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Trendsetters at the U

Fall is the perfect season for light layers, rich colors, and accessories that are to die for. Today let Trendsetters at the U show you how they style their own looks for fall!



Trendsetters at the U






Trendsetters at the U

Autumn is, in my opinion, the perfect season. The colors of the leaves, thick warm scarves, homemade apple cider, hay rides, haunted houses, and carving pumpkins! Pumpkin everything in fact. Pumpkin spice latte’s, homemade pumpkin bread, pumpkin scented candles, and pumpkin pie are just a few of the things that make fall the best time of the year. It also has the perfect weather: not so cold you need a winter jacket, but not too warm for all those cute layers. I think one of the best parts about fall is the fashion. All those shades of maroon, mustard, and plum look the best on my skin tone and make me even happier out in the crisp mornings. For my fall look today I’m wearing a chiffon button up in deep orange with a classic beige scarf. skinny jeans from my new favorite store, Bohme, and a pair of lace up booties tie it all together.



Trendsetters at the U Trendsetters at the U

Fall fashion is hands down my favorite fashion of all time, so it would be an understatement to say that I am excited to get dressed in the morning when this time of year rolls around. For this outfit I am wearing my black and white floral shift dress from H&M. This dress is perfect for all seasons, but it works well for fall because although it is floral, the color palette keeps it in season. Over the dress I threw on an oversized burgundy coat from Forever21 and a cream infinity scarf from Bohme. Throughout the fall and winter I am obsessed with layering, I think it makes it so easy to create a put together and chic look, while staying cozy warm at the same time.

I also decided to add a felt hat from Bohme. Since this look is pretty oversized and layered, it can make your head look tiny in comparison. Hats are great for balancing out the overall look, plus they’re lifesavers when it comes to bad hair days! To finish this look off I am wearing my H&M knee high socks and my Nine West combat boots. I love this look because it’s feminine but at the same time incorporates layers and coziness, which are my favorite things about fall fashion.



Trendsetters at the U Trendsetters at the U

I LOVE to be in style which is why I chose to wear my new, navy, double-breasted, Cardinal of Canada (ah) shin length trench. Also, it was REALLY cold the day of the shoot and the coats 90% wool and 10% cashmere blend is super cozy. Keeping with the cold day I decided to wear my very vintage looking mustard RVCA cardigan from Nordstroms.  I stayed with the darker, crisp fall colors by wearing a pair of brown RVCA cords also from Nordstroms.  For my base top layer I wore a dark blue Claiborne laterally striped textured T. The textured T does a great job at adding some flair and interest to what would otherwise be a plain t-shirt.

If this outfit isn’t for you guys at least take a few things away from it. First, this year’s fall/winter colors are darker berry colors (maroon, burgundy, dark blue, etc…). Second, you can NEVER go wrong with a nice cardigan. Third, corduroy is back in style! It’s an awesome, comfy material. Also the ladies love the feel of it. 😉



Trendsetters at the U Trendsetters at the U

The weather this fall has been a bit unpredictable. It’s hard to dress for the chilly mornings and the warm afternoons. The best tip for this is wearing many layers and stripping them off throughout the day. One of my closet staples that I haven’t been able to give up is my numerous skater skirts. For this fall look I decided to transform one for the cold weather by coordinating it with knee high boots. I also choose to layer with numerous tank tops, a long- sleeve crop top from Forever 21, a neutral tone shawl with pink accents from TJ- Maxx, and an infinity scarf. I completed this look with a cinch at the waist with an elastic belt to give an illusion of an hourglass shape. This fall look is cozy, yet still lets me latch on to a summer vibe for a little longer.


Trendsetters at the U Trendsetters at the U

Fall is my favorite season to dress for. There’s just something about the breezy weather and golden leaves that get me. It might be a little because my birthday is in October too. But regardless, fall clothing is fun. You can pretty much wear anything from a summer dress with tights and a sweater to winter boots and a scarf and get away with it.

For my look I wanted to focus on wearing this new scarf I just bought. It’s so big it’s basically a blanket, and I love it! I bought it at a small town boutique and it’s probably going to be what I wear all fall and winter. Since it’s a pretty toned down print, I added a striped shirt from Forever21 for more dynamics. Pattern mixing is always fun. Then I added a pair of flare jeans. They are coming back into style so pull them out of the back of your closet and start wearing them again. Mine are from Nordstroms. With jeans like this, high heels are perfect. So I grabbed a pair of platform combat boots from JCPenny’s. And lastly, simple accessories are the best way to top off any outfit. So throw on a bangle or two and a pair of sunnies.



Trendsetters at the U Trendsetters at the U

​​I feel like a leather jacket is necessary for a fall wardrobe, so of course I wore one for this shoot. Fall is all about layers I feel, so I thought a pink scarf would go nicely. The patterned leggings and the boots give it that wonderful fall feel.


Photos by Lacey Young Photography

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