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Five Ways to De-Stress for Finals Week


Dina in the library, a book in front of her face hiding it

Dina looking at a book in the library.

By : Dina Merani

Malcolm X once said, “Education is our passport to the future, for tomorrow belongs to the people who prepare for it today.”

To have our bright future, we should study hard and do our best so we can get the best degree at the end of our time in college. We have tests to study for, essays to write, in class quizzes to study for and much more.  Those things will stress us out. Most college students will face this situation. We might feel so happy to start the first weeks of school and we feel so excited to come back to school, but day by day it gets harder and we lose that excitement.

Some students might struggle, and get homesick. Those feelings will make it hard to focus on our classes, and by the end when the final comes, most of us might get super stressed and it’s hard to get anything done. I sometimes get the same feeling. Sometimes, I feel like I don’t want to continue my schooling because of these all all assignments, but I always find the way to reduce all my stress in college. As we all know, Finals Week is around the corner and most of us will study really hard. We might get nervous to face this week. I would like share five different ways that I usually use to reduce my stress. I hope that these ways can help you guys to face this week.

1. Don’t study too much           

Dina at a table in the library, studying

If you pressure yourself to spend most of your time to study, you will get stressed out. You will get stressed about which test you are going to study for and if you will have time to study all the materials in one day. Make a schedule for what are you going to study and when for Finals Week. Just study as much as you need for each final, and make sure that you have study guide to study, because then you won’t waste time studying things you don’t need.

2. Listening to Music

Dina's phone with headphones on her laptop. A candle and two fall leaves as well.

Listening to music might bring you joy and happiness, it does for me. It’s just like you throw all your stress away from your mind by enjoying the beat and the lyrics. Choose music that you love and find a quiet place for you to enjoy the songs. I suggest you to choose a slow tempo music. This kind of music always help me to reduce my sadness and stress and I hope it will work for you guys.

3. Hangout with friends

Dina and friends grabbing a meal at a restaurant

Friends are also important. Find your closest friends and hangout with them during this week. Ask them to have dinner together or have brunch over the weekend. You will find so much happiness when you get together with them. It also will take away your stress for your final. Don’t be afraid to ask your roommate or your classmate to hangout.

4. Workout

Dina in workout gear against some lockers at the gym.

Workout is not only to build muscle, but also doing workout will help reduce your stress. I have tried this several times and it really works for me. The University has gym facilities that you can enter with your GrizCard, so take this opportunity and go there to do some exercises. You can try walking, yoga or if you love dance, you can hit it up with your best moves. You can go by yourself, or go with friends!

Dina opening a locker and showing off the words on her crop top, it reads "Girls Unite"


5. Sleep/ Nap

Dina's legs cozied up with a blanket and fuzzy socks

The less sleep you get, the more stress you will have. So, I just want to make sure that you have enough sleep at night. Do not stay up late when you have a final tomorrow. Sleeping well at night will really help you to have fresh mind and be ready for the day. Also, if you cannot get really good sleep at night, you can take a nap after class or during the weekend. Even just 30 minutes will really help to rest your brain. One more thing, if you cannot get sleep at night, it could mean that you need to fill your stomach because you are hungry. When you are hungry at night, don’t be afraid to eat, because when you don’t eat, you cannot get enough sleep, at least that’s what happens to me!


Alright, I think that is all that I can share with you guys to de-stress for Finals week.

Hopefully it will help you guys .


Happy studying and good luck to you all!


Dina Merani

Photography by Aleksandra Wąs | @fotografed_


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