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9 Outfits to Wear this Valentine’s Day


Valentine’s Day is quickly approaching! No matter what your plans are, it’s fun to get into the festivities and express that through your style. However, Valentine’s Day doesn’t necessarily mean you have to wear pink and hearts from head to toe. The Trendsetters are here to show you 9 different outfits you can rock on V-Day, date night, or anytime you want to bring a little love into your look.



Vday5 Valentine’s Day has always been a favorite of mine because it appeals to my inner (and outer) romantic. I’m a Pride & Prejudice kind of gal, and all I want in life is chocolate, wit, and some good old-fashioned romance. Luckily, my life is filled with all of the above! Even though it’s one of my favorite days, I like to keep things simple when it comes to dressing up. For this look, I was thinking of what I’d be doing this Vday and planning accordingly. The day of love holds a wonderful dinner and movie combo, so I wanted to be comfortable and warm. Winter in Montana is atrociously cold and I do not have the kind of cold tolerance that allows me to wear dresses and skirts during this time of year. I started with my favorite, mid-rise jeans from American Eagle. These are stretchy, a nice dark-wash, and they are super worn-in so I know that even if the movie is long, I won’t be fidgeting throughout the night. This peplum-style shirt is from Target, and it’s just the kind of springy, romantic top for a night out with my boo. It’s stretchy, soft, and if I spill something on myself (which is bound to happen during dinner) it won’t show on the dark fabric. Plus, this baby is super warm, especially when layered under this black peacoat from H&M. Peacoats scream romance and hail back to an era that I belong in. It’s warm, looks classy, and it doesn’t make me look too bulky. My booties are a Black Friday treasure and, well, I treasure them. They go pretty well with almost every outfit, and the heel isn’t high enough to make my feet sore. I always have to make sure I’m wearing long pants with these in the winter, thought, because they don’t come above the ankle! Lastly, I went with a simple half-up, mini-braided-bun to tie everything together. It looks like I put effort in, but it really only took a solid three minutes of my time. It also keeps my hair out of my face which is a MUST when I eat. Happy Valentine’s Day, lovers! XO






I still don’t understand how it’s already February. I mean, wasn’t it just Christmas? We’re one month into 2017, over three weeks into the new semester and at the first holiday that thrives on candy sales. It’s also the first holiday of the year where you have to buy your significant other a thoughtful gift…good thing I’m single. That being said, it doesn’t hurt to get into the spirit of Valentine’s Day and wear some red or pink. Honestly, I don’t own that much red or pink, so I went with this H&M tank top with red roses. I love the print and roses are definitely a popular flower for the holiday. I kept the rest of my outfit casual and cute with this comfy bomber from Target, black ponte pants from Dillard’s and booties by Hinge. Besides the red roses on my shirt, I’m obsessed with this necklace I recently bought at Francesca’s. It’s a little compass, so adorable! The compass itself doesn’t have much to do with Valentine’s Day, but I’m always up for an adventure, either single or with somebody else. Spread the love!IMG_6093





It’s crazy to think that my first Trendsetters shoot was exactly one year ago for our Valentine’s Day post of 2016! I couldn’t be happier to still be a part of the group and although the year may have changed, my love for this holiday (and my love for skirts) hasn’t changed a bit! Since I love the flirty vibes associated with Valentine’s Day, I thought this would be the perfect opportunity to go with a look that was a little more fun and strayed away from your typical, everyday attire!As I tried to piece together an outfit for the shoot, I looked through my wardrobe hoping something fun would jump out at me. Tucked back in the corner of my closet, a sparkly, pink tutu caught my eye and I knew immediately I wanted to incorporate it into my look.  I thought by itself the tutu would be a little too much of a statement, so I chose to layer my simple black skater skirt over it.  I wanted to keep consistent with a Valentine’s Day color scheme, so I chose a simple, red long sleeve shirt as my piece on top.  To throw in a little more fun and sass, I chose to wear polka dot tights and my favorite sparkly stilettos, which tied in well with the glitter of the tutu.  Of course, I never pass up a DIY opportunity, so I crafted a makeshift belt by tying a white ribbon around my waist as the final touch for my look!









I personally LOVE Valentine’s Day! I see it as a day to celebrate everyone in your life that you love, not just the person you are dating.  I enjoy bringing cheesy little Valentine treats to my friends and going to lunch with my dad just as much as smothering my significant other with heart shaped chocolate and love. Unfortunately, this year on Valentine’s Day I have a couple of classes in the morning then must go straight to work. Because of this, I went with a very simple and comfortable look. My oversized sweater is from Forever 21 and my dark wash jeggings are from Hollister. Both of these are comfortable enough for me to sit on the couch and watch a cheesy romantic comedy, which is exactly what I plan to do after I get off work. The shoes I am wearing are pretty comfortable and also happen to be fairly waterproof, which is a huge plus during this time of year.  I added a cute multi-chain necklace just to add a little sparkle to my outfit.






Within the cold of winter lies a hopeful day of warmth on the fourteenth of February. I think all of us wish for this special Tuesday to actually be warm and 40ish degrees, but the warmth I am speaking of comes from the inside! Valentine’s Day is a wonderful holiday to not only celebrate a romantic relationship but also the love of family, friends, food, and fashion! (I just have to note that somehow the heart shaped SweetTarts taste WAY better than the originals.) I feel like Valentine’s Day is not only a great excuse to dress up and go out and surround yourself with the people that you love, but also a day to dip your toes into something Springy and pastel! Being a redhead is tough around this lovely holiday because pinks and reds tend to clash with my skin tone and hair, but I find that this blush pink blouse from Forever 21 works in my favor. I tucked it into this navy and floral skirt from a boutique in London and, because it’s obviously still cold, I paired the skirt with these tights from Old Navy. I thrifted my shoes at Goodwill this past summer and I absolutely adore them! The nude color goes with everything and the rose gold strap dresses up anything I wear. I accessorized with my rose gold Fossil watch and this wrap bracelet from The Buckle.I hope your V-Day is full of love and many heart-shaped SweetHearts. Xoxo MCK3







“Happiness is in your ability to love others.”                   -LEO TOLSTOY To love someone or to be loved by others results in happiness for everyone.  Love is not just for couples, love is for everyone.  For me, my family and bestfriends are the biggest love I have ever had in my life. Sharing my love with them on every Valentine’s day always makes me happy. They always make me smile and support me in every situation in my life, even during hard situations.  They are the ones who teach me how to love other people. When I was in middle school and high school, I was thinking about why my friends got Valentine gifts like flowers, teddy bears and chocolate from their boyfriends, and this always made me jealous because I never had what they had. However, when I graduated from high school, I realized that I have four best friends who are always with me and my family who always love me. They make me understand what love is. Love is everything and love is when you love someone and someone is happy or smiles because of you. Well, this year is my first Valentine’s Day without them, but I have the most wonderful people here in Missoula. This beautiful place makes me have a lot of love and every day I am falling more in love with this place like everyday is Valentine’s Day.  Valentine’s Day is full of pink colors, chocolates and flowers, so I decided to choose a romantic outfit with red and black. I got my skinny red skirt from Forever 21 and my black T-Shirt from H&M. My high heels are GUESS and I got my black choker from Rue 21. This outfit made me feel so pretty, especially with the white and red flowers that I’m holding. Anyways, I love you all. Happy Valentine’s day to all of you. XOXO unnamed-4



IMG_6011 In a world of a thousand shades of pink, this lovely mauve stole my heart this Valentine’s season. I finally bought this Michael Lauren dress at Olive + Iron recently after eyeing it for the past month. In my opinion, this dress has it all. The material is so soft and comfortable. Does anyone buy clothes anymore that aren’t soft?  When will I stop being surprised when materials are so deliciously nice to touch?  I also adore the simple, flattering silhouette and the touch of interest at the sleeves. To finish the look, I threw on my favorite Blowfish lace up booties and long faux stone necklace from TJ Maxx. I can’t wait to wear this look out to dinner with my sweetie, and on any ordinary day with a vest or jacket and leggings.






Valentine’s Day: a day full of love, roses, and all things pink. Though I am a strong believer in showing love to your significant other on all 365 days of the year, it doesn’t mean I’m not using this day as an excuse to dress up a little more cutesy than usual. For this outfit, though, I decided to go the alternative route. Rather than dressing up for an evening out with my man, I chose an outfit I could sport during a casual hang-out with some girlfriends or even just enjoying some alone time at a coffee shop with a nice a book (I promise I have a life). Here, I am wearing the most adorable sweater and not to mention the only pink thing in my wardrobe. I am just in love with the patches on this sweater and the pastel pink is just absolutely charming. For my jeans I went with some light wash, ripped denim because who doesn’t love ripped denim (no, I don’t care that I’m paying more for less fabric, okay)! And to finish off this rather simple look, I decided to go with my black platform booties to add just the right amount of fierceness.

Whatever it is you might be doing this Valentine’s day, don’t forget to show love to the most important person of all: yourself! Xoxo






Bae or no bae, Valentine’s Day is a day entirely dedicated to expressing love, a concept I am completely on board with. Whether it’s to your significant other, friends, family or even yourself, we could all use the extra incentive to spread love, especially in today’s world. Personally, I like to devote Valentine’s Day to treating myself (cue Parks and Rec reference.) My sister and I like to celebrate our single-hood by going shopping, getting burgers, and gifting each other the biggest chocolate boxes Target can provide. We then smuggle them into the movie theater where we proceed to stuff our faces while watching a classic piece of cinema such as this year’s choice: Fifty Shades Darker.

Realistically, I will not be sporting this look on Valentine’s Day this year. You caught me! I did, however, want to put together a romantic look inspired by this holiday, for all of you with more formal plans to take inspiration from. Surprisingly, I bought this dress at Forever 21 a million years ago, and it’s remained one of my favorite dresses in my closet. I absolutely adore how unique the floral print is, mixing together all of my favorite hues. The cut is incredibly flattering as well and I love the airy texture, which contributes to that delicate, romantic vibe.

Since it’s absolutely freezing in Montana right now, I had to wear tights with this dress. These sheer black tights are from H&M and help make the look a little more elegant as well as appropriate for wintertime. I would also definitely wear a coat on top of this look while in transit from point A to point B, but really wanted to show off the look underneath for this post. Lastly I’m finishing the look off with a gold Gorjana bar necklace to add a little sparkle, and my favorite blush Sam & Libby lace up heels. Happy Valentine’s Day, everyone! Don’t forget to treat yo’ self this year. xoxo




Photography by Michelle and Aline Dufflocq Williams

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