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5 Different Outfits for Summer Birthdays


Dina in circle sunglasses and a pale floral jumpsuit

By Dina Merani
Photography: @ashcaitphoto (Ashley Caitlin)

Outfit: La Belle Vita

May is my favorite month after December. Why December ? Well, you all probably know that December has Christmas and that’s the reason why I love December. When December starts my heart is always full of  joy and happiness. But wait, this time I am not gonna talk about December.  I would like to share with y’all why I love May so much. May is the month that I am always waiting for. I love this month a lot because this is my Birthday Month and for me my birthday is really important. When April comes, I’m always so excited that the next month will be my month, a month that I can still have breath and have another year to live in this beautiful world. When I was child I’d always celebrate my birthday and I’d always prepare for it starting in April. I’d ask my parents to have a little party for me, so I can invite my close friends. Birthday parties, starting at 1 year old is a tradition in our family, especially for little kids to invite their friends. For my family, the first thing that we do for a birthday is wake up in the morning and pray together for the person who’s birthday it is. I still keep up that tradition. When my birthday comes, I always try to throw a party and I ask my mother, my auntie and cousins to help me to arrange the party.  My mom usually buys me a dress for my party to wear on that day.  I don’t usually go out to a restaurant for celebrate it, but my family will cook some food and I will invite my friends to come to my house. I will plan this all month and that’s the reason I love May. Speaking of birthday party and dress, my birthday is coming really soon. My birthday is gonna be on May 20th and I am so excited about that. I am not gonna have a party like I used to do because I am not in my home. However, two weeks before my birthday I already prepared my outfits to make my birthday special, I asked our talented photographer Jazz to take some pictures of me for my birthday. I also am so excited to write this because I am gonna share some summer birthday outfits ideas for you all to wear on your birthday. If your birthday is in summer, these are 5 different outfit

ideas from me to you to wear on your special day.

1. Dress

Dress up like you are a queen on your birthday. It will make you feel so much happiness and you will feel special. Just like this picture of our Alumni President Michelle. Doesn’t she look so happy? Yass!! She looks so happy with this cute and fancy dress and crown. It made her feel like a queen on her 22nd birthday last year. I really like this picture of her and chose this picture of her to tell to you all that we can always be happy and make the day special. Dress up and go out for dinner with your friends! This type of dress will look pretty on you like the beautiful Michelle. Also, you can match this dress with your high heels.

Michelle in purple wrap dress, crown holding up the peace sign in each hand


2.  Maxi Dress

Aprilia in a long floral navy dress

(Aprilia Seseray), friend of mine.

This long dress is also good for this weather, so I recommended you wear a maxi dress if you are a girl who doesn’t like fancy dress. Match it with your favorite heels to make you looks more pretty.

3.  Pants with Top 

Dina in pink wide legged pants with laces up the hips and a pale pink tank

If you don’t want to wear a dress for a party, long pants can be a good idea for you. Choose a color of pants that you would like to wear and try to match it with your favorite top. Make it shine for yourself girls. This outfits, I wore for my birthday photoshoot, stay tuned for it on my Instagram ( @dmerani95) and they are gonna be awesome pictures.

4.  Long Jumpsuit

Dina in the floral jumpsuit again

Long jumpsuits are also my favorite closet item to wear for a party. This is just simple and easy to wear and I always feel comfortable when I wear any type of jumpsuit.  This jumpsuit is from La Belle Vita.

5.  Romper 

Aprilia in a black romper

( Aprilia Seseray )

Last but not least, this romper worn by my beautiful friend Aprilia. As you all can see, this is just a simple outfit, but isn’t it pretty? Yes, absolutely. This looks so pretty. Also, because in the summer the sun doesn’t set until long after dinner and it’s warm, why not? Try this kind of outfit on your birthday party. That would be a perfect outfit. This outfit can be worn on a restaurant near the beach.  You could enjoy the view by the beach; it’s the best thing ever.

Girls… you all should dress up and Look like a queen on your birthday and make it special for you. Even though it just happens once a year, you can be thankful for another year given to you from God and be happy. I hope you girls like this and enjoyed it.

Thank you so much for spending your time to read this.

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