Spring 2016

Home For The Holidays

Winter break is over and spring semester has begun. It’s time to go back to reality, but let’s take a minute to enjoy the glorious memories made over winter break before we dive headfirst into our textbooks. In order to celebrate how wondrous winter break was, the Trendsetters are sharing the experiences they had, the places they went and the outfits they wore while they were home for the holidays.



Winter Break has been like a breath of fresh air! Literally. I spent a couple weeks with my family in Juneau, Alaska, a place infamous for its gorgeous wilderness. Daylight in the winter is limited, but that didn’t stop us from exploring the area. We hiked around Mendenhall Glacier, touched an iceberg, saw whales breaching, and did yoga by the ocean. It’s been a dream!

_DSC0567I made sure to pack mostly practical clothes, but managed to stuff a few fashionable items into my suitcase. I stuck with the basics – flared jeans, skinnies, leggings, basic tees, sweaters and cardigans. These pieces are versatile, comfortable and perfect for mixing and matching. They can bedressed up or down depending on the occasion, whether you’re out to dinner or on an adventure.

Layers are a must in Juneau. I never left the house without a hat, scarf, boots, coat or windbreaker over an already warm outfit. My black H&M coat is incredibly warm, cozy and stylish. Bonus: the sleeves are super stretchy, which makes moving my arms around a breeze. My black and white infinity scarf, from Zumiez, can be worn with any outfit in my closet. Believe me, I’ve tried.


I hope you all had a wonderful break! Eat good food, spend time with family and get rested for spring semester. It will be here before you know it! I plan on spending the rest of my vacation in my sweatpants, binge watching everything new on Netflix before my final semester of college begins.​





Why can’t the weather bIMG_3216e like this all the time? This time of the year is seriously when I feel in my prime. All the snow, layering, the bright and clean feel, just everything! Winter break definitely treated me well because I got so many great opportunities to go out for little photoshoots with my friends, and one of my favorite locations we went to was just out into the woods right by this fishing access point in Great Falls. I had just gotten a new load of clothes because Christmas just passed so I saw it as a perfect opportunity to feature some of them.

For this outfit, I stuck to a lot of black because I love the contrast of it on the background of snow. As I do with almost every outfit, I chose a pair of black skinny jeans, and this specific pair has a rip in one of the knees. Almost all my jeans do because I like to dress somewhat classier but I always like a little bit of edge in my outfits. Whether it’s done by throwing a vintage leather biker jacket over a nice piece of knit or as simple as ripped jeans, I’ll always have that edge in my style.

IMG_3220For the top, I chose a heavy knit black and red speckled sweater that I gotfrom H&M. I own about five of this style sweater because I absolutely love the longer fit andalso it has such a subtle accent of knots along the hems on the shoulders.


IMG_3215One of my favorite presents from this years Christmas were this pair of faux leather black chukka boots. I decided those would be a perfect fit for this outfit because it helps keep up a classy side to it. This outfit would easily work with a nice pair of black Chelsea boots as well, or maybe even a pair of high top black canvas shoes, if you wanted something a little more casual.

IMG_3219Finally, along with my Caravelle New York wristwatch, I threw one of my favorite jackets on to complete the look. This black pilots jacket from the Brooklyn Calling collection from Aeropostale is my absolute favorite and I’ve worn it with almost every single outfit since I got it because I just can’t get enough of it. It’s a perfect fit for any look honestly.




One of my favorite memories from this past Winter break involved a Christmas tree skirt, Pinterest, and some creative outfit planning. My best friend Haley, also a freshman at UM, and I decided to throw an ugly sweater Christmas party over the break, complete with snacks a drinks from the corner store using her left over meal plan money, cheesy party games, and karaoke! The only thing left to do was to plan our outfits.

Since we were the party hosts, we wanted to stand out and wear something a bit out of the ordinary. On Pinterest, we found a post about creating a wearable skirt out of a Christmas tree skirt, you know, the circular piece of red and green fabric that goes under the tree to keep the tree needles off the floor.

It was pretty simple, we bought the skirts at Walmart for about five dollars, and after measuring to make sure the length and fit was correct, Haley sewed elastic into the waist. We then paired our Christmas skirts with black tanks, mine being a lace back crop top from American Eagle, and black tights. At one point, we had matching, festive knee high socks on and Santa hats. This picture is us after the party was all over. We still fit into the theme of ugly sweater, but at the same time had a cute and unique Christmas look! Our outfits were comfortable and allowed us to have a great time catching up with all our friends from high school, and celebrating the holidays. 



One of the most memorable suggestions I’ve ever read in regards to developing one’s own personal style is “make more mistakes.” Being home for the holidays is one of the best possible times for a little outfit experimentation: you have your complete wardrobe (hopefully), you likely have some new clothes to add into the mix, and you get to try some crazy stuff without everyone seeing it. In my mind, this outfit was most definitely a possible mistake. There are a few elements that are a bit dicey, but they’re balanced out by other, safer choices.

For me, and for many people, hats can be a serious challenge to properly incorporate into an outfit. I’ve always utilized my hair as a part of my style, so covering it up was never particularly appealing. This particular hat, however, spoke to me. The vaguely park ranger feel and the nice earthy brown gave me a jumping off point for the rest of this outfit.

IMG_2797Earth tones are safe and they look fantastic; just think of the undeniably beauty of the Mother Nature. Replicating natural color palettes is a great way to develop some new looks. That being said, with this fit I was interested in something a little more out there. This flannel by UNIQLO has a bright color combination and some wonderful visual interest. Adding a neutral blue over-shirt keeps the flannel’s flamboyancy in check, while also adding some layered warmth for Montana’s winters.

When it comes to the lower half of the outfit, I decided to play it safe. The combined visual weight of the flannel and hat needed some balance, and what better to do the job than my favorite pants: slim fit darkwash denim. The sheer versatility of these jeans is astounding, and a well fitting darkwash pair is my number one wardrobe essential for men.

On my feet I am rocking some Golden Fox moc-toe 6” boots. This casual boot style is quickly increasing in popularity, and for good reason: it provides the same quality construction as a plain toe boot with a unique twist. The only risk here is looking like a lumberjack, especially if you wear the wrong flannel, but that’s part of the excitement of this outfit.

Last but not least, on my wrist is a AIBI Ultrathin Silver-tone watch. I love this particular model for its sheer minimalism. A cheaper homage to the Daniel Wellington Classic, it pairs with basically any outfit, especially if you invest in some colorful NATO straps. A brown leather strap treated me just fine here.

There you have it! This attempt at a mistake forced me to try some combinations I wouldn’t have thought of otherwise. The key element here is balance; make sure you don’t go overboard. Oh, and stay away from fedoras. Those are still a fashion faux pas.


We hope you had an amazing holiday and a wonderful winter break. Let’s make this semester the best one yet!


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