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BohmeShoppingGroupShopping is, by far, one of the our favorite activities. We Trendsetters were lucky enough to be invited to Bohme Boutique for a private shopping event. Today, we are going to share their best tips and tricks for being a smart and savvy shopper, plus our awesome finds!



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Whenever I go shopping I look for pieces that can be worn in multiple outfits. When I was younger I used to get distracted by flashy dresses and busy prints, but then I would only end up wearing those pieces once or twice and didn’t have a very well rounded wardrobe. Don’t get me wrong, flashy dresses and busy prints are great, but when I’m on a budget I like to seek out pieces that will not only complete my wardrobe but can be styled in many different ways. 

Another shopping tip I have is to wear clothing that is easy to change in and out of. If I’m going to be doing some serious shopping I like to wear leggings in the winter and a sundress in the summer. Trying things on really helps in narrowing down what pieces you really want to purchase, and a complicated outfit should be the last thing standing in your way. This is a pretty straightforward tip, however, it makes the world of difference.







I struggle with cold weather. It would be so we easy for me to throw on sweatpants every day in this weather. So whenever I go shopping in the winter, I try to focus on flannels. I have so many different flannels in my closet. They’re so versatile and there are many different cuts and options to choose from. I’ve seen a lot of flannels with hood lately, and am loving that trend! You can go with a more fitted flannel or a baggier one to mix up the mood of the outfit. But most importantly, they’re warm, and it’s so cold outside.





I love shopping! Sometimes I can go a little overboard though. That is why I like to search for the more spendy items first, like a new jacket! After I have found the item I care to splurge on, I can browse for other items with an idea of how much I have left to spend.





  1. Shop for staples and basics. When I go shopping, even online, I try to find pieces that I can wear everyday (aside from holiday outfit shopping—this is when I want sparkles.) I look for something that can be worn casually, dressed up, layered and worn in different seasons.
  1. Find a color palette that works for you and stick with it. It’s easier to shop when you aren’t overwhelmed by hundreds of different colors. For me, I mostly buy neutrals—black, taupe, gray and white— and then I choose accent colors—mostly red. I encourage you to find your fashion color wheel. But also don’t be afraid to mix colors that normally aren’t seen together. Sometimes those make the best outfits. I even mix gray and taupe —not two colors that are normally worn together, but it’s my favorite color combination right now.
  1. I’ll be the first to say I’m a shopaholic. It’s sometimes fun to save a bunch of money, go on a shopping spree and buy everything you try on, but most of the time that’s a bad idea. I keep a running list of the pieces I really want and if a few months go by and I still want the item, I get it. Not to undermine spontaneous trips to the mall because I do that more often than not. But I do recommend using this method for more expensive items like Hunters, Steve Madden heels and everything J. Crew. It’s fun to check the items off the list and feel like I’ve really earned it. I can generally hold off more easily if I know I’m saving for something on my list I’ve been really wanting.
  1. As college students, we need to start building a professional wardrobe. When you shop now, keep your eyes open for these classic pieces. As much as I love my shorter dresses and skirts, tanks, tees and leggings, I’m trying to transition my closet into something more sophisticated. I’ve been shopping for big bags, practical shoes, skirts that hit my knee and collared shirts and blouses. Keep having fun with clothes, but just remember to slowly start adding in pieces you can wear to interviews or to work. Pick out a black, navy or colored blazer, a black knee-length pencil skirt, black flats or heels and a statement necklace and you’ll be ready to go.
  1. There has never been a more true statement, so this is my last tip: “Life is too short to wear boring clothes.”



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Shopping can be one of the most overwhelming or most enjoyable experiences. On days when you can’t afford anything and are just browsing you find tons of things that you are convinced you need, but if you go for a specific item that you actually need it is impossible to find it. I have developed some shopping techniques for myself to avoid all the stress and disappointment. 

My first tip is to only look at clothing items in colors you would wear. I look best in shades of red and warm colors and am always drawn to maroon. I look terrible in blues and greens and try to avoid even looking at them so I don’t fall in love with an item I will never wear. My second tip is to take advantage of other people’s opinions and knowledge. Take a look at all the mannequins and see if the styles currently in the store are ones that inspire you. Mannequins can be the best inspiration. If you’re looking for one item in particular, skip the stressful hunt through the store and immediately ask one of the sales representatives. They know what’s in the store and you won’t have to waste your time searching around.

For me one of the best parts about shopping is imagining new outfits coming to life. I go straight to clothing staples that I know I’ll love, and then once I have found something I want or need I look specifically for accessories sweaters and other complements to that staple for the current season or event I’m shopping for. Shopping can be so much fun if you can avoid being overwhelmed and not let stress and indecision get the best of you.



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When I go shopping, I focus on items that I can wear again and again. As of recent, I have filled out my wardrobe with plenty of sweaters in my main color palette (neutrals), so on this shopping trip I knew I needed to find accessories that I could mix and match with all of my tops to create multiple outfits. I have found that maintaining a general color palette is the easiest way to get the most out of my wardrobe without having to spend a fortune on a new outfit for every occasion. I always opt for gold jewelry, and stick to accessories with accent tones that are darker because they go with the other items in my closet.


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