Fall 2018

5 First Apartment Life Savers

This past summer, my best friend and I moved into our first apartment together so that we could live in Missoula year-round. I am so excited to be living here! I have a job that I love and the cutest little apartment. But once Sara (roommate extraordinaire) and I moved in, we both realized that neither of us actually knew what we were doing. It’s taken me a few months, but I am starting to figure it out. So I thought I’d share with you all 5 things that have become total life savers for my life in an apartment, and don’t worry- I’m linking them for all of you that are about to move into your own place!

1. Electric Throw BlanketErin cuddled up in her throw blanket

A few weeks ago, I learned the hard way that the heat in our apartment wasn’t working. It was snowing outside and we were freezing inside, but my landlord couldn’t send someone over for a few days. I was basically always wrapped up in my electric throw blanket. Honestly, it was pretty hard to get out of bed every morning. This thing is so cozy! For everyone about to endure a good ol’ Montana Winter, this is for you 😉

2. The Bullet BlenderErin holding up her blender

Ok, for real: This is the best thing I’ve ever purchased. Holy cow. I drink smoothies so much, it’s ridiculous, so I’ve been wanting one of these bad boys for a while. Let me tell you, it did not disappoint. I love the size, because I am terrible at measuring portions in regular-sized blenders, so now I’m not wasting food. But the best part is how quickly it blends all of my ingredients. I know I probably sound like an infomercial right now, but this blender blends FAST. I am literally always running late, and at least now I can make a smoothie in like 3 minutes. (ok also sidenote: I know that the one I own is technically a Ninja, but Bullet Blenders are cheaper. You’re welcome.)


3. Shower ShelvesShower shelves with soaps, razors etc on them

I’m pretty sure that you all can guess that this is pretty important. Sara and I both have so many different hair and body products (and peep all the razors, we have NEEDS). These are so great because all we had to do to install them was create enough tension between the top and bottom to keep it standing. It is kinda hard to do it right the first time, but hey: it’s a roommate bonding activity. You can buy one here.


4. Three Tier CartThree tiered cart next to bed with books, lamp and stuffed animal

This cart has been my saving grace, and lets be real: it feels like it’s straight out of a pinterest room design post. I love how cute it is! Its a great bedside table because it has so many places to put stuff, and I love that it’s not a traditional table. I have to keep our wifi modem in my room, so I can hide it on the bottom shelf and keep my books and lamp in the same space. Here’s where you can find one!



5. String LightsString lights hanging in bedroom with bed and tapestries

Ok, I get it: lights aren’t really a “life saver” per say, but aren’t they so beautiful?? I hate bright florescent lights because they give me headaches, and these are so much more cozy. They also do a great job of making impromptu photoshoots for blog posts so much more cute! Here’s a good set.


***The Best Roommate***

Erin and roommate Sara standing on Higgins St bridge

She’s a person, so you can’t buy her, but I couldn’t do any of this without her! She has been there for me like you wouldn’t believe. She lets me eat her leftovers and she agrees to take photos for me because she’s a great photographer (check her out on Instagram @sara_digginsphoto, she took all of these for me!) If you’re planning on moving into a new place, make sure you’ve got a killer roommate by your side.

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