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Stephanie McGillen

Spring 2018

Quick and Easy Eyebrow Tutorial

By Stephanie McGillen

I’ve been asked several times about how I do my eyebrows everyday. So today, I decided to make a quick and easy eyebrow tutorial! Everyone’s eyebrows are different shapes and sizes and some like them bold while others prefer a more natural look. Either way is perfect it just depends on your personal preference. My personal style is more bold so you can add/take out steps if you want it more natural.

To start the tutorial these are some things you will need. You do not need these specific items but, anything simolar would work perfectly!

Ka-Brow Benefit dip brow, brow wand, ColourPop Brow boss liner, flat concealer brush, and tarte shape tape concealer, anastasia clear brow gel, olay complete all day moisturizer

Before image

  1.  I’ll be using my Olay Moisturizer all over my face. Make sure you cover your eyebrows. This makes sure your eyebrows will not be dry and gives them a very smooth and sleek look. Then I use my ColourPop liner and line the top and bottom of my eyebrow shape.

lining her brows

2. Then I take my Benefit Dip Brow and fill in my brows to give them more color and make them darker. Afterwards use a brow wand brush to brush through your brows to get the excess makeup off and spread the color evenly.

Brows after filling them in

3. Next take your concealer, mine is Tarte shape tape concealer, and concealer brush and outline your brows to clean up the shape. This gives it a more defined shape and look. Then take your setting powder to set the concealer. This prevents the concealer from creasing and makes it look more matte.

Applying the concealer

4. Finally take a clear brow gel to set your brows. This keeps your brows in place all day!

Finished brow look

And that concludes my eyebrow tutorial! Thank you for reading and I hope this helped!