Traveling In Style


Happy Spring Break, everyone! The Trendsetters are off to enjoy some much needed relaxation. Traveling somewhere this break? We’ve got you covered with 4 different travel looks!


Wanderlust. Exploring. Vacation. Loved ones. Whatever the reason, traveling is all about the destination. Yet, there is a brief moment when we have to remember the transportation. Whether it’s an exciting experience or an anxious one choosing suitable apparel for flying means knowing what will keep you comfortable on the plane.

No matter what mode of transportation I use I know I will always find a way to sleep; for planes I curl up in those uncomfortable seats and pray for leg room. So when choosing what to wear I go for breathable and opt for material that allows for mobility. This means leggings are a must! I typically choose to go with the athletic type leading me to wear these Nike Combat Pros in black.

Layers, layers, and more layers seems to be the key when flying. The temperature can range from a blistering sauna to a glacial blizzard. This is why when I choose an outfit I start with a tank top an build from there. For this look I choose a light tank top layered under a white flowy muscle tank from Young & Reckless. With a two toned Nike windbreaker to act as a jacket to combat the possibility of rain or wind. I also always like to keep a spare hoodie in my carry on for when its super chilly or to act as a pillow/blanket.  As for my choice of bag I’m rocking the Kevin Durant backpack. I love it because there is a lot of room with many pockets for my various storage needs.

As for my accessories they again aid in my ability to sleep. The Adidas hat is to shield my face from stray stares and additional light. Beats by Dr. Dre are for optimum surround sound to block any noise and rock out to music. I highly suggest in the investment of these headphones, I’ve had them for 6 years and they sound the same as the first day I bought them. Overall my travel attire leans more towards the sporty side for the comfortability.  


I am a travel junkie. I have been traveling since infancy and have been to four continents and eight countries in my nineteen years of life (#luckyduck). I don’t get spooked by turbulence, I don’t lose my mind when my ears pop, I have mastered the airport hustle and can put my personals in a bin and throw my shoes off before you can even say “customs.” Needless to say, I know how to dress to impress the stewardess. Jk, flight-attendant, “stewardess” is a dated and sexist term.

So for this outfit, I was no fool and was adamant on keeping it comfortable, the most important factor in any travel outfit. First off, leggings. If your not traveling in leggings I don’t get you. Leggings are the most comfortable pants, they make sitting for hours nbd and are my best friend because they don’t give off that “I give up” vibe that sweatpants and pajama bottoms do. I’m 98% sure that the pair I wore for this shoot are from Costco because I’m classy as hell.

I wore a black lace bralette from Victoria’s Secret that adds a nice layer of texture to the outfit but makes your boobs feel like they’re floating on a cloud. My gray loose-knit sweater is from Urban Outfitters and has a great fit that is sure to hide that plane belly. The key aspect of this outfit is the blanket scarf, mine is from Apricot Lane. A blanket scarf is a travel essential for many reasons such as being a practical and low maintenance accessory, but in my opinion its presence is mandatory for one purpose. A BLANKET SCARF CAN DOUBLE AS A BLANKET. There you go, the key to avoiding those paper thin, poor-excuse-for-a-fabric, airplane blankets! Now you can be the master of your own temperature with the help of your own wardrobe!

Lastly I finished off the look with my black converse. Do I really need to explain this? A well worn pair of converse are easy to slip on and off, they are cool, they are casual and work well on most terrains. And there you have it guys! My tips to traveling in style! I hope you all have a killer spring break that is filled with fun and relaxation! Have a safe flight and I’ll see you guys on the other side!



Hooray! Spring Break is coming.

Do you guys have plans for this Spring Break? Going somewhere with family or friends to spend time is always awesome, since we all have a lot of work in our classes this semester

I know, this semester is kind of busy with all classes that going on, but why not to spend this important time having fun before classes are start up again? You will feel happy and fresh after you spend your spring break relaxing. 

Traveling is my favorite or should I say, traveling is my hobby. I really love traveling in my free time. I love to see a new things or new place that I have never been to, that’s why if I have chance to get to, I’ll take it . However, it will be nice and more fun do it with some friends. Because of that I always plan trips with friends.

For this kind of trip I usually bring my black moon suitcase That I got from my country (Indonesia) and my black backpack from H&M. I love to bring those black for travel because it will not see dirty, because I love to put my feet to rest on them. In my backpack, I usually keep my makeup and my holy Bible, which I bring with me wherever I go, so when I’m waiting for the plane I can spend sometime reading. One  more thing that I really love and never forget to bring is my little cutest bear. As you guys can see the printed name on her mini dress “AVS”, yup, that’s her name, I usually call her Victory, is a gifts from my beautiful sister, so whenever I go, I will always bring her with me.

For outfits, I prepare to have a bright colors for traveling.  I decided this kind of outfits because, it’s show how my feel, that I am happy. T-shirt that I wore is from Forever21, the long white pants, I got from Amazon and my white Air Max Shoes, I bought at Adam Center (UMT) which at that time, the athlete sale it and it so cool.

Anyway, don’t forget to spend your spring break with people around you, because it would be nice. Have a wonderful Spring break everyone.


Instagram and fashion blogs have really upped the standard for travel outfits these days. It-girls like Carly Cristman are constantly making me feel like I need to be ready for my close-up while boarding and I have to say, the pressure gets to me sometimes! Although I do like looking cute when embarking upon an adventure, I never sacrifice comfort. I’m always down for exploring different ways to combine comfy with stylish, so this shoot was a cool opportunity to do that.

Leggings are the only thing I will put on the bottom half of my body when going on a trip. Luckily with athleisure being incredibly on trend, you can still look like you have your life together while wearing these bad boys. Mine are from LuLaRoe and they are softest things of life and extra high waisted to keep that airplane bloat at bay.

I love traveling in basic T-shirts because they’re comfortable and can create the illusion that you’re a stylish laid-back lady. This astrological sign top is by is by The Laundry Room. I picked it up at Cloth & Crown and can not get enough of how effortlessly cool it is. Also Beyonce has been seen wearing the same one in her sign (Virgo) so that is obviously a major plus.

Flannels are my go-to when traveling because you can tie them around your waist if it gets too hot, or put them on if it gets chilly. I love the statement they add to a look while still being a casual piece. I’m finishing my look off with my while Converse sneakers and threw my black hat from Sora & Company on so it doesn’t get crushed in my suitcase.


Photography by Zac Clough | @zac.clough

Getting Thrifty


IMG_2546 (1)

College students are all about a good deal, and the Trendsetters are no different. Thrift shopping is our favorite way to look stylish on a budget, so we ventured out to Goodwill, popped some tags, and put together four thrifted looks to show you how you don’t have to drop mad money to have mad style. But first, enjoy our resident thrifting expert, Thomas’ tips for first time thrifters!


Thomas’ Crash Course For First Time Thrifters

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1) Always know your locations! It’s almost guaranteed that there are plenty of unknown thrift shops in the town you live in, like just last week, I found a literal underground thrift store. You just have to search a little!

2) Find out special deals going on for certain days. For example, Goodwill usually has $1 tags on Mondays. Why not go the extra length to get those extra discounts?

3) Bring friends! Thrifting for me is fun on its own, but it’s always better to have somebody there to help out. And besides, we all need honest opinions on how some clothes look on us.

4) Don’t get too greedy on prices. I always find myself thinking that a $9 tag is too much at a thrift store, just because the average price of items is $3-$4. Take into account the state of the item, and especially the brand. I’ve found plenty of Calvin Klein and other brand names hiding in the thrift stores, so $9 for that is sure a deal.

IMG_2541 (1)5) Thrifting isn’t only for clothes, they have plenty of other stuff for you. The amount of vintage paintings and art I’ve found at local thrift stores is amazing, and it holds such a story behind it, so don’t forget to check all the other sections out.

6) Don’t get disappointed if you don’t find any specific items you really wanted. The fun of thrifting comes from the mystery of what you may find! Also, get a few items and DIY the crap out of them. Half of my thrifted items started as one thing and ended as another, just have sole creativity!

7) To have even more fun, research some of the items you got! I always find hardly worn, nice shoes at thrift stores, as I love the vintage-y feel. I’ve gotten several pairs from shops that are regularly priced over $100, and I got them for no more than $10 a pair. It’s just kind of neat to find where they came from and for how much.

8) Finally, shop locally! As great as Goodwill is for giving back to the community, search for some local thrift stores too! It’s always nice to hit up a smaller, lesser-known thrift “boutique” and see the excitement on their face when you pop in, because they don’t get as much attention.

Hopefully we’ll see more of that vintage/thrifty style coming back! IMG_2560

So What Did The Trendsetters Pick Up?





There’s no feeling like it: getting a good deal. We all love a sale, but when you can find a really great thrifted find you feel like you discovered a hidden treasure!  I make a habit of checking thrift and consignment stores regularly, especially when I’m on a tight budget.  Which, let’s be honest, is always because I’m a college student.

I was bummed that I missed the shopping date with the Trendsetters. But I was inspired by them to go search through Goodwill as my first stop to find this outfit. However, whether it be bad luck or timing, I just couldn’t seem to find any clothes that I was in love with there. The trip was not wasted, however, after I found the coolest little portable radio by Crosley for $3.60 with my student discount! I found the same one on Amazon for over $50! Score! I decided it would make a cute little accessory for the photoshoot.

Next, I found myself at Restyle Fashion Exchange, my favorite used clothing boutique. I bring clothes in there for cash every so often, but I almost never have time to actually look through everything until today. I set aside an hour to browse through the racks of name brand clothing and soon had a dressing room full of goodies. I’d say I struck gold with this trip, leaving with two new pairs of pants and three new shirts for less than $25!  Of course I could only wear one of the outfits for the photo shoot. So, I chose this adorable white t-shirt from Gap with sweet cutout pattern that I bought for only $1! No joke folks. I paired it with these super flattering olive green, high waisted skinnies from Aeropostale that I bought for only $6. Because it’s eternally cold and snowy in Montana (jk… I hope) I threw on my favorite American Eagle jean jacket and a pair of black Blowfish booties from Olive + Iron.

Moral of the story… Thrifting is a college fashionista’s dream. You can find some really great stuff from second hand stores if you have the time and sometimes patience to look through the racks to find the needle in a haystack. But really, with all the great thrift stores we have in Missoula, it isn’t even that hard. One tip that I have for thrifting is not get too hung up over brand names. Sure, I have my favorite brands and I feel really good when I find something name brand at a fraction of the retail cost. But, there are many brands that you may not know about and thrifting can be an awesome chance to discover something new that you would’ve never found at the mall. Happy thrifting fashionistas!






I absolutely refuse to pay full price for anything. My closet almost consists of different clearance racks or some random thrift store. I do not think I could even remember the last time I bought something that wasn’t discounted, and I sure do take a lot of pride in my deal finding abilities.

I picked up my cardigan at Restyle for $7. I am a sucker for oversized cardigans and I couldn’t let this one slip past me. I paired it with this long white sleeveless shirt that I bought at TJMaxx. I found these leggings at Runway Fashion Exchange for $5. They are the brand Matty M and I absolutely love the quality. They are thick and stretchy and hands down my favorite leggings that are extremely affordable.

I also bought these Clark booties at Runway Fashion. They retail for about $100 and I got them for $10! This deal is definitely rated as my top five greatest and proudest deals. I love this look because it is so versatile. It is casual, comfortable, but also super cute. 







I absolutely love shopping at thrift stores. You can usually find some pretty great items that look great and a fraction of the cost you would usually pay.  While at Goodwill with the Trendsetters I found quite a bit of stuff but unfortunately almost everything is for spring. As you all can probably tell I am 100% ready for this winter to be over. So even though it was snowing for our pictures this shoot I am wearing a T-shirt with the Sweet Peaks signature ice cream cone logo. And floral print skinny jeans. Both of these items were Thrifted at Goodwill. I’m sure everyone has seen the boots I am wearing in quite a few of the past Trendsetter’s posts. But, they are my favorite and tend to go with most of my clothing.

Thrift shopping is not as easy as it looks. You need some serious patience to go through an overstuffed rack of jeans that tend to be out of size order. But the payoff can be awesome. I would say about 40% of my clothing is from a thrift shop because I don’t like to spend a ton of money. So if you also don’t like to spend a ton of money, the next time you need some new clothes stop by a thrift store.






When I was in middle school, thrifting was my jam. I was the queen of the $5 dollar sketcher boots and Saturday garage sailing, accompanied by my mom of course. But when I came out on the other side of puberty I had begun to associate thrifting with the hobby I dropped in conversation when I was trying to get a hipster, douchebag boy to like me and think I was down with the times.

Around that same time my interest in fashion began to skyrocket and all I wanted was to follow in my sister’s footsteps as a fashionista and school style guru. So I threw myself into H&M, Gap, American Eagle and Urban Outfitters, letting my savvy for thrifting fall to the wayside. Forgetting that to make your style say “BANG!” you don’t need to have bucks. However with this thrifting Trendsetter post I got to fall in love with sailing for the ultimate sales all over again.

My grey, cinched-sleeved shirt is originally from Gap (score) and is made from the softest material known to man. It was $3.99 and life is good. My denim vest is a beautiful shade of bleu and I love its boxy shape, it was $6.99 and I’ve already made it the focal point of many an outfit. My black jeans are also from Gap but they are a hand me down from my mamma. I finished the look off with my brown TJ Maxx heeled booties and accessorized with my fortune cookie necklace from American Eagle. It was a blast to put this outfit together and doing it with the Trendsetters made it even more so. Happy March, people of the internet, now go find yourself some thrifty treasures! 



Photography by McKenna Munden | @kennaphotography