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One Dress Four Ways


Getting tired of wearing the same thing from week to week? Too broke to buy new clothes? I get that. I’m there right now. But luckily for us, I’ve got a few tips on how to spice up the closet. Follow these three tips to change any dress in your closet instantly, written by the author of faMILLERize at


Classics Never Go Out of Style

Before we get too crazy into the tweaking of this dress, lets remember that it’s beautiful the way it is. Just because you wear it once a week or every other week, doesn’t make it boring or any less flattering on you. You bought the dress for a reason, and that reason is you’re comfortable in it, you’re confident in it, and it looks amazing.

Here’s the dress I’m working with tonight.

It’s a long sleeve, floral dress I bought at Forever 21 about four years ago. I love the length of the dress, and the cozy fit of the sleeves. The dress is one of my go-tos, but occasionally I wish it fit a little different or had a different neck line. Here are a few solutions I came up with.


A Classy Plunge

For this look, I took the sleeves of the dress, crossed them over my sternum, and tied them behind my neck. This sweet dress just grew up a few years! Now the dress has a “going out” feel, with some fun draping in the middle. The bare shoulder look is a playful addition to any look.

Adding a leather jacket, a denim jacket, a cardigan, or a bomber jacket would all be fun layers to add to this look. It would also pair well with flats, heels, open toed shoes, closed toe shoes, you name it! A versatile look for a versatile lady!


Skirt, Skirt!

Who doesn’t love turning dresses into skirts? Simply throwing a t-shirt or a sweater over the top of a dress easily turns any dress into a skirt. When the dress has long sleeves it becomes a little more challenging. You almost have to throw a long sleeve on to really make it look like only a skirt, not a dress. That can get uncomfortable with multiple tight layers on your arms.

An easy fix to this problem is to take the sleeves off, fold the top half of the dress down, fold the top half under the skirt, and tie the sleeves to give the impression of a sash around your waist. See below for an example:

The trick with this one is to fold the upper half smoothly into the bottom half so you’re not left with lumps and bulges in your dress. You can also pick the length of your skirt depending on where you fold the dress in.

I love pairing this with a crop top and creating a high wasted skirt. You can also tuck a t shirt into the skirt, or wear something flowy over the skirt as well.


The Belle of the Ball

Now, I have no idea what the style of this dress is called, but it reminds of the Disney Princess Belle. It’s a fun way to turn a simple dress into something a little more structured and stylized.

For this one, I took the sleeves, pulled them up over my shoulders and down my back. You can pin them into the back of the dress to keep them steady, leaving the left over of the sleeves tucked into the dress. Then I slid the sleeves off my shoulder onto my upper arms. The way this dress is structured, I naturally got the peak in the middle of the neck line.

This look gives us a fun, almost sweet heart neck line, and a more elegant sleeve with a modern take on the style. This can be worn casually or more dressed up. I’d pair this one with some flats and maybe a scarf to wear tuck in your elbows and around the back of your waist.


Try it yourself!

Feeling inspired by these tweaks to the dress? Try it out on your favorite piece and comment below how it went! We at Trendsetters at the U would love to see how you change your clothes up for a new look out of old items!


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