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Spring 2019

Transitioning to Spring with Skin Chic

The Trendsetters are welcoming spring during this photoshoot in collaboration with Skin Chic in Missoula. All of the makeup looks in this post were done by artists at Skin Chic to pair with our spring inspired outfits.

Seven of the trendsetters standing huddled together infant of train tracks and trees. They're holding flowers.


Brooklyn sitting on tan stairs holding sunflowers.

For the Spring shoot, I wanted to do a totally new look. Spring for me represents a fresh start. There is an essence of renewal and new beginnings as things begin to bloom once again. Because of this vibe, I decided to go with a look I haven’t tried before. I put together a vintage, modern-traveller look. I wore a clean cotton tank with dark navy skinny jeans. The simplicity of the main pieces allowed me to add a ton of accessories to the look. I added a black Walmart sun hat (that I scored for less than $10), chic rings, and some turquoise statement necklaces. I liked the overly dramatic look of jewelry because the rest of my outfit stood so simply. For the first time, I also wore clothes that were thrifted. I haven’t always thrifted for clothing, but since coming to college, I am really getting into it. It allows me to constantly shop without feeling bad for spending $50 on a T-shirt.

Skin Chic did our makeup for the shoot as well. For my own, I asked my stylist to produce a full glam look. The end result fit in perfectly with my vintage vibe. She used turquoise eyeshadow mixed with a smokey eye to compliment the color in my jewlery. By doing this, turquoise became the color pop throughout my entire look. I also enjoyed how the intense smokey eye coordinated well with the black sun hat. The rest of the makeup consisted of a light brown highlight on my cheekbones and a light nude/ peach lip gloss to complete the glam look.

This shoot might have been the funnest one I have done. I felt like I was able to get into “character” because I tried out a completely different look. I think I will continue to buy/ shop for more vintage pieces in the future.

A close up of Brooklyns makeup with a smokey eye.

A full view of Brooklyn's outfit while walking toward the camera.


Ashley standing in front of a staircase.

For this Spring Shoot, I wanted to dedicate it to my great grandma, Charlotte. She passed away on the Saturday ending Spring Break at the young age of 107. She was the epitome of sunshine, happiness, and everything spring, and I know that she was shining down from heaven giving us the beautiful lighting for this shoot.

To start it off, we had the opportunity to collaborate with Skin Chic in the mall here in Missoula, and we had professional makeup artists glam us up! With a somewhat casual outfit, I wanted to go a little subtle on the makeup to make the outfit pop, nothing to glamorous to distract from the outfit. I had a beautiful nude eyeshadow look with a subtle pop of a blush colored eyeliner and falsies to bring it all together, plus a perfect foundation shade, highlight, and a light pink lip gloss.

For my outfit, I actually got to select items from the closet of Grandma Char herself. I have on her pink necklace, clip on floral earrings, infinity cross bracelet, gold broach, and most importantly her pink floral button up. The tank top I’m wearing comes from Ross, and I was able to snag it for a whopping $5 about 2 and a half years ago. The pants come from my true love, Rue 21, and I got them on sale for $7 from being on clearance – in my perfect size to make it even better! And last but not least, my darling glittery sandals. I got these bad boys from Famous Footwear from Fergie’s collection for a whole $40; not her #1 fan, but DANG she makes cute shoes!

I wanted to show off a different, more classy and elegant side of my style with this shoot and I think it came through beautifully. With such an amazing photographer and my guardian angel watching over me, how could it not go perfectly?

Ashley looking at a sunflower.

A close up of Ashley looking at the camera.


Savana in front of a brick house looking over her shoulder at the camera.

Spring is such a promising time of the year, the sun is finally coming out and providing us with some much needed Vitamin D; not only does it do wonders for our mental health, but it also allows us to shed our big winter coats, which began to feel more like a uniform.  

In the spirit of the blooming flowers, I wore a long floral dress, conservative enough to say, “I know it’s not summer yet,” but light and flowy enough to say, “Come on summer, I’m ready for ya!” I paired the dress with a pair of black booties (mostly because they were the only shoes I had that matched). In order to balance out the shoes, which I felt where a little harsh alone with the dress, I added a small black back-pack. The back-pack in combination with the black shoes gave the outfit a somewhat edgy yet girly vibe.  

My look was finished off with soft touches of mauvy-pink accents for my make-up, flawlessly done by Kristen Hoppman at Skin-Chic. She kept things soft with the eye-shadows and added some false lashes to make my eyes pop.

Savannah looking down.

Savannah holding a flower.


Dana standing on the cement stairs.

Spring is an interesting time of the year. You don’t know if you should pop your favorite shorts or coat during the day. So I decided to wear a cute light pink jumpsuit with a black floral cardigan. The jumpsuit you can find in TJ Maxx along with the black floral cardigan  This look is a very chic look it goes with a casual date or night out with friends. I decided to throw a cute simple black heels that you can find in H&M store. And thanks to Skin Chic they decided to add me a cute touch with a nice bright clean look with a gloss that is a mix of two beautiful Jane Iredale lip stains; “ Fetish and Passion”

Dana sitting on the stairs looking down.

A close of of Dana leaning on the railing.


Claire leaning on a white wall.

Spring to me means new beginnings. This is why I decided to style an outfit with two new pieces I added to my wardrobe. For this outfit I wore a chiffon white blouse from urban outfitters. Because, to me, spring means pastel I wore a new baby blue pleated skirt. Montana spring often means rain, so I decided to wear a new pair of shiny red rain boots from amazon. This pop of bright red inspired me to add my red polka dot scarf as an accessory. My pastel look with bright pops of color inspired the makeup look done by skin chic. We went for a dewy glowing base with a gold eye look. Together we worked on matching the lip to the other pops of red in my wardrobe. This makeup and outfit look came out beautiful together. All in all this definition of spring.

A close up of Claire's makeup.

Claire walking in the street.


Dina walking in the grass holding sunflowers.

“The flowers of late winter and early spring occupy places in our hearts well out of proportion to their size” -Gertrude S.Wister-     SPRING HAS SPRUNG , YAY !!!!

Oh yeah, first of all I just wanna say, thank you so much for spend your time to reading this and I’m really excited for this theme because it’s all about spring. Which is you all can see on how I dress up in this picture. I was just so excited on this photoshoot last time. This photoshoot is so special for me because it’s different with from our usual, which is this time we got collaborate with Skin Chic to do our makeup. Really guys, they are the best and  I really like the make up on my face. It’s just look so natural look on me and just show how my personality. Also, for this theme, I wear a mini dress from Rue21 and a sandals from H&M ( I got it for $4) and I have my ukulele with me. This style is just to tells about my Spring Break this year. So, this spring break I went to Hawaii with my Pacific Islanders Club at the U and I just can’t move on from Hawaii until now, and that’s the reason. Although, it was cold on our photoshoot day, I just trying to keep my body warm to get this picture and to feel some warm. Ahahhaha.

I’m so happy that this is my third year in USA to have another Spring day. Spring in Missoula maybe is not like in other place that have lot of flowers. Sometimes, we have snow and lots of rain and still cold for me, but it’s ok. I still love Missoula the Most. Oh yeah, I only have 2 more years here in Missoula,Montana and I do still really love this Club so much since the 1st day I joined.

Anyway, Hope you guys had a good Spring break and enjoy your spring time.

Good Luck on Your final Folks and Happy graduation for those of you who are made it this far. Congratulations.!!!! YAY

A close up of Dina's look.

Dina sitting on the grass.


Tessa against a brick wall looking over her shoulder.

I absolutely adore the photos that we get from the spring shoot every year and I was so grateful that Aleks had time in her schedule to fit us in again this year! And also so happy that we were able to collaborate with the artists at Skin Chic (and we also were lucky enough to have them for the fashion show, stay tuned for a post recapping the event coming soon).

For my outfit, I went with one of my favorite skirts that I received as a gift last spring (I wish I could tell you where I got it, but I honestly don’t know! I paired it with a green crop I got at T.J. Maxx a few years ago and a pair of my favorite sandals I got years ago (they’ve lasted me probably 4 years and have been in the river several times and are still holding strong!).

For makeup, each of the artists at Skin Chic talked to us about what we wanted for our individual look, so that we felt comfortable and confident. I wanted something a little more casual, and so she gave me this really nice brownish eyeshadow and a lip color just a bit darker than my natural lip color. I was really happy with the makeup and all of the artists were so kind and obviously very knowledgable. It was an awesome process and I definitely recommend them for all your future skincare/makeup needs!

Tessa sitting on the stairs.

A close up of Tessa's makeup.

Photography by Aleksandra Was | @fotografed_