What To Wear: Missoula First Friday

On the first Friday of every month, galleries and museums in Downtown Missoula host First Friday Gallery Night. First Friday is a chance to enjoy new art exhibits, spend time with friends and experience the energy of a lively downtown Missoula evening. Not to mention, there’s usually complimentary wine and food. When you live in Missoula, MT there aren’t many occasions to dress up or have fun with fashion. So when First Friday rolls around, we like to take the opportunity to get a little funky with our outfits.


If you haven’t been to a First Friday here in Missoula, I highly suggest you do. It’s such a great experience to float from art gallery to art gallery and take in the amazing art Missoulians have to offer (not to mention all the tasty food). Here, I chose an outfit that was comfy yet cool for a night downtown.

I decided to go with one of my favorite tanks I found at a consignment store in California, a black crossed bralette, my favorite ripped black jeans and a black cardigan. This cardigan is great: the tassels add a little somethin’ and it’s super light. It’s perfect for a summer night out when you want to layer just in case but you don’t have to worry about getting too hot.

For shoes, I decided to go with some black wedged booties. They’re dressy but super comfortable for walking downtown! For accessories I went with some layered chokers with a cool purple stone necklace. Layering necklaces is such a fun way to add some edginess to an outfit; sometimes more is more! So get out there, enjoy some art, food and, the downtown specialness Missoula has to offer.


It’s always fun to go out for First Friday in Missoula: it’s an excuse to dress up and see all that Missoula’s downtown has to offer! I tried to dress up a little, while also keeping it simple and functional.

I put together a black t-shirt crop top from Zara and black mini-skirt from H&M to create a sort of two piece look, and then threw on my favorite floral sweater (also from H&M) to add some color to the look.

Since First Friday involves a lot of walking around, I wore black wedge booties from White Mountain, which made me feel a little more dressed up, but are also super easy and comfortable to walk in. I feel like this outfit is perfect for going to the Art Museum, going out for drinks, or just exploring downtown!


First Friday in the summertime is one of the most fun things about Missoula. The temperature is perfection, it’s light out until late and it’s a fun chance to rock something cute and go look at art with your friends.

When brainstorming the vibe I wanted for this outfit, I came up with “artsy, sexy, chic.” Tbh, I think I nailed it. I’ve been playing around with my style more recently, and it’s been so much fun to try new things and get out of my comfort zone a little more. For this look, I’m wearing a very 90’s white cropped halter from Forever21 with a pair of Joie black silk culottes from Cloth & Crown. I really like how the tighter top creates a nice balance alongside the loose pants.

To accessorize I’m wearing a pair of hoop earrings from Luca + Grae, and taupe lace up heeled sandals from Bohme. Since the main pieces in this outfit are pretty simple, I love the elements of texture and glam the accessories bring to the look. As for my hair, I pulled it up into a half up half down bun. I’ve been loving this hairstyle recently, and find that it almost acts as a statement piece on it’s own.


“First Friday” is a special day for sightseeing all of Missoula’s art. For my first outfit, I kept it simple with flower patterns in black and white colors. I chose basic colors because I wanted to make each colorful art piece stand out against my outfit. At the same time, l hope flowers remind people of the pursuit of art and beauty.

My leather overalls show not only modern fashion through the outstanding fabric, but they’re also able to perform dynamic motion which makes it convenient to walk around the galleries. My top is from American Apparel and I picked up the overalls from Forever 21.

For accessories, I am wearing a hair band with a flower pattern which perfectly matches the concept of my top. Also, I decided to make a statement and went with my favorite tiny cute bag from Top 10. Sliver rings are great add-ons and helpful – when it comes to going well with the chain part on the bag!

Photography by Jazzer-Rae Engel | @skeletonxsmiles | @je.mt

What To Wear To Graduation

Graduation season is upon us! We couldn’t be more excited for our UM grads and for some much needed summer vacation. Whether you’re graduating, attending a graduation ceremony, or simply want to dress up a little for a grad party, here are three different looks to help you decide what to wear to graduation.


The time has come: college graduation. Five years in the making, usually four if you’re one of those rare ducklings that go into it knowing exactly what you’re doing with your life or the stars align for you and all your classes fall into place. Either way, I made it! The time to walk across the stage in an ugly, oversized, high school choir-esque, gown is finally just days away. I don’t know about you fellow graduates out there, but I’m going to celebrate like Daisy should have when she was reunited with the dreamy, Jay Gatsby; aside from her clothing in the newest film adaptation, she was entirely too plain-vanilla to party anyways, in my opinion.

Nevertheless, let’s talk about what will be hiding underneath that giant tablecloth that will be zipped around my body only to be topped with a graduation hat, likely to flatten the curls I will be putting in hours before. Here at UM our gowns are just plain black. As much as black is my favorite color to wear, it would blend in entirely too much and look even more frumpy than those gowns already do. So, a bright color it is! While this is not the actual dress I will be wearing to graduation (being an outfit repeater in such a close time span is the ultimate fashion crime), what I will be wearing is very similar!

For this post I chose to wear a coral, sleeveless chiffon dress with a deep V neckline accompanied with the choker detail built into the dress. The chiffon material makes for a dressier look, which is exactly what I’m going for. Because the dress has a choker, I didn’t feel the need to put a necklace on, however, you could definitely throw on a chain necklace to peak through the middle of the V. For shoes, I am wearing nude heels with cutouts through the leather top of the shoe. I lightly curled my hair just to give some body, since I’ll be wearing the graduation cap long enough to ruin fully styled hair. For make up I kept it pretty simple with just what I usually do when I put a full face of make up on. I think it’s definitely important to feel comfortable and confident with how you look since there will be tons of pictures being taken.

If you’re waiting for the time to come in which you’ll be so kindly offered the oversized tablecloth to wear and the cloth covered cardboard on your head, I will tell you this: stick with it and, as much as you want to, don’t give up. The feeling of relief and accomplishment that comes over you after surviving your last dead week, walking out of your last final, and turning in your final essay makes all of the late nights, stress-induced tears shed, and awkward class presentations, completely worth it.


How many times have I been asked if I’m graduating this year… too many to count! The decision to take a fifth year with an extra major and minor was a great decision, but sometimes that’s hard to remember when all my friends are about to get that diploma on Saturday! Ah well. That doesn’t mean I can’t join in on the celebrations! This weekend I’ll be driving back and forth to attend my boyfriend’s graduation from Carroll College in Helena and then high tailing it back to Missoula to party it up with my Grizzly graduates!

The weather in Montana this week has been absolutely beautiful- it’s starting to finally feel like summer! So naturally, I will be wearing some sort of sun dress for the festivities this weekend. For this shoot, I chose my Urban Outfitters white floral dress that has been hanging in my closet for just this occasion. I paired it with my new Madden Girl nude pumps and simple jewelry. I like the way these shoes show a peep of my tattoo, which is my gramma’s, mom’s, and dad’s handwriting of “love”. You can’t show up to a party empty handed! So, I brought this cute gift that I put together for my friend. I added a clip on grad cap to add a little decoration to the simple bag. Congrats to all of the graduating seniors at University of Montana, and colleges everywhere!


It’s that time of year: flowers are blooming, grass is getting greener, the air is a little warmer and of course, graduation is around the corner. Whether you are attending graduation as a graduate or as a guest, it’s the perfect excuse to get dressed up.

For this outfit I kept it pretty simple. I’m wearing this vibrant dress from Restyle Clothing Exchange; doesn’t it just scream summer? For shoes I am wearing some black lace up wedges and for accessories I have on a cuff and a cute little necklace from H&M.

Congrats to all the seniors out there; don’t forget to go out in style!



Photography by Jazz Engel | @je.mt + @skeletonxsmiles