Fall 2016

Autumn Leaves


“It looked like the world was covered in a cobbler crust of brown sugar and cinnamon.” – Sarah Addison Allen





I, among millions of others, love autumn. I love everything about autumn: the crisp air, the colorful leaves, apple pies, sweaters, and that excitement of the impending holiday season. I mostly love fall because it gives me the opportunity to be more creative with my wardrobe. I can FINALLY layer. I love summer, but after a while dressing in a tank top and shorts can get tedious. In fall you can break out the cute jackets and cardigans, dust off your boots, and you can get away with a bad hair day wearing a cute beanie.

Since fall fashion for me primarily means being comfy and warm I opted for one of my faves: a good pair of jeans. I paired them with a cute tank top I got at H&M which has all the pretty fall colors (without being just orange). Then I layered a “New Look” jacket I got the day before. I wore my favorite boots, and beige knee high socks. This outfit is a little less colorful than I’d normally wear, with white on white, but I think it contrasts nicely with all the fall colors outside. And then, to finish off my look, I wore my fall favorite: a red lip. I felt fabulous in my outfit and ready to go carve a pumpkin, eat some apple pie, and jump in a pile of leaves. Happy Fall Everyone!





img_2732The chillier weather has settled in. Store shelves are lined with pumpkin flavored everything and if you’re anything like me, have watched “Hocus Pocus” around 12 times already. This can only mean one thing. It’s time to bust out your scarves and light your cinnamon candles because it’s autumn, people!

The next three months are my favorites out of the whole year, especially when it comes to fashion. I’ve always gravitated towards deep greens, blues and rich warm reds and oranges over bright summery tones. Don’t get me wrong, I will totally sport maroon and navy on the sunniest summer day, even pair it with black, my other favorite color to wear. I just love seeing the general public embracing the fall tones with me.

When I first laid eyes on this sweater in Forever 21, I immediately pictured this outfit and it is everything I could have hoped it to be. Normally, I would go for a darker sweater, but I am living for the contrast of the light tan against the deep forest green scarf.

I’m a firm believer that fall and coziness go hand in hand, so this oversized blanket scarf is the perfect accessory. This one in particular really stood out to me because of the color scheme. It’s surprisingly difficult to find a plaid scarf that doesn’t have red in it, so it had to be mine as soon as I spotted it in an Aeropostale outlet store last Black Friday. The best part is, it’s absolutely massive, so it doubles as an actual blanket if the need were ever to arise. That just means it takes a little more time getting it to wrap around me just right, but it’s a price I’m willing to pay.

Now onto the actual star player here; these jeans! It was love at first sight with these bad boys. I had been searching for the perfect pair of distressed black jeans for months, when these jumped out at me in Old Navy. They’re the perfect length and have just enough stretch to be incredibly comfortable without becoming completely saggy within an hour. I finished this outfit off with some simple, black loafers from H&M and my favorite fall accessory; a bold, berry lipstick.







“A fallen leaf is nothing more than summer’s wave goodbye.” Don’t get me wrong I LOVE summer, but I think I love autumn even more. Bearable temperatures, beautiful fall colors, football games, herbal tea and warm, cozy clothes are everything my heart desires.

To me fall is all about simple layers. Montana mornings are always a little crisp so wear a jacket that will keep you warm. I bought this jacket (no joke, the day before this shoot) knowing that it was the ideal fall jacket. This specific brand of jacket is Love Tree. Just look at that gorgeous olive color! I always seem to find the perfect clothes when I go shopping for other things that usually are not clothes… sorry not sorry bank account. As my life goes, I went to Apricot Lane looking for jeans because they were having a sale and ta-dah I came home with two pairs of jeans and a new jacket!!

For this look, I wore a light colored shirt to go with the darker jacket and darker jeans. The brand of this shirt is Daytrip. I chose the light colored shirt so it wouldn’t look like everything blended together. The separation of layers can be easily done with any outfit by contrasting light and dark colors.

Ladies, if you can find a pair of jeans that you can do high kicks in AND climb a tree, buy them because they will change your life. They have clearly already changed mine in more ways than one, price and fit. The brand Just Black will never let you or your style down. There are many different fits and shades of this style of jean.

Brown flats can go with just about anything in any season; versatile shoe if you ask me! I adore heels but they aren’t very kind to my feet when I have to walk around campus all day. Spend the extra money, if you can, to find a pair of flats that are comfortable yet fashionable. The opportunities that you could wear those flats just expanded because they are business casual. I’m not saying spend the extra $50, I’m saying spend the extra $15 or $20. Definitely find a good deal, (if you have extremely small feet like I do, shop in the kid’s section to save even more money) but don’t short yourself. You never know, that might your new favorite brand!






October is undoubtedly the best month of the whole year. The leaves change color, the air gets crisper, and the clothes get cuter. Suddenly the whole UM campus looks like it’s straight out of an episode of Gilmore Girls; and as I stroll from class to class, chai latte in hand, I have to remind myself that I am not in Stars Hollow. Needles to say, fall is a favorite of mine, so I was incredibly pumped for my first ever Trendsetter’s fall fashion shoot. I wanted to combine a lot of different elements and pieces that I’ve recently been very excited about for my outfit.

My plaid dress from H&M serves as a great base and is a long-time favorite of mine, I contrasted the more “school girl” piece with my new jean jacket from Gap. My black tights are also from H&M and my black Franco Sarto heeled booties are from TJ Maxx. The frilled socks from Francesca’s add a touch of feminine flair and help break up the black tights and the black boots. Finally I topped the look off with my beret from Urban Outfitters which I felt made the outfit a tad more unique and had me channeling my inner Cher from Clueless. 







I don’t even care if it’s considered basic, fall is my absolute favorite. With golden leaves littering the streets of Missoula, pumpkin bread being sold at almost every coffee shop and the overall vibe of “cozy” filling the air, I just can’t get enough of this season. Also, the fashion is perfection.  Layers, knits, denim, plaid, need I say more? This outfit has been my go-to this season, I love how the pieces work together to create an effortlessly autumnal look. Plus I’ve been jammin’ hard on Chelsea Lankford from True Lane lately, so needless to say this outfit was very much inspired by her (definitely bought this jacket because she owns it, plus it’s flawless.)

Underneath the flawless jacket (which is form Target btw,) I’m wearing a color blocked striped sweater from H&M. I bought this sweater last year, but it got lost in the depths of my closet so I only just started to wear it now! I know..it’s so shameful. I promise my closet organization has stepped up since then. I’m also sporting my favorite jeans at the minute, which are the Jamie Jeans from Topshop. So comfy. So cute. So versatile.

As far as accessories go, I’m wearing a gray knitted beanie from the dollar section at Target, a Lat & Lo gold bar necklace from Cloth & Crown and I’m finishing the look off with my fave black buckled booties by Steve Madden.









Good bye, summer–and hello autumn…the season after summer and before winter.

I have a lot of different feelings about autumn, both sad and happy.

Fall is coming with the leaves changing colors, the climate is changing–becoming cooler and the leaves are falling down.

Leaves are falling to the ground without sound.

Day are getting shorter, nights are growing longer.. yeah, fall is here.

I am truly, deeply in love with this season.

Such a beautiful day in Missoula. I wake up with all colors in this environment.

I really love this place. Walking around campus makes me feel wonderful in this season. Fall is like coloring each day of mine in Missoula.

This is my first experience in the USA, to enjoy and feel the fall season.

It’s awesome.

Due to the fact that fall is getting cooler, I decided to choose a warmer outfit.  I chose to wear a simple white dress with black stockings, with a pair of brown boots. I also wore my black scarf.

Everything I wore is from H&M.

What a pretty day in Autumn.

Keep warm and enjoy this season in Missoula.







img_3159Autumn is my favorite time of year. There’s something about getting all cozy in warm clothes as the air turns crisp and leaves cover the ground, that makes me all giddy inside at the start of every season. This outfit is pretty standard for me during the fall time. You can never go wrong with dark jeans and little booties with an oversized sweater. Not only is it super comfortable but it’s an easy way to look cute without trying.

Once fall time comes around I bring out all of my dark washed jeans. These are just simple dark blue jeggings from Target. The booties are Kenneth Cole but every season tons of stores always come out with cheaper alternatives. My sweater is Gianna Bini, sold at Dillard’s. However, it’s from several years ago so you probably can’t find this exact one. Any big sweater would give the same look. I really like the pattern this one has because it’s just enough color to not be bland, but not so much that it makes it look like you’re stuck in a summer mood.  This is a super simple look to put together but still adorable.






img_2924Fall is the most beautiful time of year–and the landscape in Missoula becomes even more breathtaking as the leaves begin to change color and fall. Since the scenery is so colorful, I like to stick to nudes and blacks during this time; I figure that since this time of year is pretty to look at, I shouldn’t detract from that with a crazy outfit.

For this look, I wore my favorite, dark-wash skinny jeans from American Eagle for maximum warmth and comfort. I paired them with this nude, lace-up sweater from H&M, and my trusty black shoelace-turned-choker. It’s no joke–I actually use this as a choker and I get so many compliments on it!

These knee-high black boots from Target compliment the color scheme, and provide additional warmth while classing up the look. My black pea coat from H&M not only keeps me cozy during the colder days of Fall, but also makes me feel like I’m living in a different era.

Nudes don’t have to be boring, dress them up with accessories, and pair them with dark, contrasting colors this Fall to make this look your own!






img_2705There’s nothing I love more than autumn, especially living in a gorgeous city like Missoula!  As all the trees are transforming, I 10/10 would recommend taking a glance down University Ave, to get a glimpse of the beauty Montana has to offer.  But the leaves aren’t the only thing that’s changing! As a lover of accessories, I can’t help but get excited when I get to wear scarves, cardigans, and beanies back into my outfits, even if that means a little chilly weather with it.

For my fall look, I started with a classic staple for this time of year: a plaid scarf.  From there, I couldn’t resist working in a red Hunter rain boot which matched perfectly with my scarf, and coincidentally the day of our shoot was a little cloudy and rainy too!

Since both the scarf and boot were statement accessories, I decided to keep the rest of my look simple as I worked backward, choosing my top and bottom pieces after my main accessories.  A simple dark jean combined with a white stripe top and a simple cardigan seemed to be the perfect combo of neutrals for a fall color scheme. The addition of my white beanie and gray knee highs added a little bit more depth to my look without going over the top. And if you need one more accessory for a fall outfit, of course a PSL is never a bad option!






Fall is officially here! the leaves are changing colors, weather is getting cooler, and almost everything is pumpkin flavored. Fall fashion is my favorite. Although I am sad that it’s getting colder outside, I am happy that I finally get to bring out all of my sweaters and boots.

Now that it is no longer summer we have to be prepared for any and all weather. It can go from sunny and 75 to total downpour in just hours. My Abercrombie and Fitch sweater is perfect for cooler weather because it keeps me warm without being too heavy. Since it’s fall time I like to keep to earthy tones to match my surroundings, so I put my light brown lace vest over my sweater with a comfy pair of jeans.

To tie my look together I grabbed a nice pair of boots. Boots are essential this time of year, in my opinion, you can’t go wrong with them. The boots I’m wearing are very comfortable so they are perfect for walking around campus from class to class.



Photography by McKenna Munden | @kennaphotography

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