Fall 2017

Fall Outfit Ideas 2017

Fall is coming to a close here in Missoula! Fall was brief, as it usually is in Montana. Hopefully some of you live in places where your autumn lasts a little bit longer and you have a bit more time to enjoy your fall fashion! As the snow starts to cover up the fallen leaves, the Trendsetters are here to share some of our fall favorites from this season.


God bless autumn for the funnest fashion trends, amiright?  There’s nothing better than a cute scarf or a cozy beanie to add some pizazz to your outfit.  As I thought about what look I wanted for this shoot, I had a hard time narrowing down my favorite fall pieces.  So, in the end, yo’ girl ended up sporting all three of my faves…over the knee boots, a turtleneck, and a flannel!  

The Hollister turtleneck I chose as my base layering piece seemed like the perfect little touch of class (and warmth!) with a simple black pinstripe.  As my top piece, I chose an oversized flannel  ’cause who doesn’t love lookin’ bad in plaid?  Flannels are also a favorite of mine ’cause they keep you warm without breaking the bank or feelin’ too bulky.  I’ve found that the best flannels always seem to come from the men’s section at Goodwill but this one in particular I borrowed from a friend! The color combo screamed fall and for some reason the words “lumberjack chic” came to mind.  Because the combo of stripes and plaid on the top was pretty eccentric, I kept my color combo solid on the bottom.

A simple black skinny jean tied in perfectly with the turtleneck and also went well with my suede over the knee boots which I got from Target!  As far as accessories, I wanted to keep it simple so I threw on a maroon beanie (handmade by a friend) and I was ready to head to the pumpkin patch!


Comfy sweater/jacket, warm drinks, boots, pretty colors and pumpkins. Sounds beautiful and nice, doesn’t it? Yeah, I’m talking about fall. Leaves are changing colors. I am so happy that I get spend another Fall here at the University of Montana in  Missoula, MT. I’m filled love when I wake up in the morning, I have a cup of hot chocolate (My favorite for cold weather) and see beautiful colors around me that make me feel ready to face my day. Even when I get overwhelmed from a busy day, the stress will literally fade away when I walk around campus and see the beautiful colors. My favorite thing in this season is when I walk around campus and put my headphones on, I feel like I wanna dance under the beautiful trees. When I try to dance or when I’m walking around campus, I just feel like all my problem are gone when see this beautiful creation.

This is my second year here in Montana where I get to enjoy this beautiful fall season. My last Fall here was so much fun. I learned so much about what fall is like in the USA. I carved pumpkins last year with groups of friends. My first pumpkin was so bad, however I am glad that I got to learn how to carve pumpkins. I went to a Halloween party with friends which was my other favorite part about last fall, and of course, the fall photoshoot with the Trendsetters. I just want to say thank you so much to Trendsetters at the U, because this crew has been amazing for me. I have learned so manh things from this group. I love Trendsetters at the U… like, a lot.

For the fall photoshoot this year, I wore pants with boots and my denim jacket. Also, if you guys noticed, I just got a new hairstyle and love this one, I’ll keep this hairstyle until next year, probably.  For my outfit, I got my black pants and denim jacket from H&H, a long sleeved shirt which is from Indonesia. I went home on summer vacation and brought it back. I got my boots from a second hand shop.  

Well, I think that’s all I have to say about fall.

I hope you guys have a wonderful fall semester and enjoy the rest of the beautiful color in this season before the white season covers Missoula. Haha. Have a great day everyone !

I love you all. XOXO


Fall is my stinkin’ favorite time of year. Nothing makes me feel more warm and cozy inside than seeing the leaves changing colors and going to the pumpkin patch. This time of year is my all-time favorite wardrobe season. I feel like my outfits just are so much more put together with lots of layers. For this outfit I am wearing a very fall colored sweater from H&M. I paired it with my Topshop Jamie jeans, which are the perfect amount of high waisted and stretchy. My over the knee boots are Blondo from Nordstrom, these are the best boots for Montana weather. They are waterproof so while its raining or snowing I still feel cute (and dry). I added a vintage western belt I’ve had since I was little girl and a thrifted wrangler jean jacket! Happy fall y’all:)


Fall is for cozy sweaters… and pumpkin patches.. and fresh apple cider… and basically everything warm and comfortable. The cozy knit I have on is from T.J. Maxx and has the cutest bell sleeves to spice it up. Bell sleeves are a huge staple for sweaters this fall and winter and will definitely give a fun look to an outfit. The color blocking in this sweater is perfect to add a bit of contrast and uniqueness to the outfit. Paired with black jeans, a chunky boot, and dark lip, you have the perfect outfit for pumpkin patches, corn mazes, and cozy walks through the leaves.


I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. I love fall. I don’t care how “basic” it may be, there is something so magical about the crispness in the air, warm pumpkin bread right out of the oven, and the sea of golden leaves that engulfs Missoula during this time of year. Not to mention, the fashion during this time of year is absolutely exquisite. Denim, outerwear and cozy knits? Yes please!

For this outfit, I wanted to incorporate one of my favorite pieces: overalls. Overalls of all kinds have become a staple in my wardrobe. These overalls are from Urban Outfitters and they were more of a splurge than I’d like to admit, but hey! They’re pretty freaking cute, and incredibly comfy too. Underneath, I’m wearing my favorite sweater of the moment. It’s gray, has big sleeves, and is SO SOFT. I got it at H&M, but I feel like it’s one of those pieces that looks a lot more high end than it actually is, which I am always down for.

To finish the look off I added my Michelle necklace and my Converse to keep the outfit fun, yet laid back enough to romp through a pumpkin patch for hours on end. Happy fall, everyone!


Fall is the briefest season. I swear it was here a second ago, but now there’s snow on the ground, so I guess it’s gone now. But for those two weeks where everything’s gold and the air is warm and crisp at the same time, us Trendsetters have got to make sure we’re dressing in our best. It’s what the season calls for. So this is my best. My grey collared shirt from Madewell is super thick and would keep any gal warm this season. My jeans are from Top Shop and a great wash for any season, while my scarf, from Apricot Lane, adds some extra snugness and screams “fall”. And to finish off the look we’ve got my black booties from Athleta to keep my toes warm while strutting through any pumpkin patch. Stay warm out there, Grizzlies!


Happy fall, y’all! Fall in Montana is so beautiful, and if you blink too fast… you’ll miss the whole thing! These colorful leaves and crisp air make me want to cozy up in boots and a flannel, so for this shoot I wore my favorite red flannel dress from Olive + Iron and my new short black Hunter boots! I’ve been wearing these pretty much every day, unapologetically, and I don’t plan on stopping anytime soon! This outfit was perfect for romping around Missoula’s Great Pumpkin Patch! It was a little chilly, but otherwise the perfect day to hang out with friends, pick pumpkins and take photos!


Fall is my favorite season, but not just because of the leaves, pumpkins and Halloween. I love fall because I firmly believe that it is the easiest season to look cute while you’re actually being really lazy. Hear me out here. Haven’t washed your hair in a couple days? Forget the dry shampoo, just find a beanie! Too cold to wear a skirt but you can’t be bothered to fuss with a pair of skinny jeans? Good thing the weather is perfect for leggings! And lets not forget the beauty of boots right about now! It’s chilly enough that you can break out your boots, boot socks and even your Uggs if you’re feeling extra lazy, but it’s not snowy yet so you don’t have to worry about wet socks if your boots aren’t 100% waterproof! See? Fall fashion, if used to your advantage, is the perfect way to look like you tried (when you really didn’t).

But, all jokes aside, I am actually a fan of fall fashion (even the kind where you have to try). I love sweaters, boots and beanies. Plus, the whole redhead thing works really well with fall colors (olive green and me are besties). For this shoot I went with one of my favorite black sweaters that I got at Francesca’s, a pair of destructed skinnies from Vanity (before they went out of business), a lightweight olive jacket also from Vanity, my gray Carhartt beanie and my favorite pair of gray boots. I like this outfit because its cozy and cute while also being super casual.


I have never experienced autumn – uh, fall – quite like the Americans do. You guys sure know how to take something as simple as a season and turn it into something to celebrate! There are pumpkins everywhere – in pies, in coffee, on everyone’s front porch and at our fall photoshoot. Fall is also a great time for fashion: cool enough to rock those layers, but not so cold that you have to hide your outfit under a huge winter coat. For this outfit, I’ve layered a warm oversized blazer over a chiffon button-up from Mirrou, tied at the waist to center the look. They both have a checked pattern, but I think the contrasting large and small patterns work well together. I’m not quite ready to give up on my skater skirts yet, so I’ve opted for one in a fall-esque maroon shade, and paired it with plain black tights and vintage brown boots that I ‘borrowed’ from my mother’s wardrobe (thanks, mum!). I love this look because the skirt makes it cute and feminine, while the blazer pulls it together and keeps the cold fall winds at bay.


My textured-knit sweater and bomber jacket are from H&M! I got my jean joggers and boots from J. C. Penny’s!


My favorite season is fall. I’m sure some of you would agree. What I love about fall is when the leaves fall on the ground and the smell of the leaves fills the air. Also, I love the weather changing from hot to warm, and sometimes cold.

For this fall look I wore a red flannel that is from T.J. Maxx and I wore it under my beige sweater from Target. The blue vest jacket was from Dillard’s.My jeans were from American Eagle , and my Michael Kors boots were from Dillard’s. I wanted to go for a signature fall look so I mixed dark and light colors together.


Hey everyone! I’m excited for fall to be in full swing, and I hope that my outfit gives you some inspiration to try new color combos and patterns!

On top I’m wearing a white t-shirt with a weird and wonderful logo that says, “I’m Not Like The Others”. I picked up this piece from a place in downtown Chicago called The Buffalo Exchange. I’m really excited about it because it’s got this weird grunge vibe, but it still adds a wonderful base layer that I can layer stuff on top of, making it one of my favorite t-shirts I own.

Next up is one of my favorite flannels, an Indian Corn one that I picked up at the YCWA. In my takeovers I often talk about shopping there, and I have picked up some lovely pieces there. Not only do they have wonderful clothing options, but also all the money goes to a good cause. The store is connected to a women’s shelter, and the money you spend there goes to helping women in need. If you haven’t yet stopped by, it really is worth the drive, and the staff is helpful and caring as well! Overall, I love my experiences there and the things that I find—like this flannel—are always spectacular.

My pants and shoes for this shoot came from the same place—ASOS. It’s an online fashion shop that has a ton of great deals, and oftentimes has discounts for students. The pants that I’m wearing are a pair of over-sized chinos in green with black paint splatter and a pair of hound’s-tooth, black-and-white sneakers. I love mixing and matching patterns in my outfits, and I was so excited to get these sneakers because they add one of my favorite patterns into many of my outfits and they are comfortable and easy to wear anywhere!

Photography by Aleksandra Wąs | @fotografed_

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