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Dina Merani

Fall 2018

How to Travel on a Budget

By Dina Merani

Howdy…  I know we all have a lot of things on our plate this semester. I hope everyone is doing well so far this semester. Don’t stress about your college life. iIf you find something in your life that you don’t like, or you’re having trouble achieving what you want, hang in there. Keep fighting for it and I believe you can do it. No matter what happens it’s life, and this is how the cookie crumbles. If you cannot do one thing that you want, try another thing that you like or something else that makes you happy. What makes you happy will make your life way better than what you had lost before. Exploring the world and traveling can be the best way for you to make you happier. While you’re traveling, you might find some new things. Speaking of traveling, you might say traveling is my Middle Name, and I always looking for new places to go. You may think that traveling costs so much money because you need a hotel and good food. First, if your goal is just to see that place, you are in the right place, because I am going to give 5 ways to travel on a budget.

Dina in an airport with luggage and stuffed animal

Dina in an airport, sitting at a gate

Photography by Zac Clough

1. Travel with friend

Dina and friend on railroad tracks

Dina and friend at Golden Gate Bridge

A friend is someone who is always there for you when you are happy and sad. They always support you no matter what happens to you. If you have that kind of friend (bestie), you can ask your friend to go traveling with you. Why your friend? By traveling with your bestie, you and your bestie and share some things together. For example, looking for a cheap hostel that you and your friend can stay in together. If you want a cheaper option, there is Airbnb. This type of accommodation is often way cheaper than hostel. You can look for the cheapest one and you and your friend can stay in same room and split the price. This is I did when I went to Seattle and San Francisco for the first time. I always go with my bestie and we always share everything, and if either of us needs food or money, we can help each other.

2. Make Friends

Dina and friends posing outside airport with luggage

Photography by Zac Clough

Make as many friends as you can, especially make friends from different countries. By making lots of friends you can travel to where they live more easily. They might help you with food or accommodations when you come visit them. Which means you don’t need to pay lot of money for accommodation and food. I did the same thing when I visited Portland. I have friends there, they helped me with accommodations (I stayed with them) and cooked for myself in their place, and it was so exciting that I could spend some time with them as well.

3. Join Club on Campus (Group Tour)

Dina and friends walking into airport with luggage
There will many different clubs on campus, and in those clubs there may be a trip to go somewhere. By joining and becoming an active member in your club, you might get a chance to go to a new place for a small amount of money and people in your group may help you with that. For example, I joined the University of Montana Pacific Islander Club last year and became active in it this semester by get involved in meetings and others club events. Through this club, I might get go to Hawaii next year over Spring Break. How fun and exciting! Oh my… I can’t wait for this trip. See? Some clubs at the University can give benefits for you and who knows? You might get the same chance like me .

4. Cook by yourself

If you don’t have enough money to buy food while you’re traveling, you can cook by yourself. That’s cheaper than you eating at a restaurant. Not only that, but  food that you cook by yourself can be more delicious than the food in five star hotels or restaurants.

5. Be brave

Oh yeah, without bravery, you cannot go traveling. You should have that bravery in yourself. Just makes sure you’re brave when you get stuck somewhere or your bestie is not with you. In my experience, I didn’t have enough money to buy an airplane ticket and I really wanted to travel. I decided to travel 11 hours by myself by bus and I did it. I arrived safety. All that I needed was to be brave.

Dina with coffee on a subway

Dina on a subway

All these experiences are just so amazing to me and I’m so happy that I got to share this with you all. Hopefully there is one or two tips that you can try on your trip whenever you wanna go. Thank you so much to spend time reading this. XOXO @dMerani95.

Summer 2018

5 Different Outfits for Summer Birthdays


Dina in circle sunglasses and a pale floral jumpsuit

By Dina Merani
Photography: @ashcaitphoto (Ashley Caitlin)

Outfit: La Belle Vita

May is my favorite month after December. Why December ? Well, you all probably know that December has Christmas and that’s the reason why I love December. When December starts my heart is always full of  joy and happiness. But wait, this time I am not gonna talk about December.  I would like to share with y’all why I love May so much. May is the month that I am always waiting for. I love this month a lot because this is my Birthday Month and for me my birthday is really important. When April comes, I’m always so excited that the next month will be my month, a month that I can still have breath and have another year to live in this beautiful world. When I was child I’d always celebrate my birthday and I’d always prepare for it starting in April. I’d ask my parents to have a little party for me, so I can invite my close friends. Birthday parties, starting at 1 year old is a tradition in our family, especially for little kids to invite their friends. For my family, the first thing that we do for a birthday is wake up in the morning and pray together for the person who’s birthday it is. I still keep up that tradition. When my birthday comes, I always try to throw a party and I ask my mother, my auntie and cousins to help me to arrange the party.  My mom usually buys me a dress for my party to wear on that day.  I don’t usually go out to a restaurant for celebrate it, but my family will cook some food and I will invite my friends to come to my house. I will plan this all month and that’s the reason I love May. Speaking of birthday party and dress, my birthday is coming really soon. My birthday is gonna be on May 20th and I am so excited about that. I am not gonna have a party like I used to do because I am not in my home. However, two weeks before my birthday I already prepared my outfits to make my birthday special, I asked our talented photographer Jazz to take some pictures of me for my birthday. I also am so excited to write this because I am gonna share some summer birthday outfits ideas for you all to wear on your birthday. If your birthday is in summer, these are 5 different outfit

ideas from me to you to wear on your special day.

1. Dress

Dress up like you are a queen on your birthday. It will make you feel so much happiness and you will feel special. Just like this picture of our Alumni President Michelle. Doesn’t she look so happy? Yass!! She looks so happy with this cute and fancy dress and crown. It made her feel like a queen on her 22nd birthday last year. I really like this picture of her and chose this picture of her to tell to you all that we can always be happy and make the day special. Dress up and go out for dinner with your friends! This type of dress will look pretty on you like the beautiful Michelle. Also, you can match this dress with your high heels.

Michelle in purple wrap dress, crown holding up the peace sign in each hand


2.  Maxi Dress

Aprilia in a long floral navy dress

(Aprilia Seseray), friend of mine.

This long dress is also good for this weather, so I recommended you wear a maxi dress if you are a girl who doesn’t like fancy dress. Match it with your favorite heels to make you looks more pretty.

3.  Pants with Top 

Dina in pink wide legged pants with laces up the hips and a pale pink tank

If you don’t want to wear a dress for a party, long pants can be a good idea for you. Choose a color of pants that you would like to wear and try to match it with your favorite top. Make it shine for yourself girls. This outfits, I wore for my birthday photoshoot, stay tuned for it on my Instagram ( @dmerani95) and they are gonna be awesome pictures.

4.  Long Jumpsuit

Dina in the floral jumpsuit again

Long jumpsuits are also my favorite closet item to wear for a party. This is just simple and easy to wear and I always feel comfortable when I wear any type of jumpsuit.  This jumpsuit is from La Belle Vita.

5.  Romper 

Aprilia in a black romper

( Aprilia Seseray )

Last but not least, this romper worn by my beautiful friend Aprilia. As you all can see, this is just a simple outfit, but isn’t it pretty? Yes, absolutely. This looks so pretty. Also, because in the summer the sun doesn’t set until long after dinner and it’s warm, why not? Try this kind of outfit on your birthday party. That would be a perfect outfit. This outfit can be worn on a restaurant near the beach.  You could enjoy the view by the beach; it’s the best thing ever.

Girls… you all should dress up and Look like a queen on your birthday and make it special for you. Even though it just happens once a year, you can be thankful for another year given to you from God and be happy. I hope you girls like this and enjoyed it.

Thank you so much for spending your time to read this.