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Fall 2017

Fill Your Tummy Without Emptying Your Bank Account: Four Recipes For College Students

photograph of Mackenzie

By Mackenzie Fauque 

After many years of entering countless baked goods and entrees into the Tri-County Fair, I have dubbed myself a princess (not quite a queen) of the kitchen. Since moving off campus I have really started to enjoy cooking and baking; I even often look forward to coming home and allowing dinner preparation to be a treat not a chore.

That being said I also HATE spending money, so making the weekly trip to the store makes me cringe. My mother once said that I could never spend less than thirty dollars a week and I am sure that today she is shocked when I tell her I usually spend just over $20. Speaking of my mama, she is such a great cook and has really helped me whenever I have questions about what I can substitute and what I can eliminate. I want to share with you some of my favorite recipes that are fairly easy and pretty affordable. Remember that a good cook always cleans up after themselves! Enjoy!


1. Dolled-Up Oatmeal

Photograph of the oatmeal described below with the ingredients around it


The perfect breakfast dish for anyone who is in need of a quick but really delicious and filling breakfast. I eat some variation of this almost everyday. The oatmeal comes in a big 8 pound bucket and lasts me a long while, so my cost per serving is really low.


1/2 cup Wheat Montana 7-Grain Cereal

1 cup of water

2 teaspoons of brown sugar

1 tablespoon of chia seeds

1 tablespoon of heavy cream or half and half

A pinch of cinnamon

Fruit of any kind (I prefer apples, bananas, or peaches)

sliced up fruit arranged in a rainbow pattern

Make oatmeal as directed and assemble your cute little bowl of yumminess. This meal is the best when accompanied with a cup of hot coffee.


2. Spaghetti Squash Spaghetti 

the spaghetti meal described below

Now I might have scooped part of this idea from fellow Trendsetter Aline, but I put my own twist on it. This recipe is great for leftovers and I usually try to make this on days that I know I need to pack a lunch the next day. This is quick and filling and hands-down the best school night meal.


1 Spaghetti Squash

Olive Oil

Salt & Pepper

Marinara Sauce (personal favorite is tomato basil)

Parmesan for topping


Pre-heat oven to 400. Cut spaghetti squash in half and remove all seeds. Feel free not to wash the squash because you will not be eating the outside! After removing all the gunk, place in a glass baking dish drizzle with olive oil and add a generous amount of salt and pepper. Flip over so that the guts of the squash are face down. Cook for thirty to forty minutes or until squash is tender and resemble noodles. The best way to remove the squash is with two forks like you would shredding chicken.

the squash being scraped out with a fork

This is when I would save one half of the squash for the next day. After removing squash top with warm marinara sauce and a little parm and enjoy your spaghetti minus all the carbs.


3. Dill Lemon Garlic Salmon With Asparagus 

the pan of cooked salmon and asparagus

This is one of my new favorites! It is a little bit of a splurge because of the salmon, but it is SOOO good and a fantastic option if you aren’t into chicken. You can totally adjust it to make as many serving as you would like, but I will give you the serving size of 2 salmon filets.

salmon fillets


2 salmon filets

1 lemon

3 medium sized cloves of garlic

1/3 cup of butter ( about 2/3 of a stick); softened

5 sprigs of dill

1 pound of asparagus

Olive Oil

Salt & Pepper


Place salmon filets face up and skin down on a glass baking dish. Cut off ends of the pre-washed asparagus and surround filets. Cover asparagus with a little bit of salt and pepper and olive oil.  Combine butter, garlic, half the juice of a lemon, and finely chopped 3 sprigs of dill. Smother 3/4 of the mixture onto the tops of the filets. Microwave the remainder butter spread in the microwave to completely melt. Pour the liquid over the asparagus. Cut other half of lemon and place over filets along with remainder dill. Place in oven at 350 degrees for approximately 35 minutes or until salmon easily falls apart with the prick of a fork. Cleanup is easy!


4. Lighthouse’s Coconut Cream Pie

the pie

I cannot take credit for this AH-MAZE-ING pie recipe, but I do have to share with you. I grew up going to this little restaurant in Northern Montana called The Lighthouse. It has been years since I have ate there, but I always remember the desserts. My parents never really allowed my sister or I to get desserts at restaurants, but The Lighthouse was one of the only exceptions. They have a killer chocolate and vanilla mud pie, but I start drooling when I even begin to talk about their Coconut Cream Pie. It is the best. My mom (queen of the kitchen) snagged the recipe a few years back so here I am giving you the secrets of a greatest dessert ever. P.S. This can only cost you about six bucks!


1 cup of milk

2 packages of coconut pudding mix

1 1/2 cups of toasted coconut (save 1/4 cup for top)

1/2 tub cool whip

Pie crust


How easy is this? 5 ingredients! I am not really big into making my own pie crusts, so I always buy my own for a couple of bucks. Bake the crust as instructed. Combine milk, coconut pudding mix, and 1 1/4 cups of toasted coconut into a large bowl until fluffy. Place in the pie crust. Next top with cool whip and sprinkle the top with the rest of the toasted coconut. So easy and so good!

a slice of the pie

BONUS: Whipped Cream

the whipped cream in the mixer

If you do not want to buy cool whip and are everything against the artificial whipped cream I love to make my own homemade whipped cream! It’s really quick and it goes great with waffles, oatmeal, pie, or even just to eat!

the ingredients for the whipped cream


Half pint of whipping cream

2 teaspoons of sugar

1 teaspoon of vanilla extract


Pour all ingredients into a mixing bowl and use either your mixer of anykind (hand or not hand I do not discriminate) to whip it really good! Put mixer on the fastest setting and let it do the magic. Continue mixing until you see in the whipped cream. You want to ensure thickness of the whipped cream. Feel free to adjust this recipe to your liking. I don’t like my whipped cream very sweet, but if you do add more sugar!


I hope you all have a great holiday season and try out some of my favorite recipes that make me feel superior in the kitchen!


Photography by Mackenzie Fauque and Pinterest

Fall 2016

A Trendsetters Tour of Missoula

Here at Trendsetters at the U, we love Missoula, Montana. It’s a town with character, culture and community and is definitely not a bad place to go to school. Since a huge part of what the Trendsetters wear and who we are as people, is our college town, we thought putting together a post centered around Missoula was essential. Since there are so many hot spots around town, and it was near impossible to narrow our list down even more than we already did, this post will be a series split up into three parts, showing you where we like to go, what we like to do and what we like to wear while doing it. So we present to you a tour of Missoula – Trendsetters at the U edition.

Big Dipper







Nothing is better than a fall day ice cream date with your girls. Seriously, I am incredibly lucky to only live a few blocks away from Big Dipper Ice Cream shop and Missoula is unbelievably proud to support this local business!

For this ice cream date outfit, I chose to stay with neutral colors. I picked this plain colored shirt to go with a detailed kimono so that there weren’t too many patterns going on. I got the tan shirt with a slight amount of front detailing and the paisley print kimono from The Buckle. I was able to add a little bit more detail to my outfit by wearing ripped jeans, although any style of jean would work. These light skinny jeans came from another local boutique in Missoula called Sora & Company.

To stick with the neutral colored theme I had going, I picked these classic tan Sperrys from my shoe collection. And in my mind, you can never go wrong with wearing Sperrys in college or anywhere. Jewelry usually helps dress up your outfit. Try pairing your favorite bracelets with a simple necklace for a minor addition to your daily outfit.







I am an ice cream enthusiast, connoisseur and aficionado. If there is ice and there is cream I will be there, sugar cone at the ready, for some frozen goodness. So, I guess it’s pretty handy that I have one of the best ice cream places in the nation (as voted by Good Morning America, Sunset Magazine, Food and Wine etc.) at my disposal.

For this outfit, I went for an overall sense of “cool,” pun intended. I don’t know about you but nothing screams cool like a hat, a black hat, a sleek black hat that by some miracle happens to fit my giant head. Said hat is from Target. My pastel green top from Urban Outfitters reminds me of my third favorite flavor of ice cream, mint chip, and therefore seemed appropriate for this Missoula landmark.

My jeans are from American Eagle and are convenient for plastering down any ice cream belly you may obtain from living in Missoula and always having Big Dipper at your fingertips. The brown booties from TJ Maxx add some chicness to the overall simple outfit and make my stubby legs look hella long while lifting my booty to Kardashian status…jk my butt’s a 7.6 on a good day.







Anyone who said diamonds are a girl’s best friend has never had a single mocha-chip sugar cone from Big Dipper—oh, that’s just me? I’m always up for a spontaneous ice cream trip, especially with how much the sun has been out lately!

For this outfit, I decided to go with a playful graphic crop top, my go-to black Hollister skinny jeans and my favorite classic, high top Vans. To finish this look, I’m wearing a choker from Rue 21, a couple of fun geometric rings, and a belt from H&M to tie in the gold details. A perfect outfit for getting a scoop with some pals!






Everyone likes ice cream, that’s a given, but going out to get Big Dipper ice cream is a special treat. The whole experience of going is great. The atmosphere surrounding the place is fun and playful, the workers are all super friendly and the ice cream itself is phenomenal.

My yellow sun dress is from Hollister. As for my gray cardigan, it’s something that I stole from my sister’s closet years ago, so unfortunately I have no clue what brand it is or where she got it. I also got my scarf from my sister, but instead of stealing it, she gave it to me as a Christmas present. Overall, I tried to keep my outfit fun and colorful to match the vibe Big Dipper gives off




Farmer’s Market

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When I think of the Farmers’ Market, a few things that come to mind are sunshine, lattes and, of course, a veggie or two!  But, my favorite thing about the market is that no one is afraid to express their own style. On any given Saturday as you make your way through downtown Missoula, you see all types of fashion, whether that’s a sundress with Birks or a choker with a lip piercing, but that’s what I love most about the market!

For me, I tend to think of the farmers’ market as the perfect place to wear a dainty summer look,  and nothing says dainty quite like a cute floral print.  For this outfit, I decided to start with a more subtle pattern to correlate with the sweet summer vibe I was going for. I then combined this with a flowy, solid tank which coordinated nicely with the pastel blue in the skirt.

When it comes to accessories, less can definitely be more and for this look I thought too much accessorizing would be a little overpowering.  With this in mind, I decided to keep it clean with a simple brown belt to cinch in my waist and give me a little more shape, without making the overall look too heavy.

For the last part of my outfit, I went with a simple brown ankle boot to add a little bit of formality to the look (as opposed to a sandal which would have been more casual.)  The brown boot tied in well with the belt and made me feel a little more elegant cause, let’s be honest ladies, who doesn’t like feeling a little fancy-shmancy from time to time!


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I love the Missoula Farmer’s Market. There’s nothing quite like being surrounded by flowers, food and friends on a crisp Saturday morning. It might sound ridiculous to some people, but I love dressing the part when going to the Farmer’s Market. Florals, flowy dresses/skirts and floppy hats are a definitely my go-to, but since it’s getting cooler I had to figure out how to incorporate them without freezing to death.

For this look I’m wearing a cropped camel sweater from Forever21 with an L.A Hearts cream knitted grandpa cardigan layered over the top. This sweater is extremely cozy, yet doesn’t take away from the lightness of the outfit. The floral midi skirt that I’m wearing is from Forever21, and just screams “Farmer’s Market” to me. I absolutely love the boho-chic element it brings into the look, and it covers the majority of my legs, which keeps them on the warmer side. Lastly, I’m finishing off this outfit with a  floppy hat from World Market, a Lat & Lo coordinates necklace from Cloth & Crown, and a pair of booties from Forever21.

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Missoula offers so many activities, attractions and recreations that you can never run out of things to do. One of the most famous Missoula attractions is the Farmers’ Market that happens every Saturday from May to October. They sell fruits, vegetables, flowers and some of the best waffle sandwiches you’ll ever find. Throughout the time the Farmers’ Market is open in Missoula, the weather changes quite a bit. May to August tends to stay on the warmer side, but once you hit mid-September it tends to drop in degrees. Here in Missoula we have learned to adapt, that is why I chose this cozy, but stylish, outfit.

I have a few different styles that all mesh together in one and this one I consider my “preppy” style. I wore a long sleeve button down from Abercrombie and Fitch and paired it with my Patagonia vest. I absolutely love this vest because it’s so warm, but still light enough to put in your bag when you don’t want to wear it anymore. I paired those with Joe’s jeans.

Fall is my favorite time of year because you get to bring out the booties. The booties I wore are by Vince Camuto and are my favorite. For my accessories I wore a pearl necklace because your preppy outfit isn’t complete without them.

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Waking up early isn’t always fun, especially on weekends. But when it’s to go to the Farmer’s Market, that’s a completely different story! There’s something about walking around to the different booths with a warm coffee and just looking at all the different things each merchant has to offer. For my outfit, I decided to keep it cute and casual. My blue shirt is from Apricot Lane and my scarf is from PacSun, they both compliment each other and my scarf also brings out different colors and incorporates dimension into the look.

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My green jacket, which is a staple in my closet, is from Forever 21 and it’s so warm and cozy! My long black boots are from Charming Charlie’s, and they’re unique because if their pattern as well as the silver zipper on the side. For accessories, I chose to wear my blue Michael Kors purse to add a pop of color. The size is also a bonus since I don’t need much for the market!

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Walking Bridge

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The walking bridge, or pedestrian bridge, was on of the first “must-sees” I actually experienced in Missoula. It was an early evening in fall, and as my friends and I were walking towards Five Guys, we crossed the bridge. What caught my attention most, other than the adorable lamp-posts, was the feeling of tranquility that settled over anyone who walks over the bridge. You forget about your worries for a few minutes and just enjoy the natural beauty that Missoula was blessed with.

The feeling I get every time I walk over that bridge makes me want to be my best self, so that’s what I aimed to do with my look. These high-waisted skinny jeans from Sora & Company are stretchy, comfortable, and so chic. I paired them with my trusty American Eagle booties for maximum comfort and class.

On top, I’m wearing a nude camisole and a delicate, floral kimono gifted to me by a dear friend. This combination makes me feel whimsical and free, matching the atmosphere of the bridge. I accessorized this look with my favorite black hat from the World Market. I feel most like myself in this look, and it’s an ideal one for strolling over the bridge to look out onto the Clark Fork River int he evening.

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First of all, let me introduce myself. My name is Dina Merani and I am from Papua, which is the eastern part of Indonesia. I am a freshman at the University of Montana and my major is Nature Based Tourism.  I am so happy to be here. Here I can make a lot of friends and join some clubs that relate to myself, such as dance class, soccer with other International students, and now the Trendsetters at The U.

I am so happy to be a member of Trendsetters at The U. By joining this group, I can show to people who I am by what I wear and my style. I love to have a new style every single day because it makes me more fashionable. Maybe some people think that I am crazy, but I really love fashion.

Well, I have done one photo shoot and it was awesome. For my outfit, I decided to keep it simple. I wore white skinny shorts, which I got from H&M; it looks pretty and cute on me. Also, I wore a white t-shirt and cardigan, both from Dillards. It looks perfect and matches with my white shorts. The last piece is my favorite one: my yellow shoes. I chose these shoes because they look simple. I got these shoes during the summer from H&M.

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One of the first places I went to when I moved to Missoula was this bridge. My friends and I went to Big Dipper on our first day in Missoula and then walked back and had a mini photoshoot surrounded by the lights. So, I decided to take inspiration from my first outfit in Missoula and apply it to this destination. This bridge is just the perfect place for a walk: right next to the river, trees all around, the lights and the cute little love locks. After a tough day of classes, I’d come here and just look down the river and calm down a bit.

On this particular day, I chose to wear my new gray, long, fitted tee from H&M. I’m obsessed with this longer fit, and you can definitely tell by my long, fitted, black-and-white flannel. For bottoms, as usual, I wore my black distressed pants, these particular ones from Maurices. And since we are FINALLY into fall, i wanted to add a little bit of it into my outfit and wore my dark tan suede Chelsea boots, which i thrifted just last year, and have not worn them nearly enough. But here comes fall, and here I come with these boots.

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The walking bridge is a unique characteristic that is associated with the U of M campus. It’s less than a mile from the Oval and provides students a lighted path to get home or get groceries. It has even become the Pont des Arts bridge of Missoula scattered with “Love Locks.” When I visit this location, it’s more of a stopping point than a place to show my affection. When I’m near it I’m always either on a walk with friends or skating the day’s stress away. What I’m usually wearing correlates with what activity I’m currently doing at the moment. Lately, the weather feels more like the transition between spring and summer and I’m secretly in love with it, even though it makes global warming apparent.

On this warm day, I took in the sunshine by cruising on my Sector8 longboard. To do this I like to be comfortable and wear things that are not distracting from my movement, hence my Nike Pro leggings and flowy white tank top. To keep this look casual, I threw on a gray bomber jacket in case of changing weather. The standout piece that makes or breaks this outing are my shoes! I recently acquired Nike Bruin Hyperfeels in my favorite color, and they impact the way I cruise. They have a great grip, cushioned impact and are the right type of snug.  However you find yourself stumbling upon the bridge, whether it be a walk or biking, make sure stop to enjoy the view of the river.

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I have been crossing the pedestrian walking bridge that leads to the University since I was old enough to go to football games at Washington-Grizzly Stadium. This bridge was one of my favorite parts of my childhood because I always got to see the guy playing the drums before every game. It only made sense that I took pictures on it for our Tour of Missoula.

Fall kind of represents new life to me. It’s the beginning of a new school year, the seasons change so nature can renew itself in the spring and it’s the best time of year to get the best deals on new clothes! That wasn’t the case for me with this outfit, though. Not too long ago some of my friends were getting rid of some clothes and that is where I discovered this hand-me-down cream sweater that I claimed as mine. I paired it with a navy blue tank top underneath to give it some dimension and then added a scarf of that same color on top. It is the perfect size scarf for fall; not too heavy, but heavy enough to keep you warm from the cooler temperatures.

Black leggings go with just about everything, especially these fantastic ones from Victoria’s Secret. And if you are anything like me, any type of heel appeals to your eye. These SODA heeled boots are my life in the fall and winter because they are so comfortable. Fall is here, so embrace it!

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On any given night in Missoula, as you gaze down the Clark Fork, you can’t help but notice the bridge which spans across the river from the East Broadway area.  It stands as a perfect little gateway of illuminated light into the university area.  The bridge has a beautiful glow, but also happens to be sprinkled with locks of the many relationships who have decided to leave their mark in Missoula.  With this romantic essence in mind, I was excited to do a shoot at this location and to have the opportunity to pick an outfit which exemplified this charming vibe!

If you’ve happened to see any of my other Trendsetter posts, you’ve probably noticed skirts are kinda my thing. Somehow I end up incorporating skirts into about eighty percent of my looks without even meaning to!  So, for my outfit at the bridge location, of course I decided to start with a simple, chic, black skirt, which I feel is an essential and versatile piece to have in any wardrobe.

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From there, I started thinking about what other pieces I wanted to incorporate in order to have a look that was a little more appropriate for fall weather.  I decided on a long sleeve striped shirt to add a bit of color to the look while still sticking with a color scheme that worked well for an autumn look.

From there, I wanted to keep the rest of the look clean and uniform, so I stuck with black for the rest of my pieces.  As far as accessories, I felt a black scarf and black tights worked well and the addition of a black belt added a little bit of edginess and an extra dimension.  Picking which shoes I want to wear is always the hardest part for me, but going with a black heeled bootie felt like just the right combo of sass and sophistication!

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Photography by Michelle Dufflocq | @michelledufflocq | and McKenna Munden | @kennaphotography