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Spring 2018

21 Things I’ve Learned In 21 Years

By: Marlena Jones

In honor of my 21st birthday this year, I wanted to reflect on all of the things that have helped me make life so wonderful. Here are some of the things I have learned throughout the years that have greatly improved my happiness and outlook on life 🙂

1. ALWAYS stop to pet puppies

cute puppy on couch


I know that may seem like a no brainer but just do it, I promise you it will never fail to make you so so happy. Dogs have an amazing energy and are always so full of life and curiosity. They set a good example to follow in the lesson of life’s simple pleasures. OKAY, and they are insanely cute!!

2. Buy flowers

Flowers in vases in flower shop

Having flowers around makes everything so lively and makes you feel like your home is so put together, especially in spring. Plus they are sooooo beautiful!

3. Live for you

In the end, no matter what anyone else says, you NEED to do what makes you the happiest. You are in charge of making decisions for yourself that benefit you. Do not let others influence your decisions, if it makes you happy, do it.

4. Spend money on experiences, not things

I cannot stress this one enough. We live in a society today that values material possessions very highly. To stay grounded, I like to remind myself that at the end of my life, I won’t be able to take any possessions with me. Instead, I will hold all of the memories and experiences within me, and that is what is truly valuable in life.

5. Be optimistic (most of the time)

We are in charge of our own happiness. It’s absolutely okay to have a bad day every once in a while, but don’t let it consume you.

6. Wear what you want

bold shoes and sunglasses


If you feel good wearing it, wear it! Having your own personal style makes you unique and beautiful.

7. Love your parents

Your parents are the people who love you most in this world. We won’t have them forever so hug them a little extra, buy your mom flowers, spend time with your dad, tell them you love them.

8. Make someone smile everyday

I’ve learned making someone else happy is actually a really good way to make yourself happy.

9. Kindness makes you beautiful 

No matter what you look like, being kind is most important in this world.

10. Grades do not define you or your intelligence 

Some of the most well-rounded and intelligent people I know did not or do not get the best grades in school. Just do your best and work hard, but make sure you are taking care of yourself.

11. Celebrate the small things

Everything deserves a celebration! The more you celebrate the small things, the more there is to celebrate.

12. Put your phone away every once in a while

picnic supplies in bike basket

Don’t get too distracted by social media, likes, and followers. Honestly, it doesn’t really matter. Get out and enjoy the sunshine, have a picnic, visit family 🙂

13. Take care of yourself first

Your mental and physical health come first in every situation. If something or someone isn’t helping you grow, it is 100% okay to eliminate that aspect of your life. You come first!

14. Make time for the people you love 

Support and love those who support and love you! Your support system helps guide you through life, it’s very important to always show appreciation for those wonderful people in your life.

15. Read books

stack of books

Lots and lots of them!

16. Do everything with love

Do everything in a calm and loving manner and the universe will repay you with the same. Putting good energy out into the world will help you attract good energy into your life.

17. Work hard, make it happen!

None of your dreams can become reality unless you work for them. Your life is up to you! You control where you end up in life, you can make it possible.

18. Be the bigger person

Most of the time, what you are fighting over isn’t worth it.

19. Eat well

cute ice cream cones

And I mean EAT WELL, food is fuel and your friend.

20. “Will this matter a few years from now?”

This is what I ask myself every time something bad happens. If I get a bad grade, I have to remind myself that it won’t matter in a few years from now, etc.

21. Love the life you have

This is your one life to experience, love, and live. Make the absolute most of it, every single day.

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Fall 2017

Cozy and Cute Winter Outfit Ideas

By: Marlena Jones

Winter is my absolute favorite time of the year. The lightly falling snow, hot chocolate topped with whipped cream, winter markets, baking cookies, and let’s not forget the most important thing: Christmas, all make it so special. But sadly, with this magical season comes the not so magical part, the cold. During the winter, the biggest style questions I ask myself are: “Is it cozy?” and “Is it warm?”. We all just want to wear our biggest coziest sweater or jacket and call it good so here are some ideas on how to do just that!

Outfit #1

Marlena with a fluffy coat holding the hood up to show the fuzzy hood

My favorite pieces to wear during the winter season are coats. To add a unique look to your winter outfit, add a faux fur-lined jacket as a completion piece. It’s a great way to make a statement without being too over the top, plus it’s really, really cute and warm. I decided to wear this coat as the statement piece in my outfit and pair it with a simple black top and jeans with brown boots. Not only are coats an essential for winter, but they look super cute in photos (major bonus)!!

Marlena in her black coat described above in the woods

Close up of Marlena in her coat

Outfit #2

Marlena in a tan coat, blanket scarf, black jeans, and brown short boots on a rock

One of my favorite things to do throughout the year is to adventure and find new spots around Montana to explore. This outfit is perfect for this purpose. In this outfit, I decided to pair a tan thrifted jacket and black jeans. I added my brown combat boots to complete this adventure-ready look! To accessorize in the winter, I love adding a blanket scarf which is an amazing way to dress up an outfit. I know whenever I see someone with a really oversized scarf I always think to myself how insanely cozy and cute they look (okay, and maybe how I can use the scarf as an actual blanket in class).

Marlena showing off her blanket scarf. It is white, dark green, yellow, red and navy blue

Marlena in her outfit described above. She has now added light brown gloves

Outfit #3

Marlena in jeans, a checkered coat, a white top, and a necklace

If you really want to tap into your inner Montanan, I suggest getting yourself a fluffy flannel jacket to throw over your outfits. Not only is this jacket probably one of the best investments I’ve made, it was also thrifted! How cool is that? But in all honesty, this is probably the cutest flannel I have seen. Paired with a simple white sweater and black jeans, the outfit looks effortless and as if you are ready to cozy up to a fireplace or go Christmas tree hunting.

Marlena showing the back of her jacket and sweater

Marlena her outfit again. The white sweater has a kind of floating collar detail

Stay warm out there and Happy Holidays everyone! May they be filled with laughter, lots of baking, and happy times.


Marlena Jones | @marlenamariej


Photography by: Aleksandra Wąs | @fotografed_ and Jazzer-Rae Engel | @skeletonxsmiles