christmas and it’s better than I could have ever dreamed. The Christmas carols actually make sense – baby, it really is cold outside! And when it’s cold outside, we want to dress as warm and cosy as possible. For this look I’ve gone for a skirt with merino wool tights, which are super warm and soft – and we did this shoot on a pretty cold day, so I needed it! My sweater is from Valleygirl, my coat – which is one of my favourite pieces in my wardrobe – is from Mirrou and my boots are from Rubi. I love this outfit because it’s cute and festive – why does plaid seem to go hand in hand with Christmas? – As well as being warm enough to mostly withstand the Montana winter.



Inspired by one of my favorite fashion bloggers, Caitlin Coving, I decided to go for a holiday party look for this photoshoot with thigh high boots, a wine colored dress, and a blanket scarf. I’ve had these boots for about a year now, but I’ve only now started regularly wearing them. I just could not figure out the best way to wear them without, honestly, feeling like a wanna-be dominatrix. Ha! I love the way Caitlin wears hers with dresses and scarves this year. They were only $15 at TJMaxx. When I buy statement items like this, I try not to spend very much money on them. I’d rather spend more money on something I’ll wear more often.

Growing up, my granny would buy me a new dress to wear on Christmas Eve each year. She passed away when I was in middle school, but my mom and I have carried on the tradition. This is this year’s Christmas Eve dress, purchased from Francesca’s around Black Friday. I love the fun bubble sleeves on this super soft and comfortable dress. I feel like it will be a fun one to dress up or down this winter and spring! I also bought the necklace from Francesca’s to add a little bit of sparkle to the outfit.

Man, it was a very chilly day at the tree farm when we did this Photoshoot! But, this blanket scarf from Forever21 actually kept me quite warm! This time of year, I like switching up the way I wear a scarf, either by tying them in different ways or by wearing it as a shawl. I didn’t think I could do a holiday shoot without having some element of plaid, so this added the perfect touch of pattern!

I hope y’all have a very merry Christmas and stay warm this winter! We’ll see you back in the spring after hibernation, Grizzlies!


I don’t always dress fancy, but when I do, I choose to wear lots of layers. The winter is a fun time because you can essentially have several outfits in one by just removing a coat or a sweater. For this shoot, I was going for that “Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them” look. In order to channel my inner Newt Scamander, I knew I had to rock a peacoat. I found a nice navy blue one at H&M for like $70 bucks which is kinda steep for a college student but hey, they last a long time and in a place as cold as Montana, you’ll get a lot of use out of it.

Naturally, a peacoat looks great with a vest which I found at Goodwill for a few dollars and it fit perfectly. I recommend looking for one with an adjustable strap because a good fit makes all the difference when dressing to impress. Under my vest I opted to wear a standard blue plaid button up that I was generously gifted by my roommate during our sophomore year when he discovered that I almost exclusively owned graphic tees and polos (Thanks Sam).

As for the belt and everything (well almost everything) below it, I went with a leather belt and some khaki pants from target and my shoes are a nice pair of leather boots that I got from H&M probably on the same day that I bought my peacoat. There you have it, the only thing missing is a wand! I wish all of you the best this holiday season and may you stay cozy and stylish all throughout the winter.



Finally it’s the best time of the year. I can’t believe how fast December has gone by and it’s almost Christmas! There are so many parties and celebrating to do which means having the perfect outfit to fit the occasion. I do love a good Christmas sweater but it’s also so fun to dress up! For this shoot I knew I wanted to be a little more fancy. I decided to go with my current favorite faux suede pinafore dress from Zara. This dress is perfect for layering over a turtle neck so I went with my thrifted white turtleneck. I added my over the knee boots that are from Sam Edelman to be a little bit more covered and warm. I personally would wear this on a casual day to get lunch with friends or go to school but would definitely need a coat as this outfit is not fit for a Montana winter day! To finish the look I put on some red lipstick for a finishing holiday touch! Merry Christmas and happy holidays everyone, may all your days be merry & bright 🙂


Oh winter in Montana. More snow, less sun, and freezing cold all the way through.  The best time of year for layering and bundling up, which is what I do all through the season. I’ve never been a big fan of winter but the more I’ve found my love for sweaters the more I’ve enjoyed this time of year.

Sweaters are a staple in my closet. I may have too many sweaters to count but when you live in Montana it seems like a necessity. The sweater I wore for this shoot is a Columbia sweater I got at a little shop in my hometown, the Toggery. I love shopping at the Toggery, basically they’re style is a combination of the outdoors aspect of Montana and high quality fashion. The sweater is cozy, soft, and keeps me warm during the below zero temperatures of winter.

I love pairing sweaters with jeans because it creates such a classic vibe while also being functional and stylish. With this look I also wore a navy Calvin Klein down jacket I got from Costco a few years ago. Deep blue with light cream cream creates such a classic look for winter which is embrace fully. I put some little tan booties, from another boutique at home, Harlow, with this outfit to keep with the neutral pallet.

Now that there is finally some snow on the ground I’m ready to bundle up in my sweaters for the next few months and hope you are too! Happy Holidays!



I’m an emotional wreck because this is my last Trendsetters shoot EVER. If you’re an avid reader, you may have noticed I’ve stuck around for a while. I’m so happy I did, because being a part of Trendsetters has been an unforgettable experience. That being said, you may see my face now and then if my fellow Trendsetters ever need extra participants in future photo shoots, and I also have my own blog, so no need to get too upset about my departure (wink, wink!)

I absolutely adore the holidays, and I adore this look! I wanted to combine dressy with quirky and cozy simultaneously, and dare I say, I feel like I accomplished that goal. I layered my LBD from Bohme over a white Hollister turtleneck for a 90’s chic effect. This is honestly my favorite way to make basic pieces interesting, and it keeps you warm too, so win win!

I’m also wearing some sheer black tights because baby, it’s flippin’ freezing outside, as well as a pair of Hunter boots (aka, my children.) Hunter boots just scream “Christmas tree farm” to me for some reason, so I definitely could not leave these cuties at home for this shoot. I’m finishing this festive look off with a beige beanie from H&M and a red lip (Divine Wine in the Maybelline Color Sensational Creamy Matte Lip Color, in case you’re curious!) Happy Holidays, everyone! Thank you so much for all of your support these last 4.5 years. I love you all xoxo


The weather outside is frightful, Oh it’s so delightful. It is the perfect time to utilize bright and daring colors. Who says one can’t be fashionable in the winter time? I love affordable clothing that is not dull. H&M is the best place to begin shopping for great deals and amazing fashion finds. My obsession has clearly gotten out of hand, I got most of my outfit from there. The high waisted Burgundy pants immediately grabbed my attention. There is a lot of ways to pair high waisted pants. They are super comfortable and can really help show off your silhouette. I chose to pair mine with a burgundy sweater.
The key to stay warm is to always wear undergarments or a tank top. I completed my look with a Tracy Ellen coat and boots from H&M. A colorful thick scarf can really help to give your outfit a pop of color, when you don’t have the time to put a whole outfit together. This is the season to be bold, comfortable, warm and nevertheless fashionable.


As my last event EVER with Trendsetters at the U, this holiday shoot was definitely bittersweet for me!  Although I’m excited to transfer, I will miss being a part of something so unique! I’ve had so much fun being a part of this group for the last few years! Through Trendsetters, I’ve had the opportunity to meet so many lovely, sweet (and trendy) people and I’m so thankful for the wonderful experiences I’ve had. Before I get too sappy, let’s talk about fashion! 

For this look, I wanted to maintain a loosely holiday inspired color scheme so I stuck with tones stemming from maroon and forest green. I went with a teal(ish) shift dress from Apricot Lane for a simple starting piece.  I tied in a purple and maroon flannel cuz who doesn’t love plaid during the holiday season!?  To match the flannel, I went with a pair of plum tights.  As far as shoes, I’m obsessed with Timberlands this year so I threw on these thrifted (fake) Tims which I somehow stumbled upon brand new at Goodwill for a stealin’ deal!  To cozy up the look a bit, I added a fuzzy thrifted vest and a pair of mid calf socks to match! Us girls gotta make sure we’re cute and warm out here in these cold Montana temperatures!


Ah finally the holidays, the perfect time to cozy up by the fire, drink WAY too much hot chocolate, and pick out the perfect Christmas tree. This is absolutely my favorite time of the year. The “before Christmas” feeling is just too amazing! Ever since I was little I have always been inspired by this season of giving and I am so happy it is finally here again. This was probably one of my absolute favorite photoshoots since joining Trendsetters. Although it was cold, everyone was in good spirits and we got some BEAUTIFUL pictures. Since we held this amazing little photoshoot at a tree farm, I thought it would be very fitting to wear the biggest sweater I could find and an even bigger scarf. Gotta stay warm while searching for that perfect tree after all! I also decided to add some (fake) glasses to my look, this day was the first day I wore them and I must say I got some really positive feedback, and I think they definitely complete the look. I added some gold accents with hoop earrings and a gold watch which brought all the pieces together.


Wishing you all a happy happy holiday season and best wishes into the new year,



The holiday season always seems to make me want to dress in the least practical outfits ever (who needs to be warm when you can wear a cute skirt and tights)! But THIS particular season, I have really been trying to bridge that gap between cute AND comfortable. The key for me this year was to get a good coat. Something that will keep my body warm but not make me look like Randy from “A Christmas Story” before heading to school. I found my new favorite at Target this year and I wear it everywhere. The fur around the hood and the flattering cinch around the waist brings this coat to a more fashionable place. I paired it with my new favorite scarf and sweater and now I can show off my personal style all while being comfortable this holiday season.


The most wonderful time of the year is finally here. Yup, Christmas! This is the most wonderful time of year that I’m always waiting for. This time of the year always makes me happy. I am so blessed and I want to say a huge thank you to God, that I am able to celebrate this wonderful time of year in 2017. Even though, I still cannot celebrate Christmas with my big family in my hometown Papua, Indonesia, like I mentioned on here in last year’s holiday post.

Every year, I usually get together with my big family. Aunts, uncles, and cousins get together in the same house every year, but I am really happy that I have another family here in Missoula that I could celebrate with at Christmas parties. My Missoula family is my Christian community on campus called Unterversity, and Trendsetters at The U. I had so much fun last time with the other Trendsetters for our Holiday party after our holiday photoshoot, and I am so happy that I could celebrate another year with this amazing group.

For this photoshoot, all I wore are red colors. Even though I am not a big fan of red, this is the right time to wear it if you guys need some ideas for Christmas outfits. Your holiday outfit also doesn’t need to be expensive, guys! Everything in this outfit is from a thrift store, except for my bag and my ears muffs, which I always wear during this season, I got them from Rue21. For all you college students, these stores might be the good ideas for you all if you want to save money.

Also, the most important thing that I have been looking forward to this entire year, is going to celebrate this wonderful year with my Papuan friends who are also studying abroad in the U.S.A. This is going to be fun because I get meet my people that from the same island as me and I’m super excited about this.

We’re going to have a big party and it will be on December 21st 2017 in Portland, Oregon. I hope that everyone has a fun holiday this year and I just want say Merry Christmas and happy New Year friends!!!!! May New Years bring you joy and happiness 🙂


Even though I was wearing all these layers, I was still cold! Winter is upon us and the holiday season is filled with stressful outfit choices and family gatherings full of family members judging everything about you, especially your outfit. But, like any other season, you should dress for yourself and no one else. Dressing for success means bringing your own style, paying attention to yourself, and being confident in what you wear.

My coat in this shoot I got off the sale rack from Betty’s Divine, and it is as versatile as it is stylish. The collar is my favorite part, and it fits me well in the shoulders, which is all I can ask for in a coat.
The robe I wore underneath is also from Betty’s Divine, but its from the vintage section. It is a vintage Ralph Lauren robe that I wear as an accent layer because it adds a wonderful movement to any outfit.

The sweater is from Carlos’ Vintage and is a beautiful blue-green Nordic snowflake pattern. This sweater was a recent pickup, and it has become one of my favorite winter pieces because it is comfortable, well-fitted, and warm.

The bottom portion of my outfit is a pair of heels I was given (stole) from a friend and a pair of brown corduroy pants that I picked up from Goodwill. These two pieces really go well together because the heel makes me taller, elevating the look and preventing the pants from dragging on the ground.

Overall, this outfit has become one of the favorites because I feel like an extra cast in some delightful Christmas rom-com. I hope you guys enjoy it as much as I enjoyed putting it together!


Winter is here!!! It’s one my favorite seasons, because of the snow, of course, the breezy air, Christmas just around the corner, and skiing and sledding down steep mountains, which is my favorite thing to do during the winter season. For this look I wanted to create a fall/winter vibe that would look so cute during the holiday season, not too dark and not too bright, featuring my red fluffy sweater from H&M. 


Christmas is more than just a Holiday. It’s a feeling in the air, a nipping at your nose, a reminder that we’re all kids at heart. To celebrate my oh-so, ho-ho-ho favorite season I pulled together a festive look Cindy Lou Who would be proud of. My ridiculously festive turtleneck is from, plot twist, Walmart and reminds me hard-core of Jamie Lee Curtis in Christmas with the Kranks. My mom jeans are from Topshop, while my heather grey trench coat is from H&M. My black booties are Sorrells and my spectacles are from Warby Parker. This outfit is an alternative twist from styles of Christmas past and is hella functional for every Christmas activity. Happy Holidays, Grizzlies! Stay warm out there!


For our winter photoshoot, I chose a comfy-casual outfit to showcase your classic Missoula, Montana winter look. Besides the fact that this SoCal kid could use a jacket, this outfit is perfect for your daily dilly-dallying around campus.  My outfit is comprised of a few basic elements: a sweater, jeans, and shoes. My sweater is from Target’s new line of men’s sweaters.  My sweater is accented with the collared, corduroy shirt that I am wearing underneath.  It is comfy and warm, but looks very stylish on the outside, making it a #FestiveFind alongside my faux fur Target scarf. My jeans are an over-washed look from Old Navy, and they are great and go with everything.  My boots are from Ross, and are super comfy, but provide traction when walking in the snow. When I have no time to pick out an exciting outfit because it’s finals week, these are my go-to items!


I pretty much live for Christmas. In my family, Christmas is a huge, elaborate two-day event. I am so unbelievably excited for Christmas this year! I hope you guys are too! For this shoot, I really wanted to wear this cardigan I got a few years ago at Vanity because I rarely get to wear it. The red in it just screams Christmas and its so soft and comfy. I paired it with a simple white camisole and jeans because I was afraid the print of the cardigan would be overwhelming if I paired it with anything too crazy! I wore my favorite boots and my white hat from Kohls! I hope you guys have a great holiday season filled with fun, food and family!



Fall 2015

The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year


Processed with VSCOcam with a6 presetIt’s the most wonderful time of the year, from spending time with family and friends, enjoying festive treats and relaxing by the fireside, there’s definitely something magical about the holiday season. From cozy sweaters and sparkly dresses, the Trendsetters are here to bring you a variety of holiday style inspiration.


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Temperatures are dropping and stress levels are rising but never fear, winter break is coming! This also means the holiday season is upon us and what better way to celebrate than picking out a cute outfit for the celebrations to come.

One of my favorite styling tips is to pick out a favorite “statement” piece you love wearing and style your outfit around it. For this outfit of mine, that piece is this black mesh, and velvet designed see through H&M leotard paired with a black bralette. To create a sleek and classy holiday look, I threw on a simple pair of black tights, H&M black skirt and Old Navy peep-toe boots. I also grabbed a few vintage rings from my collection and added them to the look. For something a little warmer, I pulled on an Aeropostale jacket and Old Navy black scarf. Grab a cute hat and gloves and you’re ready to walk in a winter wonderland.

Hope you all have a great winter break and holiday season and take some time for yourself to just relax. You deserve it!

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The weather outside is frightful, but the fire is so delightful. Yup, it’s the holiday season and I’m so excited for the winter season to start and get together with family. I have a big family and when we celebrate our holidays, you know we have to dress up really nice when we visit them after finals week.

The outfit I was going for was a really flowy and comfortable look to wear during the holidays. My red long sleeve shirt is from Wet Seal and underneath I wore a spaghetti strap shirt, also from Wet Seal, because it was see-through. My jeans are from Hollister and to top it all off I wore a long black boots from rue21.

For accessories, I am wearing my necklace that says my name, which I bought from Saudi Arabia, and a watch that is from Chopard Watches for women.

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For my outfit of choice, I decided to take on a “sledding” theme. This is because having fun, and looking good while doing so, is very important to me. First of all, it’s freezing outside, so leather gloves are essential. Not only do they look fancy, but they’re actually warmer than any other gloves I’ve owned. Boots are another must-have for winter in Montana. These boots are from L.L. Bean, and they’re lined with fur. They’re perfect boots for outdoor adventures because they’re waterproof and really cozy. My hat is just a simple knit that I got as a gift, so I’m not sure where it’s from, but it definitely helps in adding more style and warmth to this look.

For my coats, I decided to layer. Underneath, I am wearing a black down coat. It’s light, but keeps me really warm which is important to me. The top coat is from Gap, and it’s canvas with silk on the inside. The faux fur hood is a plus because it looks cute and helps block out the harsh December winds. My jeans are probably not the most appropriate for sledding because they have holes in them, but they look cute so who even cares, right? They are the Authentic Skinny Jeans from Gap, and I absolutely love them. So, even when you have to brave the cold this winter, you can definitely do it in style.


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As the temperature drops and Montana is cast in a glistening sheen of frost and snow, my style begins to reflect the coldness of winter. I love this shade of light blue that I’m wearing; it’s like the blue sky of a below-freezing day. Of course, a coat would be essential for being outside, but the long sleeves of this Lush top make it a suitable layer for when you step inside a warm building. This top is casual, but chic enough to wear to holiday gathering.

I paired dark, American Eagle jeans with my light top to add a nice contrast of blues. For shoes, I wore my Aldo fringe booties. These booties are adorable, but not good shoes to trek across snow or ice with!

Accessories wise, I wore simple studs, a midi ring, and a necklace from American Eagle. I love the shape of this necklace and the color of the accents; it goes great with the color of my shirt.

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It’s finally here. The build up to Christmas. Time for holiday music, holiday cheer, festive decorations and spending time with loved ones. And of course holiday fashion! No matter where you are, what you’re doing or who you’re with, why not be wearing a great outfit as well?

I’m all for ugly christmas sweaters but I decided to take a different approach to this holiday look. I will most likely spend the holidays in with family so I didn’t want to go all out with sequins and sparkles. My look is dressy but still comfy for a fun day with family, whether it’s staying in or going out for a nice meal. I am wearing a white three quarter sleeve crop top paired with my black skirt from H&M. For shoes I am wearing my black booties with black high knee socks for warmth. Accessory wise I am wearing my geometric earrings and necklace set from Rue21. Lastly, to complete my festive look I am wearing my blanket scarf (which I am loving!) that I got from Hollister. It’s the perfect accessory to add festiveness and coziness to an outfit.

I hope you all have a fun, festive, and well dressed holiday season with your loved ones. Happy Holidays!


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Christmas is hands down my favorite time of year. It’s actually kind of sad how many qualities I share with Buddy the Elf. But with the glittering lights, warm gingerbread cookies and time to spend with family and friends, what’s not to love?

Of course, holiday fashion is another bonus during this time of year. I absolutely love the variety of looks you can go for, from colorful Christmas sweaters to glittery gold dresses, holiday style can do no wrong.

My family usually  has dinner and celebrates with family and friends on Christmas Eve and then we spend all day on Christmas in our pajamas, eating croissants, opening gifts and enjoying each other’s company. So for this look I wanted to put an outfit together that was festive and dressy, but not over the top. A perfect formula for Christmas Eve dinner with family.

I thought this plaid dress from Apricot Lane was a great choice for a holiday affair . The cut is classy, the print is festive, but the material makes this dress more laid back as it’s not silky or doused in sequins. To make this look a little more weather appropriate, I threw on some sheer black tights from H&M and my black buckled booties from Steve Madden. I love these booties because the heels aren’t uncomfortably high but they still keep you looking stylish and sophisticated. The buckles on them also weirdly remind me of Santa so I had to incorporate them in this outfit. I kept this look simple by adding my Pandora charm bracelet and a statement necklace from Bohme because, hey, Christmastime calls for some sparkle!

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The holiday I celebrate this time of year is the beginning of ski season! Bring on the hats and the powder because I will be on the mountains once Snowbowl opens. With this look I wanted to bring attention to a few of my accessories. First, my green and silver Roxy hat is fun and a definite go-to for warmth after shooting black diamonds all morning. A fleece lining creates warmth whether you are whether it be in the lodge or riding high on a chairlift. I love the green and silver ball of thread at the top!

My fleece leggings are a must for winter in Montana. For the season I keep three different pairs on hand: solid black, snakeskin pattern, and of course gray plaid. These leggings alone keep me warm when waiting for the Snowbowl Shuttle Bus. The material forms to the skin and doesn’t create issues with thick socks when it comes to leather and ski boots. Hopefully, my town will get snow soon or else I will be wearing my ski accessories for a lot longer than necessary. See you on the slopes!


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The holiday season is a fast paced chunk of time that seems to go by in a blur. Yet it’s snuck up on us again and the moment has come to ring in the New Year, so why not end it in style! New Year’s Eve is a time of merriment where we can start anew with good intentions and satisfying resolutions. To celebrate I choose to wear an outfit that exudes confidence and allows me to be carefree.

The look I went for optimizes my bohemian vibe with the layered lace skirt, but to add a sleek edge for the night I added suede booties from TJ-maxx and a thrifted leather jacket. To pull this look together I added a simple long sleeve crop top from Forever21and a gold statement necklace to accentuate the neckline.

I pulled my hair out of my face into a bun for a worry free element for wherever the night takes me. This one-day of the year begs for fashion risks to standout amongst the crowd and if I was a master of makeup I would add a bold dark matte lip, a killer smokey eye, or even throw in a septum cuff. For whatever plans you may have or outfit you may choose let your personality shine and start off on a great foot for the New Year.

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A very warm and joyous holiday season from all of us at Trendsetters at the U.

Photography by McKenna Munden | @kennaphotography