Fall 2017

5 Fashion Bloggers Who You Might Not Have Heard Of Until Now

By Antonio Armagno

2018 is finally here, and if you’re like me, you’re scrambling for last minute deals on clothes that will hopefully fit your new “aesthetic”, because new year, new you, right? Well, although I am all about change, I find it more important to change your behavior, not just change your appearance. By looking to social media, we can find people who inspire not only our fashion but also our hearts. These are fashion bloggers with a twist, not only giving you looks but also providing sage advice and a more positive outlook on life.

1. @paq.official

Screenshot of PAQ's Instagram page
These boys really do put a lot of effort into their fashion. Shaq, Dex, Elias, and Danny are the PAQ, a group of London-based fashion junkies. Whether they’re running around, doing challenges, trying to find you the best vintage looks, or putting their best foot forward and taking a girl out for a nice date night, they’re always providing fun, fashion-focused content that is enjoyable and inspiring.

Screenshot of a PAQ post. Group of 6 people. Caption: Kyra's new show @bad.canteen goes live this Thursday. Everyone go follow the Kyra fam.

Screenshot of PAQ post. Man in suit with tennis shoes on a step stool. Caption: That time when Basquiat and Tupac had a son and he wore Triple S' (flying money emoji)

2. @karenbritchick

Screenshot of the instagram account
This New York-based Londoner has plenty of fashion inspo to spare. She travels the world, picking up beautiful vintage pieces from all over. Her eye for detail and wonderful color combos make this fashionista a lovely addition to your feed.

Screenshot of post. Karen in a shiny black dress with plunge neckline and thigh slit. Caption: Party outfits for Christmas and New Years just went live on my YouTube channel. Let me know your favorite #ExpressPartner (dancing girl emoji)

Screenshot of post. Karen in a black polka dot dress with thigh slit and circle purse. Caption: karenbritchick1. FrIday’s Youtube video is up on the boots that make your outfit. . 2. Completely the opposite of boots but hello LA. Thank you @andotherstories for the trip (blue heart emoji) . Pic @iammichaelmarrs

3. @eclipsevintage

Screenshot of Eclipse Vintage's Instagram
How do you find fashion inspiration AND support local businesses and business owners? Follow Eclipse Vintage! A local vintage shop based in Ontario, these lovely women run a tight ship and post bomb content all of the time. Even though they’re far away, their outfit inspo and fashion journies are worth the follow!

Screenshot of post of a woman with a gold earring and ring that are shaped like a human eye. Caption: One of my fave items from our new accessories in the shop are these one sided evil eye earrings, one side is a stud, the other is the eye. So witchy, so cute! Comes in silver and gold-$18 come with matching rings for $16!

Screenshot of post. Caption: eclipsevintageFall lewks from the shop rn πŸ‘€πŸ‘€πŸ‘€πŸ‘€πŸ‘€πŸ‘€πŸ‘€πŸ‘€πŸ‘€ 90s button collar tee -$18 /M 90’s fleece drawstring jacket-$35 /M Vintage pebble wash mom jeans-$40 /30w U necklace-$18

4. @raindovemodel

Screenshot of Rain Dove's Instagram
Calling themself a “gender capitalist”, Rain Dove is an inspiring model and activist that is changing the game when it comes to how we interpret fashion and gender. They utilize their unique style and look to influence the industry from the inside, while also providing gorgeous looks–no matter what gender.

Screenshot of post with two photos. In one, Rain has towel around their hair and skin care product on face. In 2nd photo, Rain has their hair out and a gray tank top on. Caption is too long, click link to read it

5. @stylelikeu

Screenshot of Style Like U's Instagram
This mother-daughter team is a beautiful example of style, elegance, and a unique love for fashion. Working together, they interview singers, activists, artists, and many others to find the true meaning of style, while also providing inspiring styles of their own.

Blonde woman on a stool in black shorts and a sports bra, she has a prosthetic leg. Caption is too long, click link to read

Woman on a dock, sitting with water in the background. She has a tan patterned top, and purple, pink, blue patterened bell bottom pants. Caption is too long, click link to read.

All Images found on Instagram

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