Meet the Trendsetters 2014-2015

Meet the Trendsetters

This past year, Trendsetters has grown from a small group to 9 members who put their heart and soul into showcasing fashion at the University of Montana. Today, get to know each of them!

Becca Mulhill — president

Becca Mulhill

Becca Mulhill

I’m Becca and am currently a senior studying Marketing with an emphasis in digital and social media marketing. I’ve had a strong interest in fashion  since middle school, and have enjoyed every second I’ve been able to work and participate in different aspects of the industry. In addition to Trendsetters, I work as the social media specialist at a local boutique, Apricot Lane Missoula as well as run my own personal fashion/beauty/lifestyle blog, Florals and Fancy. It is my hope to continue on a career path of social media marketing and blogging in the fashion industry when I graduate in May.

My style reflects who I am as a person: relaxed, laid back, a little girly, and sometimes witty.  You will usually find me in dark jeans,  and some sort of sweater/tank or blouse combo during the winter months, and a floral print dress in the summer. Throughout college my style has evolved, and I am always looking at companies like Anthropologie, Free People and Kate Spade, or the styles of Lauren Conrad and Chelsea Lane for inspiration. For this particular look, I took my favorite tank and cardigan combo from Apricot Lane Missoula, and paired them with dark wash Jacob Davis jeans (also from ALM) and suede booties from Old Navy.

In my spare time, you will find me sipping on coffee, pinning my life away on Pinterest, working on my blog,  scheduling social media posts for Apricot Lane or for my internship at I Want Her Job, and spending time with my friends until the fateful day we graduate. You can always count on me to have coffee, though.

Michelle Dufflocq Williams — Vice President

Michelle Duffolq Michelle Duffolq

My name is Michelle Dufflocq and I’m currently a sophomore studying business at the University of Montana. I have always loved fashion, but joining Trendsetters really brought that passion to the surface, pushing me to change my career path as well as helping me develop my own style. My personal style is constantly evolving and I have never liked to restrict myself by putting my style in a box. However, recently I have really started to come into my own with the way I dress and am much more particular with what I choose to wear.

I would probably describe my style as classic, feminine and fun. I love a clean preppy look, but I like to add fun pops of color and glittery jewelry to spice things up. Think Taylor Swift meets a trendier Blair Waldorf…with just a touch of Kate Middleton added for good measure. For this look I’m wearing a white collared shirt with a color blocked sweater from Target over the top. Circle skirts are a go-to for me, so I’m wearing a simple black one from H&M. And am finishing the look off with some gray over-the-knee socks from H&M and my black Nine West combat boots.
Other than contributing to Trendsetters at the U, I delve into all things beauty, fashion and lifestyle on my sister and I’s YouTube channel, TwoYearsEightMonths, and also write weekly articles for CollegeFashionista.com. Although I’m not 100% sure what I want to do in the future, I am very interested in pursuing a career in fashion or social media marketing, while still having an online presence as a YouTuber/blogger. When I’m not studying for accounting, scheduling posts, or devouring an almond croissant, I spend my free time browsing Pinterest in my pajamas, obsessing over whether I should change my Instagram theme.

Hannah-Laura rudolph

Hannah-Laura Hannah-Laura


I’m a junior at the University of Montana studying journalism, and I’m looking to someday enter into the magazine industry. Some of my favorite magazines are: Seventeen, Cosmopolitan and Vogue. I became interested in beauty and fashion from an early age. I remember collecting countless magazines and cutting out all my favorite makeup tips and fashion trends and hanging them up on my walls. Trendsetters has been a great way share fashion advice and inspiration with fellow fashion bloggers at UM.

Neutral colors are staples in my closet. Black and beige colors can be layered and paired with bright colors and bold accessories. My personal style is based around comfort, but I always make sure to add a cute detail piece to any outfit I’m wearing. For this shoot, I chose to wear comfortable black leggings, a black sweater with lace detail from Dillard’s, and a beautiful faux-leather vest from Bohme. I love wearing one-color outfits because it makes me look a little taller and gives the entire outfit a sense of unity. I chose this vest as the focal point of this outfit, because it adds texture and fun detail to my look.​

Jillian keith

Jillian Keith Jillian Keith


My personal style can be described in a few different ways because I like to take in different styles and bring them into my own, but if I were to describe it in two words, I’d say I have more of a girly/preppy style. My Pinterest board is filled with skirts, dresses, tall riding boots and button down shirts. I love bright colors and pastels. Springtime is my favorite time because my wardrobe nearly consists of everything spring. Don’t get me wrong, I definitely have my darker side as well, as shown in the photos because who doesn’t love wearing all black on occasion?

My biggest style inspiration is Lauren Conrad. Her edgy but also feminine, classic style inspires my wardrobe and lifestyle. My favorite fashion blogger is not as well known as others but still just as fabulous — Julia aka Society Grl. She’s a Seattleite who is truly living my dream from attending Mercedes Fashion Week to collaborating with Free People for special projects. Her style is very chic from day to night; I aspire to be like her.

I am currently a freshman studying Marketing. In the future I hope to intertwine marketing and fashion and become a PR representative or a social media representative for a company in the fashion industry. I honestly don’t care what I do in the fashion industry, I just know that fashion is my passion and I can’t wait for what the future holds.


Krystyn blackbird

Krystn Blackbird Krystn Blackbird


Hey there my name is Krystyn Blackbird. I am currently a sophomore pursuing a business degree with a minor in studio arts. You can catch me running from GBB to the fine arts building. I am a self-proclaimed art nerd that enjoys creating charcoal pieces and freaking out over conceptual art.  Hopefully one day I will create a career that combines the world of business and art; that entails designing products or managing a gallery.

I am a shy person, so I like to use fashion as a creative outlet. Fashion to me is being able to speak without saying a word.  My personal style can be described as ‘urban rugged,’ like a flower growing out of concrete. I like to combine textures and girly elements together for a comfortable twist. I usually focus on a few accessories and build off of them to create an outfit.  Lately I have fallen in love with my Vans scarf and Timberlands, and have been incorporating them into my every day wear. Yet my ultimate go-to statement piece when I need a pick me up is my leather jacket paired with anything such as a floral dress, combat boots, or high-waisted jeans.

For inspiration, I like to look to the many fashionistas on campus and the various fashion pages I follow on Instagram. This includes @ootdmagazine, @flannelfoxes, @chichime, @byellowtail,  @inspirations_closet, @pacsun, and @urbanoutfitters.  My greatest advice for fashion is to steal like an artist, because imitation is a form of flattery.

Barret Cook

Barret Cook Barret Cook


My name is Barret Cook. I am a junior accounting major here at the U. I’m from a teeny town north of Spokane, Washington called Deer Park. My love of fashion has stemmed from the idea implanted into me in 4th grade. That idea was that you have to dress for success. From then on I have done my utmost to look my best and be the best and besides, who doesn’t like to look pretty.

My personal style has been described by many people, each one saying the exact same thing. I look very “GQ.” I love wearing neatly and sharply cut clothing. I am very tall and thin, so I try and capitalize on that by wearing very well tailored clothing. This is a challenge as I am kind of a twig. Long legged pants and long armed slim shirts are hard to find but I love the challenge. ​This is why I went with the outfit I did. In my opinion it gives me the nice slender, sharp look that I am always going for. Plus I love the color red.

I will start from the bottom. I am wearing my favorite pair of shoes in this photo which are a simple pair of cognac colored, Cole Haan, cap toe dress shoes from Nordstroms. In my experience with outfits I find that more often than not simple and tasteful is best. It allows the person to take your entire outfit in rather than just one piece of it. You can’t really tell in this picture but I am also wearing an awesome pair of socks from Express. I cannot tell you how many compliments from random people on the street I have gotten about my socks. They are an excellent way to liven up an otherwise very black suit and also are a great conversation piece. The pants I am wearing are very new to my wardrobe but I love them already. They are by Closed and I got them off of Hautelook. The button-up I am wearing is a rose gold pinstripe INC that I though went well with my watch and was a good pattern to contrast my jacket with. I chose to wear a vest under my jacket because, why not? It’s a great way to add that extra sharpness to your outfit and it also makes people think “Hey he really put some effort into this.” It’s from Threads for Thought and from Nordstroms Rack. Okay, now to my favorite part of my outfit. This jacket is my pride and joy. Its a maroon plaid wool coat by Elie Tahari. It’s original sticker price was $525 but I got it at the Elie Tahari store in Seattle for $32 (I about choked on my tongue when the salesman told me what the jacket was on sale for). Last but not definitely not least my accessories. Being a guy I don’t have a whole lot of accessories to play around with so I do what I can. I chose to wear my gold Skagen to richen up the outfit that much more. I also chose the blue pocket square to throw some color into an otherwise very maroon and brown outfit. I find most guys afraid to use pocket squares because they think there is some special way to fold them. Well there isn’t. I literally just stuff it into my pocket, fluff it a little and call it good.

kayla Jackson

Kayla Jackson Kayla Jackson


My name is Kayla and I’m a freshman. I’m undecided right now, but so far I love my Criminology classes so I will probably major in something with that! I love fashion simply because its one of the only ways I’ve ever been able express myself! I cannot sum up my style in one word, I feel like I’m a combo of a little bit of everything. While I love flannels and Birkenstocks, I also obsess over adorable Coach bags and Hunter boots. It’s a way to express my mood and how I feel each day, and that’s why it’s so awesome! I tried to combine a little bit of everything for this outfit. I got my giant coat from Bohme, and I love it! It goes with anything and everything. My leggings are from Old Navy. My boots are from Target, and combat boots are one of my favorite things.


Keiko Sagami

Keiko Sagami Keiko Sagami


My major is broadcast journalism and I want to be a sportscaster, so looking put together is a huge part of my life. I love dressing up, so my career path is perfect for me in that sense. I’m a junior and at a point in my classes where I need to start looking presentable in my everyday life- you never know when you’ll meet an important contact. I once read that no one should ever see you in sweats, no one- not even your husband. Obviously, I’m not married, but I try to live to that standard every day. I’m also a cheerleader for the University and with that, I constantly get to be in front of people for appearances and games. So looking professional but still young and trendy is kind of my thing.

My style is a weird mix of edge and class, if that makes sense. I like to wear really classic shapes like pencil skirts and trench coats, but add dark sexy pieces. Think Olivia Munn. Black is my favorite, but I’m not afraid of colors, I just mostly prefer neutrals.  Shoes are my absolute FAVORITE, so I like to try and make them the center of my outfit and I wear high heels every chance I get. I’m the girl who will wear them anywhere.

For this look, I wanted to focus on the shoes of course, but staying warm is still super important here in Montana. I think a turtleneck and leather jacket might be one of the warmest combinations. The jacket is Steve Madden and the turtleneck is a little something I swiped from American Eagle on clearance. I don’t usually venture into that store, but I’m glad I did for this. The coated black skinnies are from Nordstrom and the heels are Kate Spades; she’s my favorite budget friendly designer. As for the accessories, simple is always better. Too much can ruin an outfit. I added Ralph Lauren hoops and a black headband for a girly vibe.


Jazz engel

Jazzer-Rae Jazzer-Rae


The name’s Jazz. I am a freshman here at the U, currently studying business and art. I have had a passion for fashion since I was a wee little child. At one point I even sewed my own clothes and wanted to be a fashion designer. Though I don’t sew my own clothes any more, the love for fashion never ended. I’ve always felt the need to stand out and express myself through my style. Sometime I wish my mother would have stopped me from my odd clothing choices when I was younger (eek) but I was able to discover myself and my own style over the years. There are many different places I get inspiration like the many fashion accounts I follow on Insta, Tumblr, Pinterest, and also one of my favorite YouTubers, Zoella.  You also may find me searching tags including “edgy” “grunge” “black” “pastelgoth” etc. on We Heart It and scrolling through images all day. I’m always digging the classy look with a touch of edginess. That’s why I chose this outfit to portray my own personal style. I am wearing a sheer forest green blouse that was thrifted (killer deal!), my favorite dark wash jeans from Hollister and a pair of tall black boots from target. And of course I added a touch of gold with my gold accessories including a triangle necklace purchased from Payless and my bracelet and rings from Claire’s.



We would like to send a HUGE shoutout to Terry Cyr for these wonderful images. Check out more of his work on his website.


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