“Paving the way to Missoula’s fashion revolution”

With the increased popularity of fashion blogs, Pinterest, and Lookbook, fashionistas everywhere can embrace their style by creating and publishing their personal fashion taste. The accessibility and popularity of fashion blogs inspired us to create a diverse fashion publication for the students of the University of Montana. Missoula, with its unique and diverse styles, is the perfect location for the basis of a fashion blog.

University of Montana students who are interested in fashion can contribute to our blog.  Our club is called Trendsetters at The U and provides the University of Montana with the first college fashion blog created by students reflecting the style and inspiration of students and locals of Missoula. Our Trendsetter Team explores the college campus to expose our area’s fashionistas, styles, and trends inspiring our blog.

Feel free to contact us at trendsettersattheu@gmail.com 

Or check out the University of Montana in Missoula, Montana.